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  1. listen to much bay area vegan straightedge hardcore ted? ha! You forgot Tears of Gaia and This time tomorrow (although I think this band was from well up the coast)!!


    Who's got the positive hardcore youth crew anthem tip for me? You know, new wave (champion, with honor, righteous jams, etc), second wave (10 yard fight and floorpunch) and first wave (GB, YOT, BOLD) etc.


    I need more of that!


    Ted, you get into early 90's vegan edge stuff? raid, chokehold, abnegation, birthright, etc?


    haha, Thats awesome you listen to Tears of Gaia and This Time Tomorrow. I played in both of those bands. This Time Tomorrow was from Seattle and we werent a Sxe band but we were mostly Sxe except one member. And I played in Tears of Gaia right before they broke up.


    I play in a new vegan sxe band called Parasitic Skies. We are darker and more metal if thats your thing.

  2. So 3 weeks into the workout and I am making gains every week. So far so good. And I am noticing it in my body as far as look and feel. I am pretty stoked.


    You just go until failure or one set. You do the highest possible weight you can do 6-10 reps of. Part of the system is based on getting maximum tear(which is why you dont stretch) and maximum rest(only lift twice a week).


    I will give another update when I get 2 months in.

  3. I just recently started it just to try something different. And it makes sense in some ways. But I am still curious to see if it really works for most people.


    For those that dont know its only working out twice a week and only doing compound excersizes like deadlifts, squats and bench. with a couple others.


    But the main thing is you only do one set of reps until failure. So you have to have one really intense set no warming up.


    anyone try it?

  4. Not really. But starting over after thinking I was making such good gains was frustrating. I used it alot cause i would always work alone and would want to push myself without fearing for my life. Until a friend told me a while ago that i should stop it asap. And so I did and then I went down 50 pounds on bench. 235 to 185. and now going up in weight is way harder.


    I am have accepted it now. and I deserve it for not knowing better.

  5. I have been vegan for about 8 years and been lifting casually for about that long. But I am starting to get more serious. I am 5'10" and 180 lbs. Currently I bench 4x10 at 225 lbs.


    I have also been training wing chun coming up on two years.


    anyone else form the Seattle area?

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