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  1. Hi fellow vegans! My name is Nicolas, but you can call me Nico. I am living in El Paso, TX which is right on the border with Juarez, Mexico. It is an honor to finally post in here because I have just read posts in the past but have never posted. I have been a vegan for four years and loving it...the only thing is my exercise time is not sufficient...at all. Recently, I went through a little "mishap" and just stopped working out all together, started binge eating, binge drinking, staying up too late, and doing all the things I never thought I would do. Previous to this, I was running an average of 3 miles a day at 8-10 min pace and lifting weights just to keep my muscles in check, never really aiming to get "big gains." Also, I employed the use of yoga for relaxation. I am a Junior Microbiology major working to get into a combined MD/PhD program so I can be a Research Doctor/Teach Medical School/etc. Right now I have 2 jobs and am taking summer classes. One of the jobs is doing research on a parasite. I know it sounds weird but my passion is science/biomedical research/researching parasites and viruses. As you can imagine, the stress from my academic endeavors has fostered a bad lifestyle and ultimately a bad body: namely "Spare Tire" Now realizing the fruit of my downward spiral, I am ready to change. Hopefully, through my hard work, dedication, and advice from you all, I will be able to achieve many things physically and psychologically. Please give me specific guidelines. I am a newbie, again. Please give me advice like if I have never lifted a weight or ran a 5K in my life. I am ready to start fresh and emit the vegan power all of you are doing so well. Thank you all SO much in advance for all of your wisdom, time, and kindness. My goals: 1. Have a lean body with muscle, I am not really looking for bodybuilder gains, I just want to be lean and strong. 2. Run races again. I have done a few 5K's but nothing spectacular. 3. Be able to take my shirt off without caring. My gut and man-boobs prevent me from doing that 4. Be more efficient dietarily. I believe I am a great and healthy vegan, but am not the best... We can all improve. 5. Be more self aware and strengthen myself intellectually, physically, and metaphysically. The list goes on. BTW I tend to write novels, sorry for that. Typical eating day Morning- Flax seed cereal by Natures own or some brand Blueberries Banana Maybe some Brazil Nuts or Mixed Nuts Mid-morning snack- Fruit Smoothie of some sort with Hemp or Soy protein Powder/Flax seed oil/Wheat Germ Lunch- Black bean and vegetable wrap with guacamole/peanut or almond butter sandwich with raspberries/hummus wrap with vegetables/boca product and whole wheat bread spinach salad Apple and other fruit Afternoon snack- Orange with or without soy yogurt Dinner- Option 1- Tofu based entree like curried tofu with vegetables and a whole grain Option 2- Homemade Marinara with whole grain pasta and vegetables Option 3- Random thing with a leafy green like collard greens or kale [Edit} I forgot to mention! I am 6 feet and about 1 or 2 inches tall. 195-200 lbs. 20 years old
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