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  1. Just got back from seeing my boyfriend off to grad school and his new apartment, 3 1/2 hour drive from me. : ( Hopefully I can find a job near him so we can at least see each other once and awhile. I guess this was a good end to a 4 year relationship. Managed to gain 5lbs this week while away, by not working out, eating sugary crap foods all day (I probably ate 5,000+ calories a day). It's amazing how tired I am, food really plays an important role in how you feel. Back to the gym tomorrow. Hopefully some healthy foods will make me come alive again.
  2. Thanks guys, I NEED encouragement/feedback I don't have anyone that cares about my workout or has any respect for my vegan/animal rights views so hopefully hearing from others I can relate to will give me extra motivation. Yes, I care for 4 beautiful girls. Rats are awesome! Today: Rather productive today didn't have time to go to the gym till the evening since I cooked dinner for my family (I just graduated college and I am back living with my parents till I find a job). I am a horrible cook but I enjoy cooking for the family and take pleasure in knowing my family gets one vegan meal a week. They are beginning to realize that vegan food tastes good. I was drained by gym time and did horrible today. Biceps are my weakest point and I have made very little progress (if any) in the 3 months I've been weight lifting. Tricep Extension: 30x13 30x11 35x4 Dip Machine: 100x11 100x10 100x6 Rope Pushdown: 45x10 45x8 45x6 Bar Pushdown: 50x7 50x6 45x8 Curl Machine: 35x8 35x5 30x10 Curls: 15x?? 15x7left 15x6right 15x6left 15x6right I did horrible tonight and I know it was probably a combination of it being late and my stomach still being full from dinner, but I usually have "bad" bicep days. I wonder if I am ever going to get to be where I want.. I just feel weak. Food: Ate about 1600-1800 calories and 55grams protein EDIT: Sorry for being such a bummer, a lot of scary changes are coming my way and I guess it's really getting to me lately.
  3. Yesterday: I need to log my reps per sets, hopefully the desire to post them with help with this. For today I will just post the weight I did, I usually do 3 sets. Legs: Squats: 45lb (I'm a squat newbie) Calf raises: Bodyweight + 60lbs Lunges: Bodyweight + 40lbs Leg press: 220lbs Mini Chest Workout Bench: 57lbs (Did a lot more reps then I usually do but was very shaky) Dumbbell Bench: 20lb flat weights **Should I record this as 40lbs since I used 20lb dumbbells??** Today: Usually Mondays are rest days since I do my volunteer work at the shelter, but I felt some light exercise would be acceptable since I took off Saturday (I pigged out on Saturday for the record). 20 minutes elliptical at light-moderate pace. Food: Cheerios + Soymilk Almonds Boca Chick'n salad (boca chick'n burger, romaine lettuce, dill, parsley, tomatoes, cucumber) Rice protein shake Oatmeal + Strawberry soy protein powder Kashi cereal Popcorn (I looooove popcorn and cannot resist its deliciousness+ it has 8g protein per 1/2cup unpopped so I don't feel too bad) 2 cans diet soda Calories: 1640 Protein: 85g
  4. I thought I'd say a quick 'hello' to help me get over that 5 post hump. I have been vegan for about 5 months now and I am just recently getting back into fitness (now that I have graduated from college). I started a training log a few days ago but it hasn't been approved yet, hopefully soon I can make regular posts to it. These are my puny muscles now: http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/1500/photo102t.jpg Hopefully, in a few months time I can begin to look half as good as the other women on this forum.
  5. Hello, I shall start with a brief introduction: I am just getting back into weightlifting after a 2 year hiatus, except this time I am giving it my all. I've been training for about 3 months now and I'm increasing the intensity because I feel like I am some sort of unstoppable veggie-powered machine with tons of energy. My goals include: - Shedding 7-10lbs of "extra baggage" - Benching 100lbs - Doing pull-ups like it's a walk in the park - Having awesome biceps - Be a positive example of a healthy, strong, vegan - Looking like I can beat some serious ass This is me as of last night: http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/1500/photo102t.jpg Okay, it's not much, but I am proud. As of two days ago I have decided I can't gain muscle on a mere 30-40 grams of protein and Sour Patch Kids, so now I am aiming for 90-130 grams of protein and about 1600-1800 calories. I go to the gym 6 days a week and I feel my body can handle it. If I don't feel well or energized I back off and let myself rest. I am using this log/blog to record my progress as wells as keep track of my food and workout schedule. Here we go!
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