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  1. Unless you are eating less than 1700 calories, no matter what you are eating, unless it is pure processed junk, you are likely getting more than 50 grams of protein and even if that is the case, that is enough: http://www.vrg.org/journal/vj2003issue4/vj2003issue4weight.htm
  2. According to the HSUS Hollywood office, CBS's CSI:CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION will focus on animal issues in this week's television episode. The show synopsis is below, or you can view the HSUS press release HERE. Be sure to check local listings for exact times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSI Investigates Factory Farming - Thursday, Dec. 7, 9 p.m. CBS' top-rated CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION is once again tackling a difficult animal issue in this week's episode, "Loco Motives." A bizarre series of murders, including the death of a rock star who speaks out against an industrialized chicken farming operation, leads the CSI team to uncover what really goes on behind closed doors at a chicken slaughterhouse.
  3. Where is Casey? I met him at events in Houston.
  4. I took from another thread so as not to hijack that thread. This reminds me a somewhat funny story. I was staying in a hotel were a few actors and musicians were staying in Austin, during South-By-Southwest (independent film and music event), during tehSPring of 1999 or so. I was on the elevator with Mary Stewart Masterson. She looks very much like a girl I used to know. Ironically, the night before, I had watched Some Kind of Wonderful, so I guess her image was fresh, in my mind and therefore she looked familiar when I saw her on the elevator but I did not realize it was her and instead thought it was the girl I used to know but I could not remember her name. Anyway I said, "hi .......you look familiar" (now, I imagine she thought I would start Hollywood fan talk or something) and then I asked, "did you go to McCullough High School (my high school.) She said no and looked at my funny. I then asked if she used to date Jim Gross (the girl I knew did) and she said no and looked at me even more funny. Then we left the elevator. Shortly afterwards, I realized who she was. Then later that evening we were both exercising in the hotel gym. We were on adjacent tread mills. I am a smart-ass, and I thought the whole situation was funny and by that time I had remember the high school girl's name, Rhonda, so I started calling Mary Stewart Masterson, Rhonda. I said, "hey Rhonda and smiled at her." She looked at me strange again but did say hi back. I then told her that she looked like a girl I used to know and she said something like, "I figured that out" When I left, I said, "bye Rhonda." I saw her a couple of more times over the next day or two and each time, I said "hi Rhonda." Even though it was in a somewhat in a jerk, teasing way, I often think she might have been relieved to have a guy flirt with her without acknowledging she was a known actress, although she was not a big name star, so she might get "non star" public moments more than more famous actresses.
  5. Actually, you might be eating too little. I think some have reported, here, that they gained fat, when cutting calories drastically. You are burning a lot of energy. So, you might be burning muscle, for fuel, and slowing your metabolism, causing your body to store fat more easily.
  6. Just to clarify, I am pretty sure there is no material amount of Vitamin D in animal products. So we are on par. I know it is supplemented into diary (not there originally.) So if one is not getting it from the sun, one must get it from supplements, no matter one’s diet.
  7. Starts with guy eating hamburger then goes in reverse all the way to cattle yard. http://www.backwardshamburger.com/
  8. I assume drops are designed to be absorbed under your tongue, as sublingual tablets are and would lose much absorption potency (might not be any material absorption), if added to a liquid and digested.
  9. I wonder why a meat processing industry web site is posting it. Warning about the enemy and hoping someone will refute it?
  10. I just can not get enough calories without starches, grains and denser calorie fruits like bananas. I also eat high nurtient foods but just as his chart shows, they are low in calories, so even seven to ten servings of vegetables is only probably 20% to 25% of my calories. If you only got most of your calories from vegetables, you would have to eat much of the day, wouldn't you?
  11. It might work, just as free weights work stablity muscles more than set arc weight machines do.
  12. That guy is getting a lot more exercise than the average American gets.
  13. Something, flip-side positive. Recently, I had a physical done by a large hospital. It was fairly comprehensive. On my answers to the lifestyle questionnaire, it gave me all excellent marks, except my dairy intake, which is zero. It stated that one needs three servings a day for calcium, etc. I know that will be a hard habit (recommending dairy) for medical places to break but what was positive was that it commented that dairy consumption should be met but limited because excess protein intake can hamper calcium, by dissolving it and losing it in urine. So, at least the high acid level of protein (although animal proteins specifically were not mentioned) and calcium loss conclusions are making it into mainstream hospital literature.
  14. 9nines


    That should be a prime example of the situations, at which it pokes fun. From what I have read, it concentrates on South and Midwest stereotypes, so veganism should be safe. I still want to confirm, whether it does or does not, before I see it. While I wish I were more open, it would ruin the movie for me, if it did.
  15. The movie, Borat, sounds good but I am worried it might poke-fun at vegetarianism or veganism, in which case I would be turned away from the movie. If anyone sees it, would you post on the question of whether it does or does not make fun of vegetarianism, in any of the scenes.
  16. Shop Amazon Grocery Today Stock up and save at Amazon Grocery, a store filled with stuff you need and stuff you love, everyday staples, and fun new snacks. For a limited time, we're offering a $10 instant rebate when you spend $49 or more on any combination of items offered in Amazon Grocery, including food and household items. Use code GROCERY3 when you check out. This offer is valid through November 30, 2006, and there is no limit to the number of times you can use it. Plus, all products offered in Amazon Grocery are eligible for Amazon Prime and FREE Super Saver Shipping. ------------ The code is good through November 30th. It is for items in the grocery department. I searched for "vegan" and it had a lot of items. Note: The McDougall soups are very good and the price is the same as McDOugall charges direct. Note: check items. Some items had butter. The Nana cookies, I reviewed, were vegan and many of the other items.
  17. You need iron but it is toxic and can harm you if you get too much. That is why many multi-vitamins are iron-free. I advise that you get an iron measurement test from a doctor to make sure you need it before supplementing with iron. I took iron supplements last year, after bad allergies led to a blood test that a "superficial" doctor stated showed I needed iron. I developed horrible head aches from the iron. An internal doctor tested my iron and said I did not need supplements. She also looked at my blood test, that the other doctor had done, and said that I was only slightly anemic, in that test, and she added that a prudent doctor should have done another test, at a later time, to confirm before telling me to take iron supplements because they can be dangerous, as my headaches symptoms showed. Although women need more iron than men, so maybe iron supplements are less risky for woemn but a doctor's advice would be good to get, if you can.
  18. That was the test. I knew it would be off but comapring teh change from the same test, under same hydration levels. I took test is morning, and had only drank one and half cup of water that morning, about 2 hours before the test. Would that make the test results much lower than the reading should have been?
  19. Yes. Hi. I have not been for a while - got tired of Tien Ren.
  20. Not sure how it works exactly. I put my heal onto a small machine for a few seconds and it is displayed on a monitor. I had it done as part of a full physical, with Methodist Hospital.
  21. I had my bone density measured today. It is 1.2 (1.2 standard deviations above the mean of people's measurements), where anything above is -1 standard deviation is good. I have not consumed a diary product, in almost three years. According to Diary Council propaganda, I can not be.
  22. I had my body fat percentage measured. It is now 10%. It was 16% at beginning of year. I weigh the same, as I did then. Is it correct to assume that the difference in body fat percentage, since I weigh the same, is all muscle gain? In my example, does it mean I gained 6% of my mass weight as muscle, therefore keeping my weight the same?
  23. Is the snack pack the same size as one of the 15-17 servings (~250 calories per servings) of the large meal-replacer? Or is it half the size?
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