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  1. Good collection of studies. Something interesting from the paper; dark green leafy vegetables have a lower ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats than flax seeds, with I thought was the lowest. Inverse of the ratio, Dark leafy greens have over five times more Omega 3 than Omega 6 fats, while flax is slightly under 4 times. As most sources, the paper discount dark green leafy vegetables because the leaf ones are 12.5% fat but broccoli is around 25% fat, so if you actually eat these, versus making a token small salad of them, that is a very good source for Omega 3 fats. http://home.pacbell.net/epski/vegan/studiesnutrition/640S.pdf
  2. I think vitamin-C makes plant based iron more absorbable than animal based iron is.
  3. Those look very good, like peanut crunch bars that I used to like but the Company only sells locally, per the web site. Also most of the calories are from nuts but I am trimming fat intake. Is isolated protein just junk or is it bad? I might just start eating some walnuts again, I guess.
  4. I would like to know dangers of isolatwd proteins. I am having trouble eating enough calories in a day. I get ~250 calories from a Cliff Bar or similar. It would be hard to make up that 250 calories but I do not like the isolated soy protein or the saturated fat those bars have. I just want the calories, are there any "nutritional" (I know they are really junk food) bars that do not have isolated protein?
  5. As I recall, one of the bad things about animal protein (there are others) is it contains high amounts of sulfur containing amino acids and is a lot more acidic than plant based proteins.
  6. I believe you. I just threw posted the fruit has a lot of calories, to rule it out.
  7. Lmmy, How much fruit do you eat? Are you sure your caloric intake is only 1600 to 1800? I was very surprised when I calculated all the calories from just four servings of fruit that I would eat daily.
  8. I am in same situation, trying to add more calories. Since I started limiting my fat intake, I have lost some weight. To replace those calories I am searching for more things to eat. Bananas are high in calories. Would eating two or three large ones a day have adverse affects? I used eat one with two other fruit sources, for four total servings (banana count as two.) Now I am eating two for 6 servings of fruit. Would three for eight be overload of sugar?
  9. I am not sure exactly how much fat you need or do not need but if your goal (I am trying the same) is to eat under 20% of your calories as fat, eating a material amount of a concentrated fat source will likely make you exceed that 20%. Just as protein is in all foods to varying degrees, so are fats. For example, on adding fat to salads or greens, the average dark green is 12.5%+ fat, so no need to add fat to that, especially with the original poster's goal of 20% fat intake. Most vegetables are in low to high teens as a percentage of calories as fat. Of whole foods, fruits, on average (there are some fruits with 15% fat) have the lowest amount of fat, but after that grains and starches are probably the next lowest but at around 5% to 10%+ of the Calories as fat, that is not exceeding low, especially for someone trying to eat an under 20% fat diet. My point is that even if your minimum fat foods are supplying close to 10% fat, you are gong to hit around 15%+, without even eating a concentrated fat source and if you eat a material concentrated fat source, you probably will exceed 20%. Note: I do eat small amounts of nuts and other concentrated fats. I am just warning that the calories and fat are so dense, in concentrated fat sources, that it is quit easy to eat too much. Just a few more pinches nuts, could turn that 100 calorie, 9 grams of fat snack into an indulgence of 500 calories and 50 grams of fat.
  10. If you sprout it, do you still cook it?
  11. His condition is probably from a lack of calories and his carvings are likely not for meat per se, just a craving of calories. If he ate a normal American diet, meat is what his body knows as a dense calorie source. So wanting more calories, the body gets an urge for what it knows. Maybe not a good permanent diet, a good transition food might be to eat a lot of bread. It is easy to eat and is calorie dense. After he expands his diet to more foods, as most new vegetarians do, he can lessen the bread.
  12. Hi, welcome to the forum. Nectarines are one of my favorite fruits also.
  13. I would add starches (potatoes, brown rice, etc.) They have a good amount of calories and little fat. I like to eat lunches centered around those items. My hungry is satisfied much longer on those meals than higher fat, less carbohydrate meals. I do not really like sweets that much, so I do not eat sweet potatoes that much but they are supposed to be very balanced in nutrition. If you like sweets, those might be a good choice. If you are eating a vegan diet with goal of under 20% fat intake, you should explore the McDougall Diet, as that is what it is. Here is a link to message board about his diet: http://www.vegsource.com/mcdougall/ It is a good knowledgeable community. Other recommendations: Based on your activity level, you might be starving yourself at 1600 to 1800 calories, in which case your body is likely slowing its metabolism. At your activity level (you posted you exercise almost every day and do other active activities), 1600 to 1800 might be a severally low level, causing your body to actively store fat, thinking it is starving. Also, if you can, try to get more sleep. From my understanding, during sleep is when your body produces a lot of your dopamine and serotonin. If you are not sleeping enough your body might be craving food to give temporary boost to these chemicals. Again, I highly recommend you visit that McDougal forum. The participants are very knowledgeable and helpful and you seem to be following a diet close to his already, so it would be easy for you to work his recommendations into yours.
  14. The only explanation I think is that one of the most routine stresses that people encounter are choices. You have to think about them, weigh outcomes, costs etc. and make a choice. Choices are basically hard to make and cause stress. If the overwhelmingly majority of people basically eat the same, then the choice of what you eat is never really raised. Coming into contact with a vegetarian changes that. The vegetarian is showing that diet is a choice. That choice becomes stress and depending on amount of stress (most probably do not really care, so low to no stress is presented) or that particular person's personality (some have worse time with stress than others), you get comments such as that lady made.
  15. Lmmy, Thank you for sharing your personal situation because it helps me to understand the fallacy of generalizing even toward the majority. You make very good points. All I can state is that my earlier perspective was coming from my opinion that our society is pushing what is overweight to higher amounts, to appease the vast majority of the growing overweight people in our society, the majority of which I think simply overeat. I agree that there are some that have heavy physiology and they are what they are and their stature and health should not be lumped with the majority that over eats. With the growing weight increase in our society and the constant harping by most of society against a vegan diet, I tend to voice a bitterness toward the majority of heavy people, out of frustration. I feel very badly if anything I wrote was taken as an insult toward you.
  16. I never realized he was that big. That is a huge quarterback. He is going to be hard to tackle, when the Broncos start him at quarterback. No opposing team will get a sack.
  17. lmmy, How many fruits do you eat? Fruit calories can stealthily add-up pretty quickly. For example, Dr. McDougal (vegan diet) calls for little to no fruit intake during the initial period of the maximum weight loss part of his diet plan and sparingly afterwards. Off Note: On the PCRM study on type 2 diabetes the vegan dieters lost 14 pounds on average and the ADA followers lost 7. So the weight loss difference was material.
  18. It is not really an eyesight problem. Before reading this study, I was thinking it might be bruised, within the eye. Pressure from weight lifting, I tend to hold my breath when using heavy weight to gain strength, which is basically increasing my blood pressure even more. I remember reading that lifting maximum weight while holding your breath can increase systolic pressure to over 400 mm HG. I doubt my pressure gets that high but I do hold my breath during the hard part sometimes to gain strength. Until now, I never thought about eye damage from that pressure.
  19. Anyone know anything about the glaucoma risk from weight lifting? If you search for "glaucoma" and "weight lifting" you find much references (I most are from same Brazilian study published last month.) I knew that weight training increased your blood pressure, while lifting, pushing and pulling but never thought about damage to eyes from it. Ophthalmologists are warning it can increase risk of glaucoma, especially when holding breathe to get more power, which increases blood pressure more. The study measured pressure on eyes during weight training and found normal breathing increased the pressure 60% and ones that held breath at initial push/lift/pull increased pressure 90%. I have lifted weights a while but have been lifting more aggressive and harder the last 9 months. Lately, I have noticed that when I blink or close my eyes sometimes, I see spots (like lights spots when you look at a bright light but in this case, that is not the source of the spots), always in same place. I thought it might be bruises in the eye or something, since always in same place and look the same. I will go for an eye check up during next few months and will talk to an ophthalmologist about the risk. I will also try to study the risk more.
  20. Hi - welcome. Others will [probably give better advice on work-outs. My only advice is to keep a journal - exercise, reps, weight, etc. That way you will see your progress. You sound as if you have a very high metabolism, in which case just eat more and all the time but not junk.
  21. Plain (no added condiments) corn, potatoes, or brown rice. For example today I had about 1 and half servings each of asparagus, sweet green peas in pods, and broccoli centered around medium sized, microwaved potato and about 200 calories of a high starch soup (corn, beans etc.) Sometimes I center similar meals around corn or brown rice, instead of a potato. Potatoes are one of the most filling foods, get sugar into your blood fairly quickly to help stop the hunger signal. And are high in fiber to continue a full feeling. I feel very full for many hours, after such a meal.
  22. GinsuFrenzy, Please read my post on complete and incomplete proteins. It is the fourth post in viewtopic.php?t=3349&highlight=complete You can verify what I wrote about at: http://www.nutritiondata.com/index.html
  23. On a quick lunch idea: For work lunch, something quick that I make at least three times a week, is an assortment of frozen vegetables, whole grain bread and a prepackage cup soup. I just place a serving of its vegetables in a plastic bag, bundle them and place in my refrigerator the night before. I then take them, bread and packaged soup to work and just place on desk. Since they are fully thawed they cook within 2 minutes in microwave. I add hot water to soup and I eat. On daily calories: You might be eating too little for your activity level. If so, you might be gaining fat, as your body lowers its metabolism to guard against the low calories and be more inclined to store fat. WIth your activity level being high, I would add some high starch food to your diet. Your body can regulated them better and will not sense it is starving, allowing your metabolism to increase. I have this down fairly well now so that when I eat a high starch lunch, I can literally feel my body increase in energy use (I become fairly hot and feel much more awake an energetic, right as I eat a lunch centered around starches.) On the cheat day. Sorry to sound rude but quit doing cheat days. First, if you are restricting calories to less than you need, on otehr days, your body will siege that cheat day and store most of it as fat. For example, I remember reading a study, based on prisoners of war, where a doctor found the fastest way to gain weight for the POWs was for them to fast one day and then eat lost of food the next, back and forth because the body senses it is starving one day and overly stores fat the next as you eat more. Also, I think the cheat day (I am hearing more of it from person trainer talking about diet, lately) is just a comfort crutch for people and an easy sell by trainers, diet specialist etc. When I hear people advise it, I often ask, would you tell an alcoholic or cocaine addict to just drink or snort one day a week or would you realize if they do, just as the food over-eater, they will never change their ways.
  24. What Michael states is pretty much textbook, from the nutritional books, I have read but from my current experiences, I think Raven is right. I am trying to reduce fat intake to under 20% of my calories. While reaching that goal (or getting very close), I have noticed that I am losing cravings for high fat food, replacing them with cravings for less fat whole foods. For example, I have no desire to add oils or margarines to food, now. Avocados do not seem as tasty. Last week, I was low on grocery supplies and had an avocado around and ate it but did not really feel like it. On the other hand, corn, peas etc. are starting to taste as I recall candy tasting - very sweet and while I have enjoyed them for some time, now I get desires to seek meals centered around them. Also, I think our society's taste buds are perverted by the Standard Diet. I remember when I quite eating meat and diary. In just a few weeks, fruits that I already ate, seemed to have more flavor and more varied flavor (oranges had multiple tastes.) Also, cheese (especially hard cheeses) started smelling horrible to me.
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