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  1. http://www.topfatlosstrainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/11/mark-wahlberg-workout-how-to-get-ripped-abs/Mark-Wahlberg-Workout.jpeg Ideally, this would be who I'd want to look like. He's awesome.
  2. Wow, Candy, absolutely remarkable. Kudos to you and your transformation. All of this and building all that muscle with being vegan. You're incredible!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm Brad and I've been checking out this forum for quite a while before finally deciding to register and start posting. I've been veg for 1 year today and vegan for 9 months and bounced back and forth with my weight. I'm 5"9 and about 197 lbs. It's kind of sad because I really think I know how to eat well, but it's a lazy thing for me. Cutting out animal products wasn't entirely difficult for me, but the biggest crutch that my wife and I both have had to deal with is trying to cut out alcohol (particularly beer). I think this is the main reason I've got the same beer belly I had when I ate animal products. I'm hoping to come on and really get a great perspective of how life is through these boards and build some motivation up from there. I've just starting using an old elliptical I purchased, so this should help me out. Does anyone have any advice for someone that is trying to cut beer out of my diet (or any struggles you may have had)? Your constructive criticism is absolutely welcomed and appreciated. I'm looking forward to reading these boards on a regular basis and thank you all for listening! - Brad.
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