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  1. If you can bike why not use that as quads exercise? Cyclists have huge legs, especially the shorter distance/sprinters.
  2. Sorry bro, didn't see anyone had come to check on me. Nothing really notable has happened, just dealing with the same frustration and deloading and form reworking that's become my want. Really trying to eat more these days but struggling with that too. I guess it could be time to switch programs, but I keep thinking if I can't eat enough to give myself a fair shot what's the point. So hopefully something will give soon.
  3. 8/23/10 BW: 165lbs Squats: 102kg 3,5,5 OHPress: 42.5kg 3x5 Deadlift: 107kg 1x5 Squats went ok after the first set, but I think I'll repeat the weight cause I didn't like my form on some. Trying to be strict this time. Press was hard but fine. I used too much of my back on the first rep of deadlift, but corrected after and they felt much stronger.
  4. 8/20/10 Squats: 97.5kg 3x5 Bench Press: 68kg 3x5 Power Cleans: 40kg 2x3, 45kg 3x3 Not mad anymore. Focused on going through my workout as methodically as possible, thinking I just gotta do what I gotta do. I think it helped both with my attitude and performance. Squats were once again easy. Didn't have any trouble with bench. Was working on the advice I got last time on power cleans and it's helped a lot. The bar used to hit closer to my hips when I would explode, but now it's hitting on my thighs and going up great.
  5. 8/18/10 Squats: 93kg 3x5 OHPress: 40kg 3x5 Deadlift: 102kg 1x5 Starting back light. Again.
  6. 8/16/10 BW: 164.4 (?) Squats: 84kg 3x5 Bench Press: 66kg 3x5 Power Cleans: 45kg 4x3 So the day after my last squat session I woke up and my knees hurt for real. That gradually diminished over the next few days but wasn't gone until Friday, so I just stayed away from the gym. I don't know if my bodyweight's right cause I used a different scale and have a hard time believing I lost that much weight last week. Kind of discouraging, I swear it feels like I take two steps forward and one step back. Anyway, back in the gym today and went light on squats. First couple sets were harder than they should have been but it got easier on my third set. Tried 70kg on bench but it was too much so I went back to 66. Got some advice on power cleans from an oly lifter at my gym, apparently I was letting my hips rise too fast. Did it like he said on my last set and the bar basically shot up. Gonna have to try that next time.
  7. 8/08/10 BW: 167.8lbs Squats: 113.6kg 5,4,3 So I did indeed hurt my right bicep (I guess? Something in that area) on Friday. My arm started to hurt during my second set of squats but I just did my best to keep my arms out of it. Couldn't bypass it on bench though. Might take a light day on Tues if it still hurts then attack these squats again on Thurs. Anyway, squats today were heavy but a different kind of hard than last time. I've had some knee pain and I made sure to keep my knees shoved out today which I think alleviated that and helped me keep better form. These are at 1.49xBW by the way, lolfuck.
  8. 8/06/10 Squats: 111kg 5,4,5 OHPress: 46kg 3x5 Deadlift: 111kg 1x5 Came close enough on squats. I can't believe I got those last 2 reps on my third set, but I managed it. It took all I had so I was wondering if I should even step it up or what, but fuck it why not right. Press was really hard too, worked my arms out hard and I think I kind of hurt my right bicep playing kickball later. Feels alright now though, we'll see. Deadlift went up fine, was using double overhand. Wasn't sure if my form was that great on it until I pulled my fifth one badly, so I was in fact doing alright. Just didn't have time for chinups today (kickball).
  9. 8/04/10 Squats: 111kg 5,4,3 Bench Press: 68kg 3x5 Power Cleans: 50kg 3,3,2,2,3 Pullups: 4,4,3 Squats: Failed the last one of the second set, then quit early on the third. I'll be going in the afternoon rather than the morning on Friday so hopefully that serves me better. Bench Press: I felt like just going straight to 70kg today, and maybe I should have cause these were fairly easy. Power Cleans: Failed to rack one on my third set, then sent the next rep into my jaw lol. Safe to say I need to work on consistency.
  10. Yeah, my forearms are pretty much vertical during OHP, but I feel like the wrist angle is about the same for the two, it's just the arm position that changes. Jah knows I'm far from an expert on the power clean though. 8/02/10 BW: 167.7 Squats: 109kg 3x5 *PR* OHPress: 46kg 4,4,4 Deadlift: 107kg 1x5 Felt like a so-so day in the gym, everything was heavy and I had to force it, but I'll mark it as a W cause I finally got those squats. It took all I had, but I'm hoping I can increase again on Weds. I moved houses this weekend so I didn't sleep or eat as much as normal. I tried some chinups at the end but it was like pullups last time: not happening.
  11. Chewy: No ab workouts but I probably should be, to help out with squats as well as OHPs. I haven't had much trouble with my wrists just from doing OHPs. On power cleans I only end up using two or three fingers to hold it. 7/30/10 Squats: 107kg 3x5 Bench Press: 66kg 3x5 Power Cleans: 50kg 3,3,3,2 Got through squats pretty well today. Bench Press was easier this time than last, which is good cause it was a little too hard last time. My power cleans started off pretty good but got fucked up towards the end, until I actually failed one in the last set so I just decided to try again next time. Think I was just worn out from squats lol. I tried some pullups too but only got 2 on the first set so said fuck it.
  12. 7/28/10 Squats: 104kg 3x5 OHPress: 46kg 5,5,3 Deadlift: 102kg 1x5 Chinups: +15lb 5,5,3 Squats: Adding weight again, time to match my PR next time. OHP: Came close to hitting my PR, but I think the second set took too much out of me. Gonna give this weight another shot before moving up. Deadlift: Went light and used strict form, leading with my chest, etc. Gonna start increasing weight and be honest with myself, and hopefully I won't have to deload again. Chinups: Same thing as on OHPs. Feel like such a bro with my biceps getting worn out, but I've been making sure to use my back too.
  13. 7/26/10 BW: 166.6lbs Squats: 102kg 3x5 Bench Press: 63.5kg 3x5 Power Cleans: 50kg 5x3 Pullups: 5, 3+1, 3 Back seems better, pretty much didn't even think about it over the weekend. Deloaded on bench, fml. Was still harder than it should have been. That extra weight on power cleans changed things a bit. Can definitely tell more when I'm doing them wrong. Think I had a few good ones in there even. Pullups sucked, but oh well.
  14. 7/19/10 BW: 165.5 Squats: 84kg 3x4 Bench Press: 70kg 3,5,4 Power Cleans: 47.5kg 5x3 Pullups: 5,4,4 Went light on the squats this day cause my back was hurting, I guessed from my fuckoff deadlifts on Saturday. Didn't have a spotter on bench press the first set so I didn't push it, but did better for the next two when I did. Got my buddy to look at my power cleans and he said they were almost fine, gonna try upping the weight and figuring them out that way. 7/21/10 Squats: 102kg 3x5 OHPress: 45kg 5,5,4 Chinups: +15lb 4,5,4 My back felt kind of sore between squat sets but I pushed through anyway. Decided it'd still be better to avoid deadlifts. Good news is I got the squats with not too much trouble. However, my back's been kind of hurting since I got home so I'll probably take a break from squats on Friday too. The weight was falling out from between my legs on my first set of chinups so I probably could have done better.
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