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  1. Not to mention suggesting adding olive oil to his legumes, lol. But I agree, it will be easier to get your nutrients from a greater variety in calories than from mostly fats. Doesn't have to be all vegetables, lots of things have vitamins and minerals.
  2. 7/1/10 Squats: 97.5kg 3x5 OHPress: 45kg 5,4,3 Deadlift: 102kg 1x4 Chinups: 6,6,5 I'm starting to think this calorie restriction stuff is stupid and/or I'm doing it wrong. Stopped right there on the deadlifts cause my form was already shit. Made progress in chinups, I guess those few pounds I dropped matter? As an lol, I wore some old boxers to the gym today and the ass totally split when I was at the bottom of a squat.
  3. 6/29/10 BW: 165.7 Squats: 102kg 4,2 Bench: 166kg 3x5 Power Cleans: 45kg 5x3 Squats were hard again, gave up when I wasn't gonna get the set. Bench was easy. I noticed on my cleans sometimes I was definitely pulling with my arms, I'll have to watch for that.
  4. 6/26/10 Squats: 102kg 3,3,1 Bench: 66kg 3 After this point I said fuck it I'll try again next time. There are a number of factors that could have contributed to my performance today, I'm hoping it's not just the lower amount of food I've been eating. We'll see next time and I'll adjust my food intake accordingly (but seriously 3k cals is too extreme a cut? How much food do I need for maint?)
  5. Would you mind posting a sample 4k day with a timeframe? I can barely pack in that much over the course of a day, I'm curious how you do it in (less than?) half that. edit: that is, if it's that much different from your post on page 6
  6. 6/24/10 Squats: 102kg 5,5,4 OHPress: 45kg 5,5,4 Deadlift: 125kg 1x5 Chinups: 3x5 Wow, pretty happy with today. I underate yesterday and was pretty tired going in, looking for any excuse to skip it, but I started putting weight on the bar and it was going up. I failed on the last rep of squats and OHP but I'm ok with that, good improvements over last time and I'll get 'em next time. I matched my deadlift PR I think partly because there was an old man lifting 545lbs next to me then a mid-late 20s guy lifting 675! That was some motivation. By 6pm today I'd eaten all my cals except for one meal I usually have before bed. I'm wondering if I'd be able to condense it all and try out intermittent fasting.
  7. I got a gym membership cause I couldn't afford a decent setup (power rack/oly weights). By now I've probably paid more than that and still no closer to getting one, but I like where I go.. it's not a commercial gym and there's plently of free weights, etc. I like the environment so the only reason I would switch to a home gym would be cost.
  8. 6/22/10 BW: 166.7 Squats: 102kg 4,4,2 Bench Press: 66kg 1x5 68kg 1x5 70kg 1x4 Power Cleans: 40kg 5x3 Pullups: 4,4,3 Didn't have time to go to the gym on Friday, then I thought I should shift my schedule so it didn't happen again. I decided I'd cut for a while. Probably not much, a few weeks at most. I haven't really had time to look into it yet but I figure if I can keep lifting the same weights on a deficit I'll be able to add some weight on once I start eating more again. I think I can get back there next time, today I was easing back into it cause of the break and cause I've been eating less. Need to adjust my diet for more protein though.
  9. 6/16/10 Squats 109kg 4,3 OHPress: 47kg 3,2,2 Deadlift: 120kg 1x4 Chinups: 5,5 Just loggin it. Deciding what I want to do next.
  10. 6/14/10 BW: 169lbs Squats: 88.5kg 3x5 Bench Press: 70kg 3x5 PR Hang Cleans: 45kg 3x3 Pullups: 4,4,3 Took a light day (80%) on squats cause well, that's what intermediates do right plus I wanted to give bench my best shot. Which worked out, I finally finally got this weight. Didn't even give me much trouble really. I didn't do the full 5x3 on hang cleans cause I felt my form wasn't good enough, being honest with myself I think I need to deload a little bit and I might use that opportunity to start pulling from the floor.
  11. 6/11/10 Squats: 109kg 5,4,3 Bench Press: 70kg 3,3,3 In hindsight I probably should've just skipped the gym. I really didn't have that much time and yeah I don't know what happened on bench. I was going to force myself to do my cleans after but all 6 racks/platforms were full, so I just said fuck it. Thinking about just repeating today on Monday.
  12. @MedMan, Yeah shit's real, those cramps are no joke! I didn't realize how much water you'd actually have to drink, but they do go away once I get properly hydrated. 6/9/10 Squats: 106kg 5,5,4 OHPress: 46kg 5,4,5 Deadlift: 102kg 1x4(or 5) Damn, missed both squats and OHP by one rep. I think I could've got that one on OHP if my technique would've been on par with the last set, but the squats were just effing hard. Don't know what happened with deadlift, 102kg was a warm up set and I tried both 122.5kg and 110kg but I couldn't lift either. Was originally planning on taking the day off cause I feel like my body's been getting beat up lately, but I ended up getting the day off from work and around noon I got the urge to squat, so I went. I'll see how I feel on Friday.
  13. 6/7/10 BW: 168.3 Squats: 104kg 5,5,3+2 Bench Press: 70kg 4,4,4 Hang Cleans: 45kg 5x3 Pullups: 4,3,3 I got off balance on my last set of squats. It threw me off so I reracked it, took a step back for a few breaths, then finished the set. One rep better than last time on bench lol. Why not. Felt a lot stronger during cleans this time than last. Wanna get some feedback then I'm thinking of starting to try them from the floor. I started taking creatine over the weekend. Today will be day 3, but hopefully I start seeing some results from that soon. Would love to be able to squeeze out a couple extra reps on weights I'm struggling with.
  14. 6/4/10 Squats: 102kg 3x5 OHPress: 46kg 4,3,2 Deadlift: 120kg 1x5 Chinups: 3x5 So so workout today. Squats were actually really hard, esp. the last couple reps. Press was shitty, my form on the last set messed me up before I was spent. That deadlift advice I got last time actually helped a bit. Happy with chinups, that's the first time I've had an even output across sets.
  15. 6/2/10 Squats: 102kg 5,5,4 Bench Press: 70kg 4,4,3 Hang Cleans: 45kg 4x3 I've been eating consistently. My weight's going up. I get enough sleep. So why doesn't it feel like I'm getting stronger? I'm gonna stick at it a little longer, but if nothing changes I may just have to accept I've plateaued and move on to something else.
  16. Mmn I squat 3 times a week so inevitably I end up working through some soreness. It can seem brutal when I first start, but honestly it usually goes away by the time I'm done warming up. If it's just your average DOMS, which it sounds like, I would consider working through it. If I waited to be completely recovered every time I'd be a lot less consistent. That said, you'll get a lot more soreness when you start working out than after you've been at it for a while. I'd take it easy at first but don't necessarily rearrange your routine because of soreness.
  17. 5/31/10 BW: 166.7 Squats: 97.5kg 3x5 OHPress: 46kg 4,4,3 Deadlift: 122.5kg 1x4 I was gonna go for 109 on squats again if I was feeling up to it, but no, I was not. Wasn't feeling dominant on OHP or deadlift either. I did squeak out 4 reps on deadlift, but my form wasn't the greatest. This trainer guy was watching so I asked him for advice, he explained it in a way that made more sense than my gym buddy (go figure). I'm gonna have to fuck around with that next time, see how it feels. Also, my weight today doesn't show it but I finally moved past 166lbs over the weekend.
  18. 5/28/10 Squats: 109kg 4,3 Bench Press: 68kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 42.5kg 5x3 Chinups: 6,4,4 Well I ate good these last two days but still missed squats. Honestly I think I would've faired better if I'd just got some espresso beforehand. Low energy starting then I just couldn't force that last set. I think I'm going to add in some ab work per the suggestion of this guy at the gym, because I tend to lean over when the weight gets too heavy. Got bench press though. Used another bar, may have made the difference. Next time will be PR territory. And Chewy, yeah I think that's why I was reluctant to start doing pullups again. Maybe I should switch to doing chinups on DL days.
  19. Not that long, about a month. I was just starting to make progress though. I'm hoping I get the squats too, I don't wanna have to deload again. Now that you've posted, maybe I will. Worked last time, haha.
  20. I went into my doctor shortly after going vegetarian to get blood samples. The nurse was giving me shit like "you need your meat lol," but to my surprise when I mentioned it to my doctor he said, "Oh, sure. There's no reason someone can't be perfectly healthy on a vegan diet. In many ways, it can actually be healthier."
  21. 5/26/10 Squats: 109kg 5,4,2 OHPress: 45kg 3x5 PR Deadlift: 120kg 1x5 Pullups: 3x1,3,2 I lied, I didn't eat as much as I planned on. Got the bar on my back much more solid today though, really only disappointed with the 3rd set. OHP: Woo, feels good to finally get another PR on this. Deadlift went smooth, finally getting back into the 'oh fuck this is heavy' feeling. Couldn't even manage more than one pullup at a time in the first set lol, it's true if you don't use it you lose it.
  22. 5/24/10 BW: 165.7 Squats: 109kg 5,2,2 Bench Press: 68kg 3,3,3 Hang Cleans: 40kg 5x3 Chinups: 5,3,4 Man, I thought I was going to get the squats after the first set, but I couldn't get the bar set right on my back again. Felt like my arms were holding up too much of the weight. Bench sucked, I was using a fat bar which might not have helped. Just gonna eat my heart out and come back on Wednesday.
  23. 5/21/10 Squats: 106.5kg 3x5 PR OHPress: 44kg 5,5,4 Deadlift: 120kg 1x4 Same deal as last time for squats. I don't think my last rep was the prettiest, but probably the definition of grinding it out. Close but not quite on OHP. May or may not just bump it up next time. Don't know what was up with deadlift. Even the warmup sets felt heavy.
  24. 5/19/10 Squats: 104kg 3x5 PR Bench Press: 66kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 40kg 4x3 Today was technically a PR on squats. I've gone heavier, but I didn't get the full 3x5 last time at this weight. Bench press went a lot better this time. Progress is slow there, but I'll take it. Stopped one set short on hang cleans cause my outside fingers started to hurt. I honestly can't tell if I'm fully extending, sadly I need to get someone else to take a look at it again. Not even sure if I could tell if I videod myself, probably worth a try though.
  25. 5/17/10 BW: 166.2 Squats: 102kg 3x5 OHPress: 44kg 5,4,3 Deadlift: 118kg 1x5 Another brief but intense workout. Squats actually got easier again lol. Deadlift went pretty smooth too. Just gonna have to give that OHP another try.
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