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  1. 5/14/10 Squats: 100kg 3x5 Bench Press: 66kg 5,4,4 Hang Cleans: 35kg 5,4,3,3 Gained another pound back, but squats did not get any easier. Actually the second set wasn't too bad. Damn bench press. I think I could've got the last set but I didn't go for it cause I had no spotter. Was gonna do 3x5 on hang cleans, but that was a bit much so I shifted to sets of 3. Think I'll probably increase the weight next time.
  2. 5/12/10 Squats: 97.5kg 3x5 OHPress: 43kg 3x5 Deadlift: 116kg 1x5 Was tired and sore as fuck going in today, so good workout considering. I did bump up my calories, I'm a pound heavier than I was on Monday. Feels a lot better than wondering if I've ate enough all the time. Squats were easier today despite being heavier. Glad I got that press weight cause I didn't deload any more than I was. Was gonna go a little bit lighter on DL but I was feeling good so I went for that.
  3. 5/10/10 BW: 163.8lbs Squats: 95kg 3x5 Bench Press: 63.5kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 30kg 5x3 Back at it. Squats were hard as fuck today, probably cause I was eating at leisure during the last week (so like 3k calories a day). Bench press went pretty good, was hard but I didn't feel like I was going to fail. Went lighter on hang cleans cause I figured out how to do them a little differently and was experimenting. Gonna up my calories for real now.
  4. 5/1/10 BW:165.5 Squats: 104kg 5,3 Press: 42kg 3x5 Deadlift: 100kg 1x5 Man I don't even know wtf I'm doing. I think I'm going to take a light week/week off and see if I can't approach this more seriously.
  5. Well, it's just that I got up to 70kg back at the beginning of March, had to deload, and I can't seem to get back to that point. It's frustrating, but yeah I'ma keep pushin' on.
  6. 4/28/10 Squats: 104kg 5,5,2 Bench Press: 68kg 4,3,5 Hang Cleans: 35kg 5x3 Dips: 1x5, 1x5 +10lb Squats: Pretty damn hard. I think I failed the 3rd set cause the 2nd one took so much out of me. Bench Press: Damnit. I got 5 on the last set cause I went up to it pissed off at failing, lol. Hang Cleans: Had my buddy check it out again, fixed my previous problems I just need to get it in sync now. Dips: Shoulder kind of hurt on the bench press so I didn't wanna push it. I don't think I even would've got 3x5 +10lb though.
  7. 4/26/10 Squats: 104kg 1x3,1x1 OHPress: 41kg 3x5 Deadlift: 118kg 1x5 Chinups: 6,6,3 Ugh, felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks in my sleep last night. One result being this weird pain in my chest which faded thruout the day, but was brought back by squats so I laid off those. Did the majority of OHP reps like last time. If I don't start doing it all the time, I think it's at least good practice on deloads. Got deadlift but will probably repeat it. Was hard and my form wasn't that great on the last rep. Improved on chinups, probably could've got a couple more on the first set if I'd really gone to failure.
  8. 4/24/10 BW: 165.4 Squats: 102kg 3x5 Bench Press: 66kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 35kg 5x3 Dips: 12,10,9 Finally a good Saturday workout. Leg is fine again but I didn't go all out squatting cause it'd been awhile since a max effort day. Finally got this bench press weight again. I was a little worried after the first set but the next two weren't as hard. Hang cleans I think I'm doing it right? I dunno. This is the second time in a row I meant to start weighting my dips but forgot lol. Already wrote it in my log for next time.
  9. 4/21/10 Squats: 109kg 1x3 Press: 40kg 3x5 Deadlift: 116kg 1x5 Pullups: 4,4,3+1 My leg got kind of sore again last night, and I honestly couldn't tell if it was sore again today so I decided I'd take it light on squats unless I was gonna be able to get the 3x5. Which I didn't, so I just left it at that. Experimented with leaving the bar on my delts between OHP reps instead of over my head. Little harder, but it made it easier to stay tight. Repeated the deadlift weight cause it gave me so much trouble last time, but it was easy today. Maybe cause I didn't squat. Improved on pullups, I'll take it. Eating is getting back up there.
  10. 4/19/10 Squats: 84kg 3x5 Bench Press: 66kg 4,4,3 Hang Cleans: 35kg 5x3 Dips: 10,9,8 Went light on the squats cause I had some sort of pain in my inside left thigh. Doesn't feel like much and it's different than the one I had before, I'm thinking it should go away soon. Bench press... damnit. I thought I'd discovered how to push again last time. Though the dips were a struggle too so maybe it was just an off day. Plus not getting amped from a good set of squats. That and I only got like 3k cals yesterday. I'm going to try to start eating over 4000 cals again per xCx suggestion, maybe gain some weight. Doesn't feel like I'm being very productive after a day like today.
  11. Yeah I started off on SL but switched to 3x5 around 90kg cause it was just too much (took me forever too). Lately I've been eating between 3500-4000 calories with about 1g/lb protein. My squat's still been going up but I haven't increased bodyweight in over a month (at 165lbs right now), so maybe that has something to do with it getting ridiculously hard lol. I'll try eating more and see if it that helps. Do you have any large/high calorie meals you go for? Most of mine are around 500 calories so it's a bit of a pain to try to stuff more food in (though I've done it before).
  12. Hey man, I assume you were on SS since before you started this log and I'm wondering how you've kept it up so long. I recently passed the 100kg squat mark and I'm finding it pretty hard to go in and basically squat my max 3x5 every day. I see you recently added in a light day but you've also progressed way farther than where I'm at. Are you just made of iron? Did you have lulls along the way where it was seeming really hard but you eventually got used to it? That's what I'm hoping is going on right now cause it seems too soon for me to switch to another program.
  13. Haha medman, so you did. Thanks guys. 4/17/10 BW: 164.8 Squats: 195lbs 1x5, 205 2x5 OHPress: 45kg 5,3,4 Deadlift: 116kg 1x5 Chinups: 6,4,4 Went light on squats again cause my body wasn't really feeling it. It's hard squatting heavy every day. Gonna have to deload on OHP again, probably microload back up. Deadlift set was really hard. Very close to not getting the last rep. One extra chinup this time, I was pretty tired from the DLs though.
  14. 4/14/10 Squats: 106.5kg 5,5,4 Bench Press: 63.5kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 35kg 5x3 Dips: 12,9,6 I was thinking about today's squats all day and when I finally got to the gym I nailed 'em. I was concentrating on lifting my upper body rather than the weight which I think helped me focus my strength more. Bench press was on par. Had someone watch my cleans again and I think I overcorrected from what I was doing last time. I narrowed my stance some on his recommendation and I think that helped a bit. Need some more work though.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to try putting more of an emphasis on sleep for a while and see if that helps. I usually lay down so I'd get 8 hours but it takes me a while to fall asleep and whatever. Weight: I've been hovering around 165 for the past month or so, but it feels like my body composition is improving. Pullups are bodyweight. I used to hit close to 10 a set but at one point I made a switch to full ROM (touching my chest to the bar) and they got a lot harder. I expected that but I wasn't expecting it to take so long to get back up there! Well, I've also been less than consistent with the assistance lifts.
  16. 4/12/10 Squats: 106.5kg 3,2,0 Press: 45kg 5,3,3 Deadlift: 113.5kg 1x5 Pullups: 3,3,2 Damn, I don't know what happened to the me that was turning out squat PRs the last couple of weeks. I thought they felt weak today, but one of my gym buddies said he saw a set and they looked strong. Maybe I'm just underestimating myself/bitching out. OHP was better than last time but still not really close. Deadlift felt good. It was really heavy but I powered thru it nicely. Pullups were shit. Might have to start throwing in some negatives or something.
  17. ^Yeah, I get gemma unflavored & unsweetened from TP and usually have it with (unsweetened) soymilk. Never really minded it, even came to start liking it last batch I had.
  18. Thanks guys. I just realized my squat is approaching 1.5BW (would be 112kg), hadn't even been paying attention to that lately. Maybe I can get it in the next month or so. Rob, I was using True Protein's BCAAs but I found out later they were in fact not vegan. That's part of the reason I didn't reorder any, all the vegan brands are way expensive.
  19. 4/10/10 BW: 164.6 Squats: 195lbx5, 200x5, 205x5 Bench Press: 61kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 32.5kg 5x3 Dips: 10,8,7 Squats: Got to 195 (88kg) in my warmup sets and it was just really heavy, so I was going to make that my working set. Then I decided I shouldn't be a total pussy and just added 5 lbs to the next couple sets. Bench Press: Felt pretty good today. Hang Cleans: Wasn't anybody around to critique my form, so I just went ahead with 'em. Dips: -1 from last time, but I was using a different dipping station that I think felt better. So I've been hovering around this weight for a while and I think I'm ok with it. My gut seems to be going down and I'm still getting bigger/stronger when I'm eating enough (I wasn't really the last two days). Need to just stay consistent with it and as long as my numbers are going up I'll be happy for now.
  20. 4/7/10 Squats: 106.5kg 5,1 OHPress: 45kg 3,4,3 Deadlift: 111kg 1x5 Chinups: 6,4,3,3 Squats: I was thinking of taking it light today, I only went for it cause my warm up sets felt so strong. I just wasn't feeling it once I got done with that first set though. I tried to force a second but barely even got the first rep. Gonna rest up and try it for real on Saturday. OHP: Worse than last time at this weight. I used american + kilo weights this time, probably go back to just using kilos next time (think it's like .2kg lighter lol). Deadlift: Warmup sets were much easier than they have been. Working set was pretty hard but I was able to use double overhand. Chinups: +2 improvement from last time. Gonna run out of BCAAs soon, but I just ordered some protein powder rather than reup. I like them but I think it's more important that I get enough protein each day, which some days I haven't been and most days just barely. Thinking I'll go for creatine next (on top of the protein).
  21. 4/05/10 BW: 166.1 Squats: 104kg 4,5,4 Bench Press: 59kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 30kg 5x3 Dips: 10,10,6 Squats: 13/15 reps, time to move on again. Had some encouragement on the second set and barely missed the third. Pretty happy with these considering I missed a WO day. Bench Press: Deloaded and it still wasn't easy, but oh well. Hang Cleans: Felt about the same as last time. Gonna start adding weight and get someone to check my form again. Dips: Added these back in, hopefully I can keep it up. My numbers didn't suffer too much considering I hadn't done them in a month. Yeah, missed Saturday cause I had a friend in town and stuff. It's really pretty hard to get my motivation back after missing a day, but I feel awesome now.
  22. 3/31/10 Squats: 104kg 5,4,3 OHPress: 42.5kg 3x5 Deadlift: 106.5kg 1x5 Pullups: 3,3,4,1 I've been pretty good about my eating and sleep again lately, but I only got 5 hours last night. Think it fucked me on my squats, but I also think I can get it on Sat. judging from today. Press was hard.. barely got the last set, but back to attempting 45kg next time. Gonna slowly build back up on deadlift, I think. My form feels better but I might decide it needs more work.
  23. I've been squatting 3 times a week for about 9 months now and feels good, man. Of course I dealt with a couple injuries along the way, so do listen to your body. I recommend reading the squat section in Starting Strength if you haven't already. Some wear and tear is normal but anything more is likely due to bad form (as was my case).
  24. 3/29/10 Squats: 102kg 5,4,5 Bench Press: 66kg 5,5,~2 Hang Cleans: 30kg 5x3 Squats: Only missed one rep. I think SS says to go on in this case, but I'm not sure. This strong dude at my gym complimented my progress before my third set (and after), think it might have given me the motivation to push through Bench Press: Deload on a deload? WTF. The warmup sets were the easiest sets in the world, but once I got working weight it was a struggle. One disadvantage to depending on spotters is when one spots you by assisting every rep. Happened on my third set, but I don't think I would have got it anyway. Hang Cleans: The advice I got last time helped a lot. It's starting to feel like it looks when people have good form, tho I'm sure it's nowhere near that yet. I'm also jumping naturally rather than deliberately. Will I ever start doing assistance work again? Apparently my bench could use it.
  25. Different things seem to work for different people. Some people like to workout on an empty stomach, some eat a little protein beforehand, etc. I usually eat an orange and a cliffs bar right before I head out the door. Not sure how well that works though, to be honest. It doesn't seem to have much bearing on my energy level. Yeah, I on the other hand have a big bowl of oatmeal immediately before I leave for the gym. Not enough carbs or too much time between a meal and the gym and I have shit for energy.
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