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  1. 3/27/10 BW: 163.6 Squats: 102kg 4,3,3 OHPress: 40kg 3x5 Deadlift: 102kg 1x5 Chinups: 5,3,3,3 Squats: Felt pretty good, now past the mental barrier of two plates I think. Press: 15 solid reps. Form felt pretty dialed in today. Deadlift: Still pretty light but gave me some trouble. No shoulder pain though. Chinups: Been neglecting these and my numbers have suffered. I need to start eating right again. As you can see from my weight, I've been slacking lately and I think it's def. affecting my workouts.
  2. If you fully extend it's not a failed rep I think you could stand to actually fail some bench reps though, you got that great power rack there and you're not even using it Just go for one even if you think there's only like a 25% chance you'll get it. Sometimes you might and quitting too soon can be a bad habit to get into (accepting failure).
  3. Yeah, damn, how are you at 80kg eating like me when I was 60kg? Food logs are cool and all and make people read your journal lol but for saving time consider using a site like fitday or program like cron-o-meter to track your cals. You just have to find or create your foods once then you can just check them off and add them to the next day. Food suggestions: I find you can eat more lentils in weight than beans and they're a bit higher in protein. Also rice is about the lowest in protein and most boring, throw in some quinoa or bulgar or whatever. Soy is nice, 2-3 servings a day can be very helpful. Bread's not the best but peanut butter sandwiches are awesome for calories/protein (get good bread). Ditto for pasta. Also I don't see any nuts! 100g nuts => 600 calories. I ate like a bird for the first couple months of my training too, you'll be amazed what eating enough food will do.
  4. 3/24/10 Squats: 100kg 3x5 Bench Press: 66kg 4,4,3 Hang Cleans: 30kg 5x3 Squats: I was having trouble getting centered under the bar again, but I got it right on my third set and kicked its ass. Two plates next time. Bench Press: Even worse than last time, don't know what's up. Need to get back on eating and sleeping enough regularly. Hang Cleans: Had someone check out my form, wasn't sure what I was doing wrong before but I think I'm getting close now. Got kickball after work on Friday so I probably won't be back in till Saturday. Think I'll switch to Sa M W.
  5. 3/22/10 BW: 165.4lbs Squats: 100kg 1x4 / 95kg 1x3,1x5 OHPress: 40kg 3,5,5 Deadlift: 84kg 1x5 Failed miserably. Drank a lot of free beer and went for long periods without eating much. I lost 2 lbs after 4 days of doing this but gained one back yesterday, which I'm ok with. I'm glad I don't just wither away if I don't get 4k calories. And I got to see these bands for free, hang out with friends from out of town, and just have a lot of fun. This behavior hopefully explains why today at the gym was so shitty. Deadlift was especially weak and my shoulder started hurting again out of nowhere
  6. There are other people in your gym besides your training partner right? Most people are pretty willing to lend you a spot, especially the gym staff. My gym is set up the same way, with the benches in another room than the power racks, so I'm usually benching without a spotter too. You shouldn't really be surprised when you fail a rep. Most of the time I know when there's a good chance that I won't get the next rep. The advantage of spotter/safety bars is you still have the luxury to go for it knowing you'll probably fail. Without a spotter you just have to stop short of that last rep. Then, worst case scenario, if you do fail a rep with no spotter you have a couple of options. The first is to roll it down your torso to your waist until you can stand up and leave it on the bench. The other is to bench without collars on the bar and drop the weight off one side (the bar will immediately fall to the other side so you have to control it. noisy too). So of course it's up to you, but the first option of just getting someone else is spot you is the best in my opinion.
  7. 3/17/10 Squats: 100kg 3x5 PR Bench: 66kg 5,4,4 Hang Cleans: 30kg 5x3 Squats: First set was pretty easy, next two were hard I think cause I was having trouble with my grip/bar placement. But I still got it. Bench Press: Tried using that box under my feet again today but it was giving me a tendency to lift my ass. Took it out for the last set and it felt better. Hang Cleans: I think I'm getting the jump and I'm getting the shrug, I just need to learn to put them together. Had to go to the gym early (like right after waking and eating early) cause SXSW starts today, but I felt pretty good in spite of it. Now I'm just going to have to manage to eat enough while I'm out.
  8. Do you use a thumbless or thumbs around grip? You want your wrists to be in line with your forearms and a thumbs around grip naturally puts it in your palm (on low bar anyway). As xCx says your arms shouldn't be supporting any weight and I don't see any other reason why squatting heavy would hurt your wrist.
  9. 3/15/10 BW: 166.6lbs* Squats: 97.5kg 3x5 (OH)Press: 45kg 5,4,4 Deadlift: 116kg 1x5 Pullups: 4,3,3,2 Squats: I was sooo tired coming in today, but somehow I didn't feel any weaker for it. I think these were easier than last time I did 97.5kg (here's to getting 100k next time). Press: Damn, same as last time. The final rep I tried so hard I failed with it above my head, which is unusual. Not sure I'm ready to deload, will see how I feel Friday. Deadlift: Went lighter and had a buddy at the gym watch me. I think I've got some things to work on now form-wise before I start getting crazy with the weight again. That's good though, next time I hit 125, I should be able to handle it. Also glad to say a rounded back isn't one of them. Pullups: Just couldn't lock out that 5th rep in the first set. Did the second as a set of singles but that actually seemed harder. *I'm going to use the +2lb adjusted weight from here, unless I find out my scale actually isn't retarded (I think the proper definition works here so I'm not making a slur ).
  10. 2/12/10 Squats: 95kg 3x5 Bench Press: 63.5kg 3x5 Hang Cleans: 30kg 4x3 Squats: I was trying hard to talk myself into going home and coming back tomorrow, but I said fuck it and attempted a work set and it wasn't that bad. Took a while all told so I ended up not getting as much work in today, but it was a success imo. Bench Press: This older guy next to me was giving me some pointers, including suggesting I put something under my feet so my legs were higher. Turned out to help a lot and this weight was much easier than last time I tried it. Might even find that elusive leg drive this way. Hang Cleans: Decided I should prioritize these more and I think I had a bit of an epiphany today, form-wise. Still have a lot of work to do but hopefully I'm on the right track. Also, I weighed myself at 168.5 before I left home and came in at 170.75 at the gym (midday clothed weight), so I think my scale really is 2 lbs low (that son of a bitch).
  11. 3/10/10 Squats: 93kg 3x5 (OH)Press: 45kg 5,4,4 Deadlift: 125kg 1x5 Squats: Recorded myself again and my form is MUCH better than last week. Just a momentary lapse in movement I guess. Press: Good, 4 more reps this time. Hopefully I can get it my next attempt. Deadlift: Got this weight again and my grip was a little better, but my left shoulder started hurting after it. Thought it more important to come home and ice it than go for pullups, and it feels much better now, but I think I'm doing something wrong in regards to gripping it with that arm. It's the arm I use underhand grip on. I think I might switch hands and concentrate on flexing my triceps next time. I want to move the weight up but it feels like my body is at its limit between this and my grip almost giving out.
  12. Mark Rippetoe on squats: "There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat." Simply put, they give your body a reason to grow. You already seem pretty resistant to advice, but I dare say you you'd see a lot better results if you dropped the bodybuilding style routine and concentrated on core lifts like squats, deadlifts, overhead and bench presses. At 123 pounds I can't imagine you have a body part on you that doesn't need to grow.
  13. Guess I might as well get in on this. Squat: 220 Deadlift: 275 Bench: 155 Total: 650 Bodyweight: 163 All for reps but whatever. Will update again in another 50 lbs.
  14. 3/08/10 BW: 163lbs* Squats: 90kg 3x5 Bench Press: 70kg 4,3,2 Chinups: 6,5,4 Dips: 9 Squats: So I think what went wrong last week was my form gradually deteriorated. The video I took on Friday seems to confirm this, so I deloaded (was going to anyway) and I'm working back up concentrating on keeping form when it gets heavy. I thought my form was really good all thru 97.5kg but once I got to 100kg I no longer felt as stable. Bench Press: Got really close to getting the 5th rep on the first set. My last rep in the second took about as long as that recent one of yours, chewy Also time to deload. I had a couple people spot me today and they not only didn't help me before I really needed it but only took a tiny bit of weight off when they did intervene. A+ Dips: My upper left arm kind of hurt when doing these so I quit after one set. *After going home this weekend and weighing myself with my dad's more accurate seeming scale, I'm suspecting mine might be low by a couple pounds. I was 165 when I woke up on Sunday so that might be my actual weight. I forgot to weigh myself at the gym to get another scale's input though.
  15. Hahaha your face, seriously though nice work on the bench press. That's a new 5RM no? +20kg on dips is pretty awesome too. But for barbell rows, you know both SL and SS recommend each rep starting and ending on the floor right? That might not even be feasible in your room though cause you tend to slam down the weight after each rep that way. Anyway looks like this program is working pretty well for you, keep it up.
  16. I'd recommend getting Starting Strength too if you have any other form concerns. I feel like Stronglifts is kind of cliff notes by comparison. It got me so far, but things didn't really start clicking till I read SS. One tip I've read elsewhere for deadlift is try to imagine you're showing your nipples to someone in front of you (helps you stick your chest out). Keep up the good work!
  17. 3/05/10 Squats: 100kg 4,3,1 Press: 45kg 3,3,3 Deadlift: 100kgx3, 111kgx2 Squats: Failed last rep in first set and was all downhill from there. Man, it sucks failing a weight 3 times in the same week. Definitely not as good as setting 3 consecutive PRs (like last week). Press: First set felt reallly heavy, but I think I had my grip wrong. Next couple didn't feel as heavy, I just couldn't do 'em. Deadlift: Tried 125kg again and couldn't budge it. Took off some weight and that still really hard too. What a shitty day. I didn't eat that good yesterday and that could have something to do with it, but I don't know. I felt more weak than lacking energy. Just gonna have to get back to it next week.
  18. Have you seen this video? Very simple, and that's all I do for deadlift setup. Maybe once you figure it out, you'll be able to bump your 1RM up even more. Btw, that is a lot of hanging leg raises! I tried those once and couldn't even do one with proper form.
  19. Nice, another Stronglifter in here. Keep it up and be sure to eat big!
  20. 3/03/10 Squats: 100kg 4,4,3 Bench Press: 70kg 4,2,3 Chinups: 6,5,5 Dips: 10,7,8 Practiced Hang Cleans Squats: Disappointing. I was hoping to attempt 225 this week (= 2 plates). I actually failed reps in the 1st & 3rd sets. Bench Press: Still pretty far from getting this. My grip was too narrow on the 2nd set. Chinups/Dips: Pretty satisfied with these. I had as much energy as I ever have today, but still didn't do too well. I almost threw up taking my BCAAs beforehand and so didn't get them down (I've taken to shooting them like a shot and they got stuck at the back of my throat), so that could've been it. I was beginning to wonder about their effectiveness since I don't physically feel them anymore. See what happens on Friday..
  21. 3/01/10 BW: 162.4lbs Squats: 100kg 5,5,3 Overhead Press: 44kg 3x5 PR Deadlift: 125kg 1x5 PR Pullups: 4,2,2,2 Squats: Started doing good mornings towards the end so I didn't push it. Not that bad of a result though, I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get any when I went in. Was feeling off. Should get it Wednesday. Press: First set was strangely easy, next two were challenging. Deadlift: Damn heavy. I'm almost getting past my grip, I can barely hold it in the last couple reps and I can't hold it for extra time anymore.
  22. What are your stats/lifts? My inclination is to ride out the program. Chinups should give you plenty of arm work if you work up to doing them weighted. They're basically inverse curls. Or if you still feel the need, you could just add in some curls at the end of your sessions. In general, I think getting your numbers up on the main lifts will do more for you than isolation exercises. Remember, you only get to make beginner gains with linear progression once, best to take full advantage of that.
  23. Great work! Those dudes just mad cuz u stylin on em
  24. This is a first, but my core is sore as hell from squatting yesterday!
  25. 2/26/10 Squats: 97.5kg 3x5 PR Bench Press: 70kg 3,4,3 Chinups: 8,1,4,4 Dips: 8,9 Squats: 3x5 is so much more intense than 5x5. Gonna eat big this wknd cause goin' for 100kg next week. Bench Press: Kind of disappoint with this, so I made sure to do some dips today. Chinups: Kicked ass the first set, then I tried supersetting with dips which didn't work out so well lol (hence the single rep in set 2). Dips: Would've done a third set but had to run cause I'm playing on this kickball team and we've got our first game tonight Gotta start making time for learning cleans. I tried literally a few today but I never seem to have enough time if I just say "Oh, I'll stick some in at the end." PS. Lentils are my new best friend. 200g dry lentils = 50g protein, cook 'em up with like 100g of a grain and that's like 1/3 of my daily protein. Takes me two meals to eat right now but if I can get that down to one sitting I'll be stylin' on some omnis.
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