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  1. Thanks! Yeah, my legs are pretty sore today (adductors/hamstrings).
  2. 2/24/10 Squats: 95kg 3x5 PR Press: 43kg 3x5 PR Deadlift: 122.5kg 1x5 PR Pullups: 4,3,3 Damn, today was hard as shit. I managed it all though. My form wasn't the best on my first set of squats, but I concentrated and corrected on the next couple sets. OHP was a bit of a struggle and deadlifts were heavy as. Kind of disappointed with the pullups but I wasn't expecting much after all that.
  3. 2/22/10 BW: 160.8lbs Squats: 93kg 3x5 PR Bench Press: 68kg 3x5 PR Chinups: 6,6,3 Pretty happy with today considering I didn't have much energy at all. Was going slow and felt tired between the sets, but pretty good during them. Was going to do some dips and practice hang cleans too, but like I said was running low on energy so I just cut it short.
  4. http://shup.com/Shup/285587/bale.jpg Doin' good bro almost there!
  5. 2/19/10 Squats: 88.5kg 3x5 Press: 41kg 3x5 Deadlift: 120kg 1x5 Pullups: 4,3,3 Prone Bridges: 3x40s Squats: Squats were fairly easy again. May go for the 93 again next time depending on how I'm feeling. Press: Last rep was pretty hard, other than that not bad. Deadlift: Decided to repeat the weight instead of deloading. Recorded myself and my back is sort of rounded but rigid, so not quite sure how ok that is. Pullups: Felt much better. All I did was stop wrapping my thumb around the bar (I used to do it this way but switched due to misreading something). Prone Bridges: Included some of these again, that extra 10 seconds was hard! Felt good though. I also practiced some hang cleans afterwards. I think I'm finally understanding how not to use my arms. Gonna try working them in my program again instead of rows (still got that pinch in my back even after that light set on Weds).
  6. 2/17/10 Squats: 84kg 3x5 Bench Press: 68kg 3,3,4 Barbells Rows: 45kg 3x5 Chinups: 6,5,4 Squats: were excellent today. Form was nearly perfect and I'm sure I could've done more weight if I put it on. Bench Press: The bench I've been using was taken today, tried using each of the other two and they were both inferior. Seriously, I don't know how I was using these before. BBRows: Took some weight off, more than I intended to, but I was getting some weird (not good) soreness from them before. Wanna make sure I've got them right. Chinups: Did these instead of dips today. Thinking of alternating chins/pullups every workout rather than every other one.
  7. 2/15/10 BW: 161.2lbs Squats: 80kg 3x5 Overhead Press: 38kg 3x5 Deadlift: 120kg 1x5 PR Pullups: 4,2,1 Squats: Deloaded on these cause the weight was getting ahead of my form, to where I kind of tweaked my back on Friday. Trying my best to emulate Boris's reps in .Press: Deloaded on this as well cause I failed at 43kg thrice. Considered trying it again cause I was only doing 3x5 but wasn't feeling it. This weight was easy though. Deadlift: Got this, but I think I'm going to deload. Felt like I was using my back too much on the first half of the pull. Pullups: An extra rep in the first set, but then went to shit. Gonna start implementing some tips I got from VE. I like this 3x5. No trouble with time and 3 sets is not so daunting. Can't wait till I get back up to my working weights on stuff so I can hopefully break thru them.
  8. Yeah, my weight is increasing so even as I get stronger they don't get much easier I do deadlifts and rows so I have some solid back exercises, so I'll just keep plugging away at pullups. I do alternate them with chinups though, but I do these exercises to help with other lifts and not just for their own sake, so I gotta remember that. I may have to try the standing start pullups some time, maybe as some PU assistance work. There is such a bar in my gym. Cheers
  9. man you're crazy with the pullups! since i switched to doing them full ROM I can only get a few at a time at 160 bodyweight.
  10. 2/12/10 Squats: 93kg 5,5,3,4,3 Bench Press: 68kg 4,4,4,3,2 Barbell Rows: 57.5kg 4,5,4 Dips: 11,8,10 Squats went better than Weds but took a while. Cause of that my workout ran long again. Seriously considering switching to 3x5. As the weights are getting higher, I'm finding I'm driven more by increasing weights than gaining mass (but of course I want both). The extra volume is just starting to seem unnecessary and perhaps counterproductive.
  11. 2/10/10 Squats: 93kg 4,2 / 84kg 3,3 Press: 43kg 5,5,4,3,4 Deadlift: 120kg 1x4 Chinups: 5,5,4 Squats: Ugh, don't know what I was doing today. Felt like I was doing more harm than good, even after I took some weight off. Press: That's 3 failed attempts, might be time to deload. Deadlift: Heavy shit, almost got it though. Failed at everything, really bad day all around. Just gonna make sure I'm eating enough over the next couple days and get back to it on Friday.
  12. Bummer. I like ordering from TP and I've still got the bulk of the pound I ordered sitting on my fridge. I was just getting used the taste of bird marrow or whatever too Will be a while before I go thru it all, hopefully we can find a cheap alternative in the meantime. At least it looks like TP has already updated their product information: "Vegan or Vegetarian Safe: This material is synthetically derived, but can often originate from animal byproducts" I found this site, but the products they list seem to be either $$$ or australian.
  13. Though I was tempted to come in here and say machines GTFO, this is very sensible advice One point thought is that they are often called safer, but that is not always the case. If you attempt to go from a machine equivalent of a free weight exercise to said free weight exercise, the chance of hurting yourself would be greater since you'd have a muscle imbalance. For example, if all you did was the leg press and you went to squat, you'd first have to build up your back and core before you could move heavy weight, even if you were leg pressing lots. Many machines also have you move in an unnatural way, which makes it easier to hurt yourself and more inefficient at transferring that power to the real world. Here's my obligatory plug for Starting Strength or Stronglifts. The Stronglifts program in particular has you starting with an empty bar, so it shouldn't be a problem if you can only bench 60 lbs. Best of luck
  14. 2/08/10 BW: 159.2lbs Squats: 90.5kg 5x5 Bench Press: 66kg 5x5 PR Barbell Rows: 55kg 5x5 Dips: 12,9,8 Squats: Again these about wore me out, but I think I gotta just suck it up and move on. 100kg isn't gonna get any lighter Bench Press: Didn't have much difficulty with this today. BBRows: My camera died when I went to record, but I just kept strict form and think I'll give myself a pass. Dips: I'm tempted to add weight to these even though my numbers aren't going up. I feel like I'd get more out of them. I was feeling froggy enough for some chinups at the end, but my time had runneth over. Someone asked me for a spot for the first time today http://shup.com/Shup/279286/1265677813418-screenshot.png I don't think it was completely random either.
  15. 2/05/10 Squats: 90.5kg 5x5 PR Press: 43kg 4,4,4,3,3 Deadlift: 118kg 1x5 PR Pullups: 3,2,2 Squats: Really hard today, may repeat the weight due to questionable form. Press: Just lacked energy on these. First set I actually tried 44kg but I knew beforehand I probably wouldn't get it. Deadlift: Really glad I got this. I was afraid I was gonna fail judging by the warmup sets. Pullups: Terribad. Again, didn't have much energy left. Glad I got two days break. Hopefully I'll have more energy on Monday. I did manage to get in and out in 90 minutes though.
  16. How are you a vegan and hate green smoothies? I started out just putting spinach in mine, now I usually have 'em with kale or chard. Have you tried cutting up and freezing your greens? That's what I do and I think it makes 'em blend better, even in my shitty blender. Before I used to end up having to chew a few pieces in my smoothie, this way you don't even notice anything. By the way, how narrow is your grip on OHP? I narrowed mine about an inch more than it was a couple weeks ago and I think it's helped a lot. I put my index fingers like right on the inside edge of the knurling. Experiment with that and try to squeeze your elbows in at the bottom (this is supposed to recruit your lats). Good luck and keep up the good work on squats!
  17. I don't do anything too intensive in itself. Foam roll my legs, few minutes on a stationary bike on days I don't walk to the gym, couple bw squats, leg swings(2x10), side-to-side leg swings(2x10), shoulder dislocations(2x10). Then I do 2 sets with the empty bar and 3-4 warm up sets. Next time I'm just going to do everything back to back and see how long it takes without any breaks. Squats are looking good tho, got 200 lbs next time then I've got my sights set on 100kg
  18. 2/03/10 Squats: 88.5kg 5x5 Bench Press: 66kg 5,5,5,4,4 Barbell Rows: 55kg 3x5 Squats: First set was hard, but the rest were fairly straight forward. Bench Press: Proper failed my last rep on the 4th set. Didn't have a spotter and had to roll it off my stomach. Much harder than when I last had to do that at 40 something kg. Rows: Only did 3x5 cause I suspect I might be cheating a bit at the top. Gonna bring a camera and check next time. I've got to get my workout time back under control. I didn't even do dips today cause it was already past the 90 minute mark. I've been good about not going long on breaks between sets, I think I just need to speed up my warm ups. It was almost 30m before I did my first squat working set today
  19. haha I've been drinking coffee beforehand too, it's a combination that seems to work for me (plus an excuse to drink wonderful coffee). for deadlift i use overhand grip for as long as i can (usually my last warmup set) then switch to mixed grip for my work set, with chalk of course. i also hold the last rep at the top for as long as i can, supposed to help with grip strength. also thanks joe!
  20. 2/01/10 BW: 158.6lbs Squats: 86kg 5x5 PR Overhead Press: 43kg 5,5,5,5,4 Deadlift: 116kg 1x5 PR Chinups: 5,5,5 I incorporated gripping the bar as hard as you can on OHP and it helped, but once that last rep came down I just couldn't get it back up Besides that today was a good day. Lots of strong people squatting and deadlifting, almost no plates were left for the leg press machines
  21. nah, no need to cycle. actually i've heard the creatine cycling thing is not really necessary either. i plan on taking that too but i wanted to introduce stuff one thing at a time to see what does what. the bcaa's i think are helping, i've made those PRs and it seems like I have more energy late in sets when normally i would be getting tired. should be a few more workouts before i can say i'm consistently having these results. hopefully some more PRs will accompany those results
  22. 1/29/10 Squats: 86kg 5,5,5,4,5 Bench Press: 63.5kg 5x5 PR Barbells Rows: 52.5kg 5x5 Dips: 12,10,8 Squats: Main problem today was keeping form. Some were all over the place, and I had some good morning action going on. Bench Press: Last two sets were pretty damn hard. Think I could eek out a few more kg's if I could solidy form. BBRows: I hope I'm doing these right, I don't really feel it in my lats (spinal erectors yeah though). Dips: Started out strong but got fatigued. Takes me a minute to set up at the start of each set, need to cut that out. I think Wednesday I might've just been jacked up on caffeine, having had an extra cup of coffee than usual. Maybe I'll give that a try again on Monday.
  23. Thanks BCAAs I first heard about here and here. They're basically to prevent muscle breakdown and facilitate muscle recovery.
  24. 1/27/10 Squats: 84kg 5x5 Press: 42kg 5x5 PR Deadlift: 113.5kg 1x5 PR Pullups: 3,3,3,2 Squats: Repeated the weight cause last time there was some leaning forward and maybe not going deep as I'd like on some reps. Press: Hard but not much trouble. I might've done an extra rep on the fourth set. Deadlift and pullups were nice and okay, respectively. So today was my first day taking BCAAs. I took 5g before and 5g + a banana after. That stuff is mostly odorless but bitter as all fuck. Gonna take a minute to get used to that. I was expecting it to be subtle, but I felt kinda high at first then I powered thru squat, OHP and deadlift. Whether I can chalk that up to the BCAAs or not I dunno yet. Have to see if I get similar results next time. Still not sure if I'm supposed to take it on rest days but I think I'm going to. edit: done some more reading and seems it's only worth it to take them before/after exercise
  25. 1/25/10 BW: 158.3lbs Squats: 84kg 5x5 Bench Press: 63.5kg 5,5,4,4,4 Barbell Rows: 50kg 5x5 Dips: 10,10,8 Squats: Squats are heavy now. Reps go slower. Almost failed one cause I lost some breath. Bench Press: Strike 2. Chewy, those cues helped in my warmup sets but didn't do much for my work set. I think I'll just try incorporating them if/when I have to deload. BBR: At a pretty good weight today. Adding 2.5kg from now. Dips: Bodyweight exercises can be a bitch when you're bulking lol So, here's a current shot of me. You see I've added a bit of weight but some fat too: http://shup.com/Shup/272447/front1_123a.jpg One for comparison lulz. It's whatever though, gonna keep lifting heavy.
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