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  1. Thanks Johan! chewy- I'm aiming to weigh more than you soon too Yr squats are killer tho, keep it up!
  2. 12/22/09 Squats: 68kg 5x5 Bench Press: 52kg 5x5 Hang Cleans: a few Squats: Bodyweight, so that was cool. Bench Press: I adjusted my form, or rather got into position differently, so my back is effectively more arched now. Did lighter weight cause I was mainly worried about how my shoulder would do. It did mostly fine. Next bench day will be in 6 days so hopefully that will give it time to heal, then maybe I'll be able to bench again? We'll see. Hang Cleans: I was doing some of these and a guy came over and told me I was doing it wrong. Gave me some pointers and I think I'll have to relearn them. He was right though. He also had solid squat form so I believe him, lol.
  3. I'd say 180g protein is good, but how about getting some from food?? Here is the food you ate: 8:00 am 1 orange, 1 organic gala apple, 2 pieces of watermelon 10:15 am 1 Organic Apple! 12:00 pm 1 Cup Oats, 1/3 Cup Yogourt IceCream, 1 Green Apple, Whole Wheat Bagel with Peanut Butter 2:30 pm - Medium orange, half avocado 6 pm - large spinach salad with different vegetables + other half of avocado and some fruits 10 pm - some yogourt ice cream microwaved wish a big homemade date square and an apple How many calories was that exactly? I'm 2" shorter than you and I eat about 4k a day. Get protein from food and you'll get more calories + absorb it better.
  4. 12/20/09 BW: 150.7lbs Squats: 65.8kg 5x5 Press: 40kg 5,5,5,5,4 Deadlift: 95.3kg 1x5 Pullups: 4,3,2 Broke into 150+ bw territory for the first time this weekend Squats: Good. Tiring, but not too hard. Press: Hardest OHP working set of my life. Seriously. Just couldn't manage that last one though. Deadlift: Still using double overhand, feels fine. Pullups: Better than last time. Admittedly I don't think my chest touched the bar on the latter 2 sets. Working out S/T/Th this week so I can get 3 in before xmas.
  5. Trueprotein must be reading our boards, they just put BCAAs on sale: http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_Details.aspx?cid=25&pid=314
  6. 12/18/09 Squats: 63.5kg 5x5 Bench Press: 55.3kg 5x5 Squats went good. I narrowed my stance a little bit and it feels a lot more solid pushing from the floor. Unfortunately, my shoulder started hurting during BP. It's not that acute, but I don't know what to do if it gets worse.
  7. 12/16/09 Squats: 60.8kg 5x5 (OH)Press: 37.5kg 5x5 Deadlift: 92.4kg 1x5 Pullups: 3 Squats: Wasn't that challenging, felt alright. Press: Last two sets were pretty damn hard. Deadlift: Did the same weight cause I wasn't sure of my form last time. Was better this time, but still pretty heavy for taking 15kg off. Pullups: Tried them touching my chest to the bar. Fuckin' hard! Could only manage 1-2 at a time. Hope I just need to adapt and not start all over again.
  8. How dare you speak blasphemy against the build of Konstantinovs! I agree, are ya'll kidding? http://stashbox.org/735465/1260837542991.png Total beast. Taken from an interview with Konstantinovs linked to here, if anyone's insterested: http://stronglifts.com/forum/post349391.html
  9. 12/14/09 Bodyweight: 148.3lbs Squats: 57.6kg 5x5 Bench Press: 52.6kg 5x5 Damn, I was sore as hell all weekend from squatting Friday. Even kind of sore at the start of my workout today. Felt good, man. Fought temptation and only added 2.5kg to BP instead of 5. Thought about adding some cleans in at the end but I'd already been there for at least an hour. Was moving slow cause I'm getting over some cold symptoms I picked up over the weekend. If everything's still going fine at the end of this week, I'm gonna go back to bulking again. Maybe I'll even start eating more later this week.
  10. 12/11/09 Squats: 55kg 5x5 Press: 35kg 5x5 Deadlift: 92.4kg 1x5 One month since my last B day (damn), but everything felt fine except I got tired really easily. Just need to get back in the rhythm I think.
  11. I don't know, I'm not doing the rehab thing anymore. Seemed like all I was doing was basically doing a lot of reps and working through the pain if it came (it sometimes did, but it'd be faint and fade fast). So I decided I'd just go back to the program, do extra warm up, and see if I can't work through any pain. So today was my first day of that, I'm just doing the main lifts until I think I'm better. 12/9/09 Squats: 51.6kg 5x5 Bench Press: 50kg 5x5
  12. There's your first problem If you're trying to bulk, you should be doing good compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Are you following any certain program? I'd recommend looking into either Stronglifts or Starting Strength. Both follow a progressive loading scheme where you go for 3-5 sets of 5 reps, adding a small amount of weight when you get all reps or trying again next time if you don't. Even if you don't go with one of those, you should have a program that gives you set goals each time you walk into the gym.
  13. Damn dude you are strong! Or hopefully you still are. I think I've seen somewhere that your longterm strength lasts for some time, but I don't know if 6 months was normal. I think it depends on how good of a base you have. For example, I've been lifting for only 6 months so if I quit for 6 I'd probably lose most of it (not that I've gained too much anyway). So what are your stats (height/weight)? Also, no love for squats?
  14. Small update: Been doing the Starr rehab for squats and bench press. It's been something like this: M: 25 x 45 45 45 lbs T: 25 x 45 45 55 lbs W: 25 x 45 55 65 lbs T: 25 x 55 65 75 lbs F: 25 x 65 75 85 lbs Except today (Friday) I could only manage 20 on the last set for bench and I didn't do it for squats. That's because I decided my squat form wasn't good enough to do that many and especially not for rehab. So instead I warmed up and squatted 30, 40, 50, and 60 kg to see how it felt and it felt fine. So I think I'll finish out the bench press rehab (~8 more days) while working on my squat form, which btw felt a lot better today.
  15. Sorry for cutting your reading material chewy! I actually just got back from fuckin' around at the gym. Basically relearning squats after reading Starting Strength. It'd been 10 days for me too but I swear it felt like 2+ weeks. As it turns out though, I'm not gonna start the rehabbing till Saturday or Monday http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2/images/smilies/icon_sad.gif (Going home for Thxgiving) On the bright side, I'm still at 147lbs so I haven't withered away yet.
  16. From what I've seen, doing negatives and using the grease the groove method work the best. Check out here: http://stronglifts.com/10-ways-to-get-stronger-at-pull-ups-fast/
  17. nice, i was just needing to reup on protein. thanks robert!
  18. Yeah, I wouldn't either. I also wouldn't recommend pinching your shoulderblades. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ocCK4BSIMI
  19. Funny, I just got Starting Strength last week and I think I've been putting the bar too low. This could have something to do with how I've had so much trouble keeping my knees from sliding forward at the bottom since I'd be leaning further forward than a normal low bar squat. I've been putting it like on the outside of my shoulder blades rather than on top. Oh well, here's to SS
  20. I agree your hips could be lower at first. To arch your back try thinking about showing your nipples to someone in front of you (or just chest up whatever works for you :b). This has been the simplest and most helpful vid I've seen on deadlift form: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syt7A23YnpA Other than that, it does look like light weight so I would recommend using double overhand grip until you can't manage that anymore. That will help your grip strength. And it looks like you did a touch and go on the 2nd rep which kind of doesn't make it a dead-lift. Minor things all though, looks very good for a start.
  21. oops, better get some beach muscle work in my routine asap haha
  22. ^A few days would be a bit much, don't you think? It's OK to work through some soreness. Compound lifts > isolation exercises when it comes to gaining mass (and most other things). OP, have you heard of Starting Strength?
  23. 11/11/09 Power Cleans: 40kg 5x3 Elevated Rows: 7 Dips: +20lbs 3x6 Reverse Crunches: 12,12,9 5lb counter Pulled the cleans from the floor which was a bit different. Easier, but will need to practice that. Only did one set of rows cause they felt redundant after the cleans. Dips my form was weird, I don't know what was up but I just cut them short on reps/weight. Resting up the next week and starting Starr's rehab after that.
  24. 11/11/09 Press: 41kg 5x5 Deadlift: 110.6kg 1 Pullups: 7,7,5 Prone Bridges: 3x30s w/ medicine ball Got OHP—microloading ftw. Yeah, that's 1 deadlift rep. It went up lopsided, the next attempt I couldn't get past my knees and 3rd try I couldn't budge it.
  25. The nutritional yeast is higher in vitamins and minerals, the Red Star kind anyway. I wouldn't depend too much on it as a protein source though. It gives me terrible indigestion if I eat too much of it.
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