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  1. wow guys, thanks so much for all the info! We are having our first ultrasound tomorrow! Exciting!! I hadn't heard of DHA before reading this post. When I asked my wife, she was under the impression that it only came from fish products. A quick google proved otherwise, so thanks for that. We're so excited, can't wait till we have pictures!
  2. My wife & I are having our first baby!!! she's almost seven weeks along! We've been reading as much as we can on all of the nutritional requirements for pregnant women and I thought I'd ask around here for any advice this community has on the topic. Unfortunately, it seems like we've had the same recurring conversation with each of our families and we could also use some support because there are times when it seems like we are battling an entrenched enemy of ignorance when it comes to why we have chosen veganism & how it is actually a benefit to our baby. If anyone has some good advice, practical knowledge or that trump card that will finally silence our families on the issue ( ) please reply!
  3. Vegmama, I'm so glad to have randomly found this post! In fact the reason I'm on here today is to get info regarding pregnancy and veganism. My wife is pregnant with our first baby(!!!) and we're eating info like crazy. I would love to chat about your experiences in this realm!
  4. SEA VEGGIES TRUMP ALL!! As far as protein and especially b12 are concerned, there is no better source. From Healing with Whole Foods; Third Edition (an AMAZING resource: ISBN-13: 978-1-55643-430-3) Food / Protein % by weight / (b-12 in micrograms per 100g serving) milk / 3 / (.4) eggs / 3 / (1) fowl / 16-24 / (.5) beef / 17-21 / (2) beef heart / 20 / (11) chicken liver / 21 / (23) tuna / 29 / (2) Kelp / 16 / (4) Dulse / 22 / (7-13) nori / 35 / (12-70) Chlorella / 55 / (25+) Spirulina / 68 / (40+) wild blue-green algae / 60 / (40+) Almonds / 19 / (-) Sunflower seeds / 24 / (-) lentils / 25 / (-) Soybeans / 35 / (-) Tofu / 8 / (-) Tempeh / 20 / (trace amt)
  5. Also speaking of Gary, while I was at physical therapy today, I was talking my face off about the whole process and as it turns out my physical therapist was at that same event! Apparently, she's been following him for a while & has seen all his video. Sweet! vegan joe, I want to eat your avatar! GinaKina, I checked out your Vegan Strong blog & love it!! One of the biggest problems I'm having is narrowing down my recipes to a set menu. One idea I had was to rotate a "special of the day" so I can keep the creative juices flowing. This got me thinking to having a guest chef every so often. If you're on the west coast, say after next Spring, let's collaborate!
  6. Hey Portlanders, I'm opening a Vegan & Raw food cart in Spring! After being laid up with knee surgery, I had time to evaluate my goals and realized that they didn't really jive with what I was doing. Then I went and saw Gary Vaynerchuk at Powell's, on Robert's suggestion, and decided it's about time to start doing what I really enjoy, cooking up the best vegan food around! Portland is the best town for vegan & raw food, but there's still far too few vegan & raw restaurants, not to mention food carts. I'll be serving lasagna, chili, mac & chreese, seitan, mashed potatoes, and other soul warming dishes, as well as a variety of raw delights I've been developing over the past couple years like enchilrawdas with rawchilada sauce, brocco-cauli mash, marinated portobello steaks, tacos and more and more. I'm super pumped and I'm trying to get other people excited about it too. I make the only vegan, Chicago style, deep-dish pizza I've ever seen, and I want to share it with you! Follow my endeavor, Faux Real Food, on Twitter @FauxRealFood and become a fan on Facebook! Spring 2010 is my intended opening time frame. I'll be posting updates. Support my cause! Faux Real Food on facebook
  7. I've been experimenting with making my own "milks" with various nuts. Many raw food books have recipes for these. Soak nuts overnight, discard used water, and blend with fresh water. About 3/4C nuts to 4C water. good raw chocolate shake recipe... this is tasty and it gives the basic idea http://www.aniphyo.com/?s=mylk Agreed!! Coconut milk is awesome!
  8. HA! Beating people up is a great way to keep in shape!! I trained in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu for a while, they're both full body workouts. Wrestling is probably the most intense all-around fighting workout there is. I still do almost all of my cardio to Bas Rutten's MMA workout audio tapes, all-around & Thai Boxing. Seriously, find some intense physical activity that you like to do and do the heck outta it! I just wish i could say, "I love using my own body's resistance as a work-out." Gah.
  9. I want your arms & shoulders!! If I could choose my own "after" photo for arms and shoulders, I would choose yours. Looking massive and awesome!
  10. The knee is on the mend, the surgery went ok, but there were some complications and the surgeon had to go in the back of my knee which added a few weeks to the recovery time. I LOVE bouldering and unfortunately this means I won't we back on the wall for a while. I was going 3 times a week for 1 to 1.5 hours and I can attribute any visible definition in my shoulders and arms to climbing. Since I won't be climbing for several weeks I am planning to change my membership from the climbing gym to a weight lifting gym (probably 24Hr Fitness, here in Portland, OR). This way I'll have access to a variety of workout equipment. I ever-so-hate doing calisthenics, though I think that's something I'll need to get over to obtain the results I'm looking for. Ha, thanks. This isn't my "true" before pic, I've been climbing for over a month and any visible muscle is due to that. Find something you like to do and do the heck out of it. That's the philosophy I've been operating under.
  11. I put my intro up a while ago and said I'd get some "before" pics up. I was a little embarrassed at first, but I've been bouldering several times a week for almost 6 weeks and have finally started to see some results. Well, at least enough results to feel comfortable putting up a pic. http://imgboot.com/images/brandon/bbbefore101409sm.jpg I don't have any lower body shots... this is actually the only pose I could create and still photograph myself! I'm having arthroscopic surgery to repair the medial meniscus in my right knee anyhow, so I won't be able to work my legs much (aside from the exercises that my physical therapist needs me to do). My goals are: huge shoulders & arms, define my chest, trim off all the excess fat (especially my "kidney fat" I call it, love-handles above and behind my hip-bones). My core needs a complete overhaul. Any advice would be awesome.
  12. Hello! I haven't managed to get anyone out climbing yet. I sooooo (!!!!) wish I would have seen this Thurs when you posted it. Saturday was the last day of my month pass and I'm having knee surgery this Friday and won't be climbing for at least a month. Hopefully by the time I'm back in the swing of things this thread will be bustling with boulderers! be well!
  13. I love Home Movies. this was great
  14. I've never heard of such a race!! 22 hours racing?? Good show!!
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