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  1. In my case, I got the most improvement in my skin by juicing spinach, kale, or other dark green leafy veggies. They have the most nutrition by far and I believe they heal the liver tremendously. An easy way to juice those veggies are to blend them up in a blender w/water. Next, empty the mix into a strainer and collect the juice in a bowl underneath. You can save all the fibrous material for later use if you want. I add a fruit and stevia to the juice once finished. It doesn't cause me gas at all. If I blend just the veggies, water, and fruit without straining, my gut is hit hardcore. As for grains and legumes, in my opinion, I would eat them. I think they are great because they are complex carbs, contain a good amount of protein, fiber, and minerals. The one's I'd be cautious about are gluten containing, like wheat, barley, or rye. You might want to try milk thistle. It may work. I'm not into supplements unless absolutely needed, but it has shown to improve liver function. Also, to help with digestion, supplemental Pancreatin can help break down food since the liver is in not too good shape. Lower fat intake. I don't eat isolated oil because they have no micro nutrient value and they are very high in calories. Anybody can get all the fat they need from seeds, nuts, or avocados. Cabbage juice is also great for the gut. It has Vitamin U, which can help heal ulcers. Almost 70% of the immune system is in the gut. Plus, dairy-free Acidophilus can help restore gut flora and get rid of many invaders of the G.I. tract. Hope this helps
  2. I'm doing the best I can to keep toxins out of my body. I realize there is toxic in everything, but I'm not gonna give into something just because it doesn't have an enormous amount of poisons. I only put toxins into my body if I have to or I don't have the tools to filter them out. I just have a different standard of how much I should care for my body. What's wrong with this? Nothing. Yes, wine probably won't take that much time off of your life. Still, I keep bad things out as much as possible (even if wine would only take 10 minutes off my life). Other things I keep away from also add to my longevity. All of these good choices become cumulative to extending your life. That's why I'm so strict.
  3. I'm not sure what their diets are like. Out of courtesy, do you know veganpotter? My mindset is that anything harmful for the body in any amount is still harmful for the body. Anything else is a rationalization.
  4. You can find exercise instruction video clips all around the net like youtube. Just get your feet wet and you can teach yourself. Nobody has to teach you anything. The info is out there.
  5. When I tried being a vegan the first time, I lost muscle mass, body weight, strength, and memory. It was because I wasn't eating enough calories. The thing I realized after becoming a vegan my 2nd time (which I've been ever since) is that you can eat so much more food compared to an omnivorous diet. It's all about the type of calories you get. My diet consists of so many nutrients with so little calories. I also follow the Eat to Live philosophy, NOT a McDougall grain-based-low nutrient diet. Plus, I don't take protein powders because of their low nutrient density and I believe, just as Dr. Fuhrman, that you can get all of your protein in proportion with how much calories you eat from whole foods. Since this program, my strength has risen, I have become ripped, gained more muscle mass, and have a mind as sharp as an arrow. My brother keeps telling me, "you can't stay this big because you aren't getting enough protein". Still, I haven't lost any muscle mass whatsoever. Oh, how omnivores are blind from the truth ... Hope everything works out great 4 ya!
  6. Why not just drink grape juice or eat some grapes? Ethanol and excess Acetal Aldehyde isn't good for you, whether it's in wine or beer or liquer.
  7. I was in the bad shape when I counted calories because I based a subjective standard to my body's mechanics. I was eating too much because I calculated that I "needed" to eat that much. I just listen to my body when I'm hungry, and only eat when I'm hungry. I don't do a post workout shake and all that stuff if I'm not hungry after my workout. I don't do shakes at all. Anyway, I'm in the best shape of my life because I listen to my body cuz my body knows exactly how many calories I need. I just make sure I get some seeds and avocado everyday. people try and make it so important to have a "perfect" ratio of fat/carbs/protein. As long as your food is healthy, there's not too much to worry about unless you go overboard with a particular macro nutrient. Just not eating that much fat is good enough in my opinion
  8. there are 7 more if you want them go to Garynull.com and click on the audiobooks link on the left hand side. They are entitled "self empowerment". His wisdom helped save my life
  9. Crepitus. Some say its ok, some say its bad. I have it in my shoulder. It's because I lifted like an idiot before and now my shoulder isn't up to par like it should be. However, I get it when I do triceps, but it isn't painful at all. In my opinion, I think some cracking is ok while other cracking isn't. There may be incorrect rubbing of bone, etc, or it may not be bad enough to cause damage. I'd just get a feel and if it doesn't hurt, you're probably groovy.
  10. I was really huge and got a lot of stretch marks when I ate meat and drank whey protein. I was a big sick guy. Trust me, don't get stretch marks, they more than likely will never go away. The only damage I'm proud of is having calluses on my hands cuz I know that reminds me I'm dedicated in the gym . Stretch marks are like scars, they will shrink and become less noticeable, but not disappear.
  11. Only 100's of millions of people also need this info . I used to be a vegetarian who only ate coldwater fish, but I realized that I was sensitive to that a lot. During night time, my head would twitch before I went to sleep, now the twitch is gone. Also, my skin was very red, now it's doing very well. Thanks chlorophyll! Veganism is awesome if you know what you're doing.
  12. I ate a good amount of sunbutter one day, and I jogged about 2 times the distance than I was able to at a normal level.
  13. How many of you liberally consumed dairy before being vegan? If so, did you experience any bad symptoms? When I consumed dairy, I developed eczema so bad that my skin would ooze blood. Dairy is evil.
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