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  1. When u find the time you NEED to watch this Also the Obama Deception also zeitgeist
  2. Robert u should shoot me a vegan BBing shirt so i can represent
  3. i get about .8 grams of protein per pound of LBM and im gaining just fine, its really only in a carb deficit where ur body would need much more than that, no one even believes im vegan. best strength gains in my life have been while i was vegan= the lowest amount of protein and highest amounts of carbs i have ever eaten lol
  4. not a big deal, im vegan, and from time to time ill eat whatever i want. like seriously if someone makes a soup or something with some kind of animal stock i wont not have it because of it. i have to have something from time to time to maintain my sanity. i am also a new vegan
  5. ya I need some cool vegan BBing shirt, something with a gorilla laughing about protein lol. if you need any other pics of me lemme know, like if u need my face or not or whatever. thanks to everyone who voted for me ~AJ
  6. wanted to ask u a few questions? how much cardio are u doing? if you werent using soy products or protein powders, would u be concerned with muscle loss? what body type are you?
  7. Im going to have to go with Couture on this one, saying that a poor diet and weight training would be better than, a great diet without it? really? I mean come on really? But if its a fact show me a study and i may become a believer ~AJ
  8. ^^Thanks Robert, im trying to lean out right now to have nice abs but im a little lazy so i gotta step it up though
  9. what do u do to lean out? just cardio and calorie deficit?
  10. just got home from the Gym and strength is through the roof!!!!
  11. ^^Thanks for the help, how do those measurements workout to cups? like 100grams of oats is like how much? and same with the lentils and peas. ya i could up that fat to 60grams too no problem
  12. thanks for the replies i may use some seeds i was thinking just using flax seed for omegas though not really much others. i may up my calories to hit my numbers. im just coming from the old low carb hype so in my mind im still scared to gain fat, im fairly lean now here a pretty recent pic. on the bridge im the one on the right, and the other is a back pic. so far im enjoying the diet, i just am scared from the old dogma which i was part of so im working on trying to hit my number as to not stress out lol thanks again ~AJ
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