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  1. Yeah I am 6'2'' and it is pretty hard for me. Another thing that sucks about being this tall. When you gain 10 lbs it is a lot harder to tell than when a little squatty guy gains 10 pounds.
  2. if your calories are low enough you will loose weight but if your eating horrible foods then your muscles will not give you the toned look you are looking for. You will still look flabby if your diet is not on target. Eating 1200 calories of newman o's (vegan oreo's) for a days worth of food will not get you anywhere but to the dentist. Plus you have to worry about the fact that eating garbage is unhealthy to you.
  3. I agree with you on the squatting thing. It is one of the best excercises that a person can do and everyone should do them. Just watch the form.
  4. In my opinion you are not getting enough protien and you also need to make sure you are drinking between 100 and 150 oz of water per day.
  5. I would try to use a third party file sharing program like soulseek to down load them.
  6. The only ways to do incorrect cardio is to 1. do something that is easy enough that your heart rate does not spike 2. do something that is really hard on your body
  7. this is sticky, I delt with the same thing with a squirell one time. He was ran over but only his back legs were affected. He was trying to climb a tree all bloody with only his front legs. He was not successful. I grabbed a very large rock and stood over the animal that had finally given up on climbing the tree and, it seemed, on life as well. My intent was to put it out of its misery. So there I was, standing over this little animal, with a huge rock in my hand. But I could not do it, I let the squirell lay there and die and have felt like shit about it ever since. I know he was suffering and I know I could have ended that. That still haunts me and I wish I would have done it. No one deserves to feel the pain that squirrel was undoutably feeling. But that is just one way to look at it.
  8. I do not have that problem, I am still decently pretty small and can fit anywhere a spider can.
  9. that is a long time, a milestone if you will.
  10. Every morning for me is an oatmeal morning. I just take between a cup and a cup and a half of oats and some raisins. I eat it as soon as I get to work and I just add hot water and let it sit for 10 mins. Some days I will eat some almonds or an apple/other fruit right after I finish the oatmeal as well.
  11. MMMMMMMM oatmeal! I love me some oats. Congrats rob, this is a really big accomplishment that you should be really proud of.
  12. It looks like you would get a really good work out with all your stabalizing muscles! It also looks like, due to the akward nature of the handle, your forearms would get a great workout as well.
  13. You got me green with envy. If I do not get 8 hours I am sluggish all day... and if I wake up before 9 I am tired all day. I do not know why, but I really wish I could wake up feeling rested one day of my life.
  14. bobbycore

    Race Times

    WOW those are some good times. I do not think I can do 5 miles in under 40 mins
  15. I thought water made things digest at a quicker rate, was I wrong?
  16. I think it is amazing how quick we are to overlook vitamin c as a healing tool. It has been working great for me! Ever since I have been out of high school I have been getting sick due to extreme cold/wet situations (I lived in the northwest). After starting to take Vitamin C, and taking it daily, I started to notice that I was less sick and more aware. That is something that I would not trade for anything in this world!
  17. I did not know about the shark fin thing. that sucks
  18. bobbycore


    welcome! It is nice to see people stick to their beliefs for as long as you have.
  19. I have never been able to see your pictures. they always come up as a red x for me.
  20. personally I like to read local newspapers to keep up on local and wordly events. I do most of my health, nutrition and building research online.
  21. DRUMS! I love to play them and over the past year I have gotten a lot better. Now all I need is a real set, i play on friends sets, and a sound proof room....or a quiet one.
  22. cottage cheese is amazing but you are right, it is not vegan. I have not had it in such a long time. I loved eating it before "the change"
  23. most of us are going to "go against the grain" on a lot of topics bceause we have all already made life choices that help mold the direction of the grain (veggie and vegan). I think many different looks on ladies are attractive both sexually and visually.
  24. That is how my girlfriend sees it too. I always think to myself that women have nothing to complain about. Us men have to not only keep up with the same GQ imagery but also have to present an image that we are either currently well off or will be. Women are attracted to money, men are attracted to boobs......which is worse? I do not think there is a actual answer to that question because they both suck.
  25. Dont ever talk bad about the Beast...EVER! haha j/p but man he looks like he is less than 5% bodyfat, he's shredded! Topher, thats cool man. DO you tell them that you are vegan also? If so, what are their comments on that? There is a new "beast" within wrestling.....my friend from here in Louisville (where the wwe training camp is) just got signed. His name is "BEAST". He is like 6'6'' and weighs way over 250. You are right bautista was ripped in that picture, mos def below 5%
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