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  1. yeah - mine is pretty crap at the moment! i am sorting it out though. in my defense, i am extraordinarily tall which makes it quite hard to ever have perfect form.




    Yeah I am 6'2'' and it is pretty hard for me. Another thing that sucks about being this tall. When you gain 10 lbs it is a lot harder to tell than when a little squatty guy gains 10 pounds.

  2. You eat 1200 calories of garbage you are bound to lose weight. That myth of low carb diets works for everyone is not true. It does work dont get me wrong due to the lack of calories.


    if your calories are low enough you will loose weight but if your eating horrible foods then your muscles will not give you the toned look you are looking for. You will still look flabby if your diet is not on target. Eating 1200 calories of newman o's (vegan oreo's) for a days worth of food will not get you anywhere but to the dentist. Plus you have to worry about the fact that eating garbage is unhealthy to you.

  3. i also thought the same for the first year of weight training, as i did martial arts then, as well as lots of running, walking and cycling. also i go to quite a few hardore punk shows. i also did 3years of reasonably high level cycling before that.

    but after a year my legs were really lagging, as normal activity does not increase mass in your legs in the same way that it doesnt in your upper body.

    i think that gigantic legs like those of many pro body builders are really stupid. i mean not being able to anything but leg curls and extentions is ridiculous. but bear in mind that you only get legs like that if you do the juice. actually i think that you need growth hormones too (as before GH, BB's like arnold and franco columbu had much more reasonable proportions).

    squatting is a really vital part of any exercise regime, whether you bodybuild or train for power, whether you do sets of 3 or 50. in my opinion its one of the very best exercises.




    I agree with you on the squatting thing. It is one of the best excercises that a person can do and everyone should do them. Just watch the form.

  4. Can anyone detect any deficiencys in my diet?

    My diet consists of:


    1 Bowl of cornflaketype thingies wit soy milk

    1 Banana

    8 Slices of bread, covered in peanut butter(spread over the day)

    1 Other peace of fruit

    1,5 Litres of fruit juice(without added sugar)

    1 dinner(consisting of 1 or 2 veggie burgers and some vegetables)

    1 Bag of crisps(a big bag with 200 grammes or more)

    0,5 litres of Diet Cola


    I am not fat(about 10% bodyfat), but I weigh only 75 kg=165lbs. I want to gain more mass. I think I eat enough protein, maybe I just need to get it from other sources. Had anyone got some advice?





    Gym Hater


    In my opinion you are not getting enough protien and you also need to make sure you are drinking between 100 and 150 oz of water per day.

  5. bobbycore - in regards to your post, what would be an incorrect way to do cardio? i definitely don't want to lose any of the muscle mass i have, since i'm all ready pretty lean.


    for cardio i usally use the eliptical machine for about 20-30 mins keeping my heart rate at 158


    thanks for the replies


    The only ways to do incorrect cardio is to 1. do something that is easy enough that your heart rate does not spike 2. do something that is really hard on your body

  6. this is sticky, I delt with the same thing with a squirell one time. He was ran over but only his back legs were affected. He was trying to climb a tree all bloody with only his front legs. He was not successful. I grabbed a very large rock and stood over the animal that had finally given up on climbing the tree and, it seemed, on life as well. My intent was to put it out of its misery. So there I was, standing over this little animal, with a huge rock in my hand. But I could not do it, I let the squirell lay there and die and have felt like shit about it ever since. I know he was suffering and I know I could have ended that. That still haunts me and I wish I would have done it. No one deserves to feel the pain that squirrel was undoutably feeling.


    But that is just one way to look at it.

  7. Every morning for me is an oatmeal morning. I just take between a cup and a cup and a half of oats and some raisins. I eat it as soon as I get to work and I just add hot water and let it sit for 10 mins.


    Some days I will eat some almonds or an apple/other fruit right after I finish the oatmeal as well.

  8. Hey Rob, you need credit here too. Man you and a few others made this all possible, you know? Three Cheers for rob, and a bowl of oatmeal!


    MMMMMMMM oatmeal! I love me some oats.



    Congrats rob, this is a really big accomplishment that you should be really proud of.

  9. I hate sleeping in I've always been a morning person. I used to get to bed around midnight and then get up @ 4:30am to either jog or do weights (but I wsa a single mother @ had a full-time job, and the gyms & I had to fit my exercise in around my daughter and my job).


    Even now (that I'm not in paid employment-my husband would die if he even uttered a word relating to my home duties) as I'm studying, and have a whole farmyard of animals, housework, gardens, and my exercise to fit in everyday, I have to get out of bed @ 6:30. My body is conditioned to wake up then. I generally am awake just before my alarm goes off. Its just a matter of conditioning your body, and getting a better sleep (deeper). If I don't get the proper type of sleep then I feel like crap, and the day is basically shot to hell.


    When I was really into AR (Anthony Robbins) I had conditioned my body to need only a small amount of sleep. If I ever sleep in to 9am then I really get behind schedule and I really hate that, so because I relate more pain than pleasure with sleeping in, I never really do.


    When my husband and I do country markets we are up @ 4am anyway (well I'm awake and he's comatosed till around 10ish, and thats after an IV drip has been inserted with java).

    AT the moment I am getting around 6hrs sleep a night and not suffering at al.


    You got me green with envy. If I do not get 8 hours I am sluggish all day... and if I wake up before 9 I am tired all day. I do not know why, but I really wish I could wake up feeling rested one day of my life.

  10. I would think something like Peanut butter but I'll have to look into it. I haven't really thought about it, I just eat "some" sort of protein before bed. Sometimes peanut butter, other times tofu, other times beans, a protein shake, or just a meal with broccoli, potatoes, etc.


    Drinking water with the protein source would make it digest a little slower, so that might help too.


    I thought water made things digest at a quicker rate, was I wrong?

  11. I think it is amazing how quick we are to overlook vitamin c as a healing tool. It has been working great for me!


    Ever since I have been out of high school I have been getting sick due to extreme cold/wet situations (I lived in the northwest). After starting to take Vitamin C, and taking it daily, I started to notice that I was less sick and more aware. That is something that I would not trade for anything in this world!

  12. Co,


    You ever seen the pictures of fish in nets that have just been lifted out of the sea? The pics with their eyes bulging/popped out their heads? I think coz of the rise in pressure when the nets are raised. That or maybe because of suffocation.


    Ever seen a squid/octopus being repeatedly pummelled against the ground whilst still alive?


    Ever seen a lobster ( not strictly a fish I know ) being boiled alive?


    Why don't you try some shark fin? Nice how the fins are cut off the shark whilst it is still alive. Then the shark is dropped back in the ocean whilst still alive, to die a painful death on the sea floor.


    How about all the fish that are caught in nets that aren't required by commercial fishermen and are just thrown back dead in the oceans? Nets don't just catch cod for example, they'll catch other fish that happen to be in the area as well.


    Fish sticks are on the verge of collapse in som eof the worlds oceans because of other fishing.


    What about the damage commercial trawling does to the ocean floor and the aquatic eco-system?


    Commercial fish farms use high amounts of chemicals that are neither good for you, the fish or the environment. Fish from farms also escape and breed with wild fish, thus damaging the gene pool and selection of wild fish.


    I did not know about the shark fin thing. that sucks

  13. Interesting topic.

    I wonder how many women, and men purchase cosmetics, and have cosmetic surgery, who are vegans, without realising the animal testing is being done for procedures like this. Also, your over-the-counter drugs, or prescription drugs, that have been tested on animals?????


    Personally, I am against ALL forms of cosmetic surgery (especially in relation to the images a lot of so called sports models are promoting for women). I want my daughter to have a positve, and attainable figure, as well as a healthy immune system, and self-esteem.


    I find a lot of the so-called sports models today having breast enlargements, obviously to enhance the "males" viewing pleasure. I'm just glad that in Australia the women in competitive bodybuilding that I know have stayed true to themselves, and feigned cosmetic enhancements.


    I refuse to subscribe to magazines, and find it offensive when the females physique is displyed in such a way that it becomes a pornagraphic image. Its ok to be sexy, but there is definately a fine line between sexy, and skanky!!!!


    But that is just my opinion, and that of all of my girlfriends (my husband begs to differ).


    That is how my girlfriend sees it too. I always think to myself that women have nothing to complain about. Us men have to not only keep up with the same GQ imagery but also have to present an image that we are either currently well off or will be. Women are attracted to money, men are attracted to boobs......which is worse?


    I do not think there is a actual answer to that question because they both suck.

  14. bautista's chest seems too small compared to his shoulders and back. Just my opinion!


    Dont ever talk bad about the Beast...EVER! haha j/p but man he looks like he is less than 5% bodyfat, he's shredded!


    Topher, thats cool man. DO you tell them that you are vegan also? If so, what are their comments on that?


    There is a new "beast" within wrestling.....my friend from here in Louisville (where the wwe training camp is) just got signed. His name is "BEAST". He is like 6'6'' and weighs way over 250.


    You are right bautista was ripped in that picture, mos def below 5%

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