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  1. yeah I gave up fiber yesterday. I am back to eating it today but man yesterday was bad!
  2. yes!! scooters! I lived in portland for years.....portland is the best. It is laid back, has great public transportation and more shit to do than you would believe. The only thing I would advise against portland is: DO NOT GO TO MARY'S STRIP CLUB. It may be the oldest strip club in portland (maybe in all of oregon) but the women there are not hot at all, the place is dirty as hell and the bathrooms smell like the little video rooms in porn stores.
  3. I remember one instance at my moms old work. She would work 3rd shift (at night) and when she took her lunch she would go out and eat her food and throw the scraps on the ground. After a while the workers started noticing more racoons in the area after she started but it took a few months. It ended up being pretty cool because after they fed them for about a year straight, you could coax them to come out of the bushes and eat out of your hand. Now in your case you are not 1.feeding them daily 2. feeding them in the same spot and 3. attempting to domesticate them. I think you are fine. You are not taking anything away from them by feeding them one time. They will still be able to hunt and scavange like normal. Just be careful what you feed them. I would suggest looking into what types of foods are good for animals to eat compared to what is good for humans to eat.
  4. I am not really planning on taking it, I do not believe taking in caffien is good. I refuse to take in anything that becomes addicting.
  5. The greatest turnaround I can see is in hairstyle.... I think robert should go back to the bleached blonde butt cut!
  6. bautista's chest seems too small compared to his shoulders and back. Just my opinion!
  7. Well I heard that people do not take it as a supplement but just something to give them a little extra kick in the gym. Allow them to be more explosive and more focused.
  8. I heard that a lot of pro body builders either drink coffee or take caffien pills before they go to the gym and that got me thinking. How many of you all drink coffee....and if you do, do you ever drink it before going to the gym or working out?
  9. So I did an extensive lower ab and oblique routine yesterday and they hurt today a little..... so had that it is hard to poop. I was in the restroom and could not push becuase of DOMS. I do not work out my abs enough!!!!
  10. well I am eating over 4000 calories of clean food a day and feel like I am not eating to my potential but I cannot fit any more food in my mouth. That is why I am looking for a shake, to replace the one I currently have, with a higher calorie denseness.
  11. I was wondering if anyone uses a high calorie protien powder that tastes ok and mixes alright as well. I know this may be asking too much but I want something to help me bulk!!!
  12. I would say that you should isolate your upper chest more, try incline fly's and overhead dumbell pull-overs. incline chest is simple....just like a flat fly only on the incline bench overhead dumbell pull-overs....grab a dumbell and a flat bench. Do not lay on the bench the length of the bench but rather place your shoulder blades across the bench(you and the bench should be making a big cross). grab the dumbell with both hands and put it directly above your head. Now allow your arms to go backwards back behind your head. (IMPORTANT: Stretch from the chest and not from the shoulder and pull from the chest and not the shoulder) When you can feel that the dumbell is level with your head, without bending your elbows too much, bring the dumbell back to the position over your face. Be careful not to drop it on your nose.....
  13. I have heard the same elementary thing, but I heard it as 75g of soy protien. But there are other forms of protien like rice and misc. vegetable protiens.
  14. bobbycore

    hi all

    even though I am no expert, I am willing to share any of my knowledge with you if you have any questions.
  15. So I think everyone loves to travel, right? Well I think that everyone should post their city name and some good vegan resteraunts in their area in case anyone happens to roll through your town and are hungry!!! I will start Louisville, KY 1. the zen garden 2. ramsi's on the world cafe 3. Amazing Grace Health and Harvest Portland, OR (i lived there almost 4 months ago) 1. The Vita Cafe 2. Veganopolis 3. The Vegeterian House NOW ITS YOUR TURN!!!
  16. not laughable at all, it is important to takes things slow at first so that all your joints and tendons get built up with your target muscle.
  17. "Hey all, could you give me some advice for losing Body Fat. I would like to safely lose as much BF as possible, as quickly as possible, while maintaining what muscle mass I have. " Make sure that you are expending more calories than you eat during the day. Make sure your walks are brisk enough to make your heart rate get up. Do not stop lifting, if you stop lifting it is a good chance that you will loose some muscle mass. Keep those muscles active under a high intesity program. "Starting today, I am taking brisk walks when I wake up, before breakfast. I am cutting out most breads. I have heard to cut down alot on carbs, but I don't see how I would get enough protein." Breads are good to cut out but I am a firm believer in pasta right after working out even if I am not trying to bulk. Avoid eating too much right before bed and eat as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  18. I get it really bad the day after when I get close to being off work. I can feel a difference every hour or two in the soreness. I think it sucks but at the same time it is cool. I just hate being sore.
  19. I think I have seen her before on the bodybuilding.com site writing for them. I gotta give her props, yoga is hard to do. I want to go with my girlfriend sometime to do yoga and we will see if I will ever want to do it again!
  21. there is a health food store by my girls house that makes 6 or 7 different vegan cakes...... my favorite there is the harvest cake with faux cream cheese icing, the chocolate rasberry, and the strawberry cake.
  22. I would have to say that doing less reps with more weight works for me, and I really like the way it works as well. I am getting a lot bigger! But it may not work for someone that is a mesomorph (I am an ectomorph)
  23. I am so bummed about the suns. I have not really been following basketball but I do catch games in the gym and in the bar where I work. I really liked them this year.
  24. Try this ab excercise. Go to a cable machine and put on the rope attachment that is normally used for triceps or biceps. Get on your nees and grab the rope, there should be a significant ammount of weight on the stack. Now, and this is the important part, picture yourself doing a crunch only on your knees instead of your back. Keep your hands on either side of your head and bring your elbows down to touch your legs. You should feel this in your upper abs. also when doing hanging leg raises, try to add a 5, 10, 15 or if you can 20lb weight in between your feet.
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