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  1. you are filling out all over! your arms, chest, stomach, lats and shoulders are all filling in. Keep at it, dont loose your steam!
  2. I cannot stand tea and coffee....call me un-american and un-brittish but for some reason its just not for me.
  3. I would love to go and take my girlfriend with me. She and I are active with peta doing mostly kfc demo's here in louisville (where kfc/yum brands are headquartered). I do need all the information though so please get it to me as soon as you can!
  4. I am all over this one! Trust me 3-4% is not that hard to drop with enough work but you have to stay on it!!!! Congrats on the 14 year veggie kick, that is impressive and keep it up. As far as free weights go, they are the best for building muscle but are they are one of the ways most people get injured. Make sure you are not doing more than your joints/tendans and ligaments can support! I was worried about the tattoo thing too at first but none of mine have stretched so bad that they look distorted. Actually I think they look better! But even if they do get a little stretched out you can always get color filled back in.
  5. You will probably notice a little fat gain in your gut from bulking and trust me it will go away when you start cutting. Here are my suggestions from what I read. Try to add some other abs excercises that will also work your obliques. It is nice to do define the whole are around your belly. Make sure you are eating a lot of protien and carbs especially right after you work out and right before bed. Trust me, all your work will be worth the effort!!!
  6. water and orange juice. Two staples of my diet!
  7. I think that it is only a waste if you did not learn anything from it. If you come out of this being able to do 100 push ups then I applaud you. Not many 20 year olds can even do that and to do that at 41 is great!
  8. that is dope, it makes me want to be on a commercial. I hope that makes a difference in someone life!
  9. good job rob. I wish you would have taken pictures.
  10. I love incline curls, they one of my favorite bicep excercises.
  11. bobbycore


    "My goals right now: To be able to do handstand pushups well, and do a set of 20 pullups (my record is a set of 18)" good goals, you will get them!
  12. " focused before that just on losing weight, as I was quite a bit heavier, and lost about 110 lbs, all said and done. Now it's time to fine-tune things a bit - bring on the visible abs!!" good job, the abs will come!
  13. #1. united states #2. canada #3. england #4. greece #5. australia #6. brazil (just at random) #7. france #8. spain #9. texas (it might as well be its own country) #10. "Hungry"
  14. You can get rid of the deadlifts because they should be working your hamstrings not your back. I think doing a lot of abs is good though, it just takes a while.
  15. I weigh myself on mondays. Last monday I was 173! I am getting up there! i will update again this monday. when I started this last these were my measurements, remember I am not very big. bicep 12" Chest 37.5" Waist 31" Umbilical 31.25" Hips 38.75" legs (upper) 21.5" calf 15" weight 165 body fat 7.1 on june 8th I get my measurements taken again! we will see what they are.
  16. This is totally normal, I am bigger on my right as well. Just make sure that when you are lifitng that you concentrate on even distrobution between your right and left side. and watch your form with the left, it might be a little off.
  17. Personally I agree. I just wanted everyone to know why some vegans argue that it is ok. Btw I am not fully vegan yet, there is still a bunch of things in my cabnets and fridge I still need to eat. You see as much as I would like to be vegan I cannot make the full plunge until I eat all I have bought. I am not into wasting if I bought it so once it is all gone there will be no more non-vegan purchases.
  18. That sucks, I loved those water bottles.
  19. I had the same problem for a while. This helped a lot. grab the bar where you would normally grab it but dont lift it, leave it on the rack. Look at where your right hand and visually mark the bar at the inside of your hand. Now move your hand closer in so that the outside of your palm aligns where the inside of your palm was. Your hand should be exactly 1 palm length inside of where you normally put them. Do the same with your left and try the press, if it still hurts try going in by half-palm lengths. Also it is important to do those rotator cuff lifts. I would take 2 weeks off from the press and do those instead. 2 weeks of waiting is better then a lifetime injury.
  20. I am sticking with the flys, they feel good and I like to do them!
  21. what, non sexually related, is a snatch?
  22. well, that sounds pretty well researched. I would say see if you can find some more research to back that.
  23. It is good to work the bottom of your chest with a decline excercise, however I personally perfer the decline bench to the flys. I perfer the incline fly to the decline and like flat and incline flies equally. I do not know if that made sence.
  24. dodge ball and paper football are my other sports.
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