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  1. what I would suggest is to add chest barbell fly's in there.
  2. the key to loosing fat is to get your heart rate up and that can be done with weights. It just takes doing less weight with more reps at a quicker pace. I honestly think cardio is the best way to loose weight but any way you can get your heart beating faster works. try running outside with a partner or something, that is what solves the horros of cardio for me.
  3. THE SITE KEEPS GROWING!!! Welcome. I do not know a lot but what I do know I am willing to share!
  4. Bee keepers have these little fan things that blow some sort of smoke into the hive which drives the bees out so they can get the honey. Once they are done they let the bees go back to life as normal. Now I am not personally a bee keeper so I do not know how the smoke effects them nor do I know if they are persistant to sting you after they are blown out. You are correct with the notation about bees stinging and loosing their stinger resulting in their death. I personally am not educated in this field enough to really say whether honey is vegan or not.
  5. It is like anything else, there is what I would call "factory farmed" honey and "free range" honey. I think that if you are going to eat honey you should do three things... 1. buy local, recent studies have shown that you can reduce your allergenic reaction to natures lovely polygenic matter by eating honey made in your area. 2. buy local, most local farmers that collect honey just put large boxes out and let the bees do their thing. they are not "forced" to make the honey nor are they "genetically enhanced" 3. eat it with peanut butter, its so damn good.
  6. I am floating around 200-300 depending on the day.
  7. I suggest finding two different flavors of protien that you like and drinking one in the morning and one after you work out. That would make it seem less manotonous and repetitive.
  8. Protien drinks are normally lower in calories per gram of protien compared to nuts and beans or faux meats. drink 2 of them per day at and that should help you out a little.
  9. MC HAMMER! Hahahahahahahaha I love it.
  10. I agree with robert, basketball is a total body cardio experience. You work every muscle in your body, gets your heart rate up and it is much more fun than treadmill running.
  11. please if you have any questions that we might be able to help you with, just let us know.
  12. OATMEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. welcome. I think your main focus right away is to gain a lot of mass! When I started lifting a year ago we looked a lot a like. I have put on about 20 lbs of muscle since then and look a whole lot different. Hard work is the way to go! If you have any questions about lifting please let us all know... p.s. good job on the vegan transformation, i just did the same thing!
  14. Do you all mix the powder with fruits or do you just mix it with water. The whey I am use to taking I just mix with water....but the soy I currently have tastes like butt and cannot drink it mixed with just water.
  15. welcome pete. It is nice to see a nice array of people from body builders to kickboxers to people who love table tennis (rob) 8 years is a long time and I am stoked that you stuck by your guns. Is veganism a political choice for you or just a healthy one?
  16. I am going to try Genisoy out! Any particular flavor that I should stay away from?
  17. my favorite is oatmeal. twice a day 1 1/2 cups per day. With some strawberries.... mmmmmmm
  18. thanks for the link, I never thought of those rotator excercises
  19. everyone, I am looking for some good vegan protien powder that tastes good and is affective. I would like something that is atleast 20g protien per serving and I do not care if it is calorie dense. (I am bulking) ALSO USE THIS AS A POST TO SHARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR CURRENT PROTIEN. I am currently using the last of my whey protien (i know its not vegan but I cannot just throw it out, I am not wasteful) and need to get some new stuff. I do have this stuff made by Natures Life called Super Red and is a vegetable/soy protien base. SHARE SHARE SHARE
  20. What I say in this situation is that as long as you are happy AND HEALTHY then all is ok. There is a mandatory balance in this world of skinny to fat people and that balance can be shifted one way or the other. Right now it is shifted towards the fat, thus the somewhat skinny Jessica Simpson is what we call "in shape". Lets say that the world thins up, then the skinny will actually hit below 10% body fat. So, if you would like to obtain a leaner more muscular physique then go for it. If that is what makes you happy then reach up and push the bar as high as you can set it. Do not let anyone, especially men, that you are either too skinny or too fat.....there is no such thing. There are men and women out there who are attracted to all varieties of ladies. I encourage my girlfriend to look the way she wants to look and tell her I will help her in getting there. And I think that is the way it should be.
  21. the presidents of the united states of america. WOW. To even think about them makes me wanna laugh and revert to my pre-puberty self! Also Garth Brooks.
  22. There are a few things that I know of to increase testosterone. 1.cycling juice (do not recommend even though I have never tried) 2.high intensity training. I do not know the exact logistics and facts of it but training with a higher intesity is suppose to increase testosterone levels. 3.state of mind. It is also arguable that your state of mind throughout the day can determine the level of testosterone output into your body. Now these are just things that I have heard around but the way I figure it, why the hell not work out with as much intesity and under as clear of a state of mind as possible. It will only bring you good things!!!
  23. Goal: 190lbs in body weight Current: 170lbs I am not putting up a ton on weight because I am not very strong but will change eventually. I recently changed my diet to a very clean 4000-4250 calories. my routine is basically all compound movements at this time. I have thrown in little "extras" to hit different parts of each muscle group. Remember the weights and reps are estimated off a good lift day. monday Chest tricep Incline bench 160x6 160x6 160x4-5 160x3-4 Flat bench 140x6 140x5-6 140x4-5 140x3-4 Decline bench 185x6 185x5-6 185x4-5 185x3-4 Tricep extentions cable 80x6 80x6 80x5 80x3-4 cable pulldowns 70x6 70x5 70x4-5 70x3-4 Tuesday Back Bicep T-bar inner row 180x6 180x6 180x4-5 180x3-4 pull ups body weight at 8x6x5x3-4 T-bar wide 185x6 185x5 185x3-4 185x3-4 Lat Pull down (as wide as i can grab) 130x6 130x5 130x3-4 130x3-4 Incline dumbell Curl 30x6 30x5 30x3-4 30x3-4 standing bar curls bar plus 45 total 6x5x3-4x3-4 Wednesday Legs Squats 185 x6x6x5x3-4 leg press 290 x6x6x3-4x3-4 hamstring curls 80x6 80x6 80x3-4 80x3-4 Calf 1 done on leg press with the 290 weight Calf 2 standing calf raises 190x6x6x5x5 Thursday Chest #2 Incline Bench (same weight) Incline Fly's 40 6x6x3-4x3-4 Decline (same weight) Skull Crushers bar plus 40 cable bar pull down wide grip 60 6x6x4x2-3 Friday Back Bicep Bent over rows 60 6x6x5x3-4 Shrugs 70 6x6x5x4 Lat Pulldown (same weight) bar curl over 45 degree pad bar plus 45 6x5x3-4x2-3 Hammer curls 30x6x5x3-4x2-3 sat and sun are rest, core and cardio(if I want to) days. I will keep you posted as things progress
  24. I think that if it works for you then you should go with it. There is a lot of programs out there and there is a reason for that. Some people respond better to low rep high weight, some to high rep low weight, it all depends on how you react to the work load. Currently I am doing 4 sets of 4-6 reps of as high of a weight as I can do and so far that is what my body has been responding to the best.
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