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  1. My best motivation is to prove all those trainers wrong. To show them that meat consumption is not the only way to reach your goals. And I have gained more size and strength as a vegeterian than what I did as a meat eater. I think that the people who are veggie/vegan body builders are across the board more intelligent. We have to find more way to get our protien and clean carbs, we have to find substitutes for supliments and we still have to keep up on new scientific data about the bodies processes. Now I am not saying that we are all rocket scientists, or scientists at all, but I think we are all decently brainy!
  2. the site is pretty cool. I might have to make dinner tonight for everyone.
  3. 1 cliff peanut butter bar, 1 cliff peanut butter choco chip bar 2 apples can of amy's black bean and veggie soup protien shake 1/2 cup oatmeal w/ strawberries 5 oz almonds 3 oz mixed nuts
  4. damn I gotta get myself some cliff builder bars. I love the plain cliff bars and eat them every day!!!
  5. I barback. Basically I make sure the bartenders in my bar have everything that they need. It is a lot of lifting and a lot of running. The reason I made that much is because the kentucky derby is tomorrow and the week of derby is crazy here. And because there are an extra 500,000 people here from out of town, the bars are always slammed. Cool news though, micheal jordan, cuba gooding jr and tom brady are amung the celebrities that are suppose to be in my bar. mj and cbj were there last night. OHHHHH and all the professional wrestlers for wwe go through years of training camp here in kentucky so I saw a bunch of them last night too.
  6. what are cliff builder bars? I have not seen those yet! I made $300 last night in tips from one of my jobs and another $75 in salary pay from my first job. that is $375 in one day!!!! here is what is in mine. viatamins vitamin c multi vitamin amino acid b-complex 2 cliff bars (peanut butter and chocolate mint) phad thai this is all I have right now. I have to buy some food later like a few bananas and apples. I am still working 16-19 hours per day on 2-3 hours of sleep so I have not gotten into the gym.
  7. I do not let it bother me. there is two ways to view this. 1. people might associate you with eating real meat and think you were not strong enough to stay vegan. or 2. you can tell that same person that it is actually fake meat and see their suprised reaction at how good it looks and smells. I have made a lot of people question whether they can eat a veggie diet by just cooking my fake meats at work for them to smell and see. People need to know that there are very good tasting alternatives out there to meat.
  8. that is really deep, wow! Have you invested in some good high IU viatamin E? Yeah mine are not that bad......yet
  9. Overall I think it is a good confident looking pose. Your chest looks good, your stomach looks good even for being quater turned) and your legs and glutes look good. The only thing that I think it takes away from is your lower legs because it is hard to see your calves.
  10. calipers are more accurate than say a weight scale but calipers can be off from anywhere between 1-3% either way of their reading. you are not going to get acurate relsults unless you want to do the aqua submerged body fat test.....but calipers give you the closest and are most reasonable.
  11. I do not eat vegan at this time. I have been contemplating it for the last few months but have not fully decided. I like knowing that no animal had to die for my food consumption. I started out with vegeterianism about a year ago after spending my first night away from my ex girlfriend. It was a peaceful time for me and it gave me plenty of time to think about everything that had been tugging at my brain. One thing that I had been thinking about for a while was eating a veggie diet. The thought process was as simple as, why not. I could not give myself one good reason to eat meat outside of the thickneck theory that meat helps you get big. Upon starting my veggie diet i started to think about the fact that most of the ways that animals die paralell the way that we are murdered as humans. A chickens head gets cut off, a cows throat gets slit or gets shot. That is when the socialist aspect came in and I started to speak out agains over consumption and factory farming. Recently I started as a street team activist for peta, which is an easy feat, and currently have 3 kfc protests that I will be attending. I started my switch from whey to soy protien and eat absolutley no meat at all. People always try and tell me that eating better would give me more energy and make my rest at night more beneficial......boy they lied. I get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night just to wake up in the morning tired as hell. I have given up on trying to get "a good nights sleep" and simply comprimise with 7 or 8 hours of rest. All in all I feel pretty good about myself. Yes it is a little harder as a vegeterian/vegan to take in as many grams of protien as a peice of chicken or turkey but beans make you fart and that is funny......sometimes. Another part of not eating meat is my stubborn ass trying to prove to people that you do not have to eat meat to get big. Lead by example right!
  12. that is an interesting formula, I wish I knew what my maintaining calorie intake was. I have always been eitehr cutting or bulking. bulking at over 3000 and cutting at about 1800-2000.
  13. I would be interested in reading parts of your course book on bulking if possible! I take vit-E and put it on my chest 3 times a week in the gym and plain lotion (provided in a pump container on the wall by the gym) the rest of the time. I am scared of stretch marks. I got them really bad when I was a kid because I was fat and then I grew 6 inches in 4 months. I have enough already. Out of curiousity, what body type are you. I am an ectomorph to the fullest extent of the term. An extremley hard gainer with very little muscle mass naturally.
  14. I hate carrots, but the rest of your day sounded amazing. I am vegeterian with a very strong lean towards vegan. I just do not want to call myself vegan because 1. sometimes I eat eggs if I can get them farm fresh and 2. I do not watch ingredients close enough to know which is vegan and which is not. I know the basics, whey is not vegan and things like that. But there are some tricky bitch ingredients that suprise me every time! are you vegan?
  15. breakfast healthstart raisin bran 2 oz nuts apple snack lemon poppyseed cliffbar 3 oz mixed nuts and raisins prework out apple 1/2 cup oatmeal mixed fruit 5oz post work out protien shake 55 g protien 60g carbs post work out meal tofu pad thai 1 lb snack 2 bananas dinner wrap: tomato tortilla, 1/2 avacado, fried tofu, spinach lettuce, tomato and spinach and artichoke hummos. glass of chocolate silk pre sleep snack 2 peices of tpast w/ pb and honey soy butter pecan ice cream water goal intake for the day: 120oz it is a light day for me, I still need to go shopping! I have a lot of phad thai though and that stuff is amazing!
  16. it sounds like you are doing good, just remember to make sure your heart rate is getting up when you are doing anything cardio related. Also remember that body fat % is very hard to accuratley measure and even skin fold calipers are not accurate. I gaurentee hard work will turn results and I think you are on the right path.
  17. We are in the same ectomorph boat buddy. I just increased my calorie intake and changed my routine to put on about 20 lbs. What suppliments you should take really depend on what you are not getting from your diet or what you should be getting more of. Every day I take a B Complete, Viatamin C, Amino Acid Complete, L-Glutamine and a good mens multi. Oh and by the way, if you put on 10 lbs you would be the same weight as I was when I started this bulk......and I am 6'2''. I am up to 169 now which means I have put 4 pounds on in 2.5 weeks.
  18. breakfast 2 peices of toast with pb and honey 1/2 cup oatmeal with choc silk 1 pear snack 2 handfuls of nut&raisin mix 1 serving super red protien in water pre work out 3/4 cup oatmeal w/strawberries apple post work out shakes protien shake (unknown kind, vegan friend gave it to me) 25 g protien per serving x2 and 4 carbs x2 glycoload shake 50 carbs 10 protien post workout meal can of Amy's Chili a few nuts snack salad w/pear, raisins, tomato, fake cheese, fake ham, and only spinach lettuce dinner 1 cup brocolli w/ lemon juice 2 fake brautworste cup of orange juice w/ blueberry concentrate pre-sleep snack pita and spinach and artichoke hummos 2 peices of bread w/ pb and honey all this with 150 oz of water, a multiple of vitamins and many trips to the restroom! I am almost out of food to make again which means I need to go to the store. I am reaching for anything at this point that will work for me!
  19. It seems to me that you are eating a lot of calories in a few meals. What I would suggest is to break those meals up into 6 "snack" meals per day. This should help your body get all the nutrients it needs without extras left over in your stomach to turn to fat. This worked for me when I was cutting and I started out at 38% body fat and I am about 8 or 9 today.
  20. Today was leg day from hell. I only did three things 1.squats 2.leg press 3.hammy curls I did not try the 8x6x4 thing...I just went for it and did as much as I could 6 times and then the same at 5 times (barely got that on the leg press) and then 3-4 times. I tried to walk down the stairs to the gym and almost fell over..... I got downstairs and looked at my thighs and my ass and they had swollen up bigger than they have ever been. Now, 1 hour later, they are still pumped up. I better eat a lot today.
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