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  1. Thanks compassionategirl. People tell me I have problems with accepting things from others, including compliments. Something I can work on very publically in a forum like this......
  2. That's very kind, thank you. I think... right... Most people tend not to look that long, probably the scowl I was wearing with the growth hormones, steroids and other pharmaceuticals raging through my blood stream. Seriously though, I've mellowed quite a bit and mothers don't pull their children closer to them as I walk by as often as they used to....
  3. Absolutely. As moral an obligation as you can get. Unfortunately knowledge can also lead to self righteousness especially when like they say, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I'm still upset at what the "church" has done to indigenous peoples around the world But that's another story......
  4. i thinks it's all about having the fortitude to make a change once you have all the information. Knowledge is not power until it instills action......
  5. Careful with those cats.... you know how they spend their days......lounging and sleeping
  6. Thanks Richard, I kind of like the EMOTICON look......
  7. I think the other contributing thing is the poor air quality in stairs as well. When we have our fire escape training I notice that the stairs are always poorly ventilated
  8. Hey offense74! You got that right. Actually I've been off pork and beef for a couple of years now. That had a bit to do with me being a butcher a number of years ago. I knew first hand what was being fed to people and theway it was "packaged" That was enough for me!! Not to mention the some of the "nutcakes" I worked with.
  9. Hey, thank you both very much! I think I'll try to take you up on that offer Richard. And Richard, you're drawing skills are phenomenal!!
  10. I'm relatively new to this technology (forums and chats and boards and lions and tigers and bears...oh my.......) Sorry, couldn't resist Anyway, I want to put a pic of me on/in my "avatar" I know how to go about it, that seems pretty straight forward but all my pictures are too big (space wise, you know....over 6kb) I can crop them but can't do much more with them because I don't have the software. I would also like to know how to insert?? my "before"pics into the body of the message so that I can publically humiliate myself into geting off my butt and start back working out. How would I go about doing that? THANK YOU in advance to anyone who can help.
  11. Thanks Robert. And nice to "meet" you Formicalinoleum and Crash. I love these "handles" I think they say much more about us than our given names. That's the one interesting thing about this type of communication, we can put it all out there cryptically and stay safe. that's neat. Peace...
  12. Welcome Molly, I just came aboard a few hours ago!! The people here are great.
  13. I'm on it..... Thanks crispyq and compassionategirl...
  14. Sinead O'Conner has an incredible voice and I've probably heard that song but I can't recall it now. You're right about the phoenix though, a very powerful symbol/archetype indeed.
  15. Thanks Daywalker, you're an inspiration. Long story to the username, I'm thinking it has a happy ending. I've always been thin because of a high metabolic rate. Until lately. I'm turning 45 in April and I'm 5'11 and 165, so I'm hyped to get back on the wagon. I'll get back to you on the spiritual side of things. Peace.
  16. I've spent a fair bit of time reading through your many posts on a lot of different subjects and I must say, even before introducing myself, you guys are a very special group of people. Your sensitivity, compassion and zest for life come through clearly in your interactions with each other. What a great international community!! It probably has something to do with the diet... Well, I switched to a vegetarian diet about 4 months ago and have been fighting the desires ever since although I find the sight and smell of flesh ing now. Good thing. I switched to a veg. diet because of the spiritual path that I have been on but perhaps more on that later. I'm into working out as a way to stay healthy so I can't wait to take advantage of the wisdom and experience accumulated here. I have been working out off and on as a hard-gainer for years but have been away from it for about a year now. I was stressing over how I'm going to gain and keep lean muscle because I used to get it from chicken and fish. Until now. You guys are proof it can be done. It's nice to see you guys are so supportive. I think I may post some pre-post pictures just to force me into making some changes. P.S. Congrats Daywalker!! And great site Rob!!
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