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  1. shame on you SB hmmm......although there are some benefits to it I guess.....but I wasn't in that much pain
  2. That's funny Kathryn..... Congrats Will!!
  3. I agree with Jay, it does "just depend" but, if you want to accomplish anything in this life it takes a certain bit of routine, meaning (attention to) whatever it is that you desire. There are those people here that track everything and that works for them, there are others who track very little and that may work for them. But, if you do not have goals, how can you tell if you are meeting them. And if you do not pay any attention to achieving your goal how do you know what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. I think that paying attention to, actually makes it easier to achieve one's goals. It has been said that insanity is expecting things to change by doing the same thing over and over again. Diet and sleep are critical in aiding the muscle healing/building process. Something must change in order for the outcome to change.
  4. Good day eh? Welcome animal, I'm from the Georgian Bay area...Nice to have you aboard. Lots of great people here..........
  5. Thanks CrispyQ, that's very nice.......
  6. yup, it used to freak me out a little bit. Had no idea what prompted it. I always thought it was due to me just being tired. I haven't had it for a long time and now that you bring it up I hope it doesn't come back!! it was just my right eye. It would twitch at work and I wondered if anyone could see it? It's very un-nerving. Stress eh? Perhaps that's why it has disappeared. I've been good at minimizing my stress. I never had it in response to physical activity though...I don't think.
  7. Hey Jay, good to hear things are progressing. It's funny how we take the simplest things for granted....I think our health is the biggy. Like you say, something as simple a bowel movement, or just being able to get up in the morning and get to the toilet. The older I get, the more thankful I am of my continued good health. Nice to hear you're back on the road to recovery Jay.
  8. Phoenix


    Hey, welcome Comet...
  9. Welcome back Jay, glad to hear all went well.
  10. ....and Richard.....nicely done.
  11. Hey Rob, This is a truly inspirational site. You've create an environment that fosters awareness, compassion and integrity all of which I think are a reflection of who you are. Peace.......
  12. although as a lifelong Mario fan, i can't say i'm all that broken up about Gretzky being involved. that is to say, if it had to happen. I agree that there is something a little suspicious about the police releasing so much info but whatever..... I was never much of Gretzky fan either. He used to be a great play maker but that's because the whole league knew that you weren't supposed to hit him. I believe because of that he was an incomplete hockey player. And then he gives everything up and goes LA on us. Give me a break!!! Not that there's anything wrong with LA folks. As for Belarus and Sweden, I'm sorry gentleman, perhaps next century... Although I agree, Belarus is the dark horse this year and they can beat any of the favs if the favs aren't in top form.
  13. And a couple of other things.... The colder the better, believe it or not. The warmer it is the more likely you are to get wet and wetness is your enemy in the winter. And of course food should be carb heavy.
  14. Been there, done that..... I was with a "unit" that did/does that sort of thing. It's really neat. People get freaked out by it because they always think of the cold. But ifyou're properly prepared it's a blast. No bugs, etc Make sure you don't build your lean-to too close to the fire because the fire creates an expanding hole in the snow and then your lean-to falls on you in the middle of the night!!!!!!1 It's funny now...... Most important thing is lots of layers for both clothing and sleeping bags. Lots of plastic to keep you from melting the snow around you and having it turn to water and wet your clothing. Arctic sleeping bags which are very different from regular sleeping bags would be a good idea. Keep matches in a plastic bag. There are lots of websites that could give you more info. But just remember you need to keep dry and warm. Don't do too much physically because you don't want to be sweating too much. Anyway, just stuff off the top of my head but it is a cool thing to do.
  15. Ohhhh...raVen I see we're going to be plucking tail feathers aren't we?
  16. Disheartening indeed......... well, if there is anything to give hope, it is the fact that these souless multi-nationals see these companies as being profitable which means there are more and more people shopping for non-meat products. I know, not much, but proof that change is afoot. Even if bastardized by evil. We have their attention......
  17. I really don't see any problem with betting on sports as long as it is done with a reputable house. I wouldn't want to think that hockey players or any atheletes for that matter are throwing games to pay off debts. I don't see the big deal. It's a CONSPIRACY to shake down the Canadian o lympic hockey team!!!!!
  18. That's neat. It must be quite the hotel!!
  19. Stay positive Jay. Peace........
  20. That was good! We just need to figure out how to get more air time for it and then perhaps the chickens and sheep and pigs can mobilize...... Animal Farm 2006
  21. That's the fanciest skating rink I've ever seen!!!! Is that in a mall or some place like that??
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