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  1. Very nice SeaSiren. You're absolutely right. Positive energy no matter what form it comes in is still powerful medicine. This is a very special group of people. Peace........
  2. You definitely have an A type personality Rob. You thrive on constant motion and your energy and zest for life is certainly contagious. But we all require a little down time, even from doing the things we love. Meditation is number one in my books as well. But it takes time and you must be able to get into a relaxed state in order to get the most from it. Like Daywalker, I love listening to a good CD. I have satellite TV out here in the boonies and so I listen to the satellite radio station that plays nature sounds or new age music or just some light clssical. I also have lots and lots of plants. The greenery really helps me to relax as soon as I walk in the door. And.....one more thing, I have one of those water fountains that you can buy so that you can listen to the water babble and gurgle all night.......... I'm very lucky here, I can take walks in the woods or along the shore something that I really missed when living in the city. What about doing something creative or artistic if that moves ya. Not something for anyone else but just for you.
  3. Been following your routine and that's some serious lifting. Nicely done. I just had a question about your squats. You said you wanted to return to mid-to-close legged squats. I'm wondering why you would do that over a shoulder + stance. Wouldn't the physics in the wider stance give your back greater stability especially with the higher weights?
  4. I was smiling to myself this evening as I was doing some shrugs and realized that this was also an exercise that required a little forethought in order to make sure the "boys" stay safe. I went to the chiropractor again this am. Holy #[email protected]^ does he know how to find the most painful areas. I asked how he knew exactly where to work and he said he can actually feel the scar tissue and then just digs in to break it up. I must be a little off as I relished the pain knowing it was going to make me stronger again. It feels much better already. I'm continuing to lift but with great focus and good form although he said not to. But it's hard to convince myself to stop especially when it doesn't really hurt that much. Anyway, sorry about the hijack here. Lift on.......
  5. Hey, congrats there compassionategirl What most people might not understand is how difficult it is to remain so compassionate while living in TO. That says a lot about you.
  6. Thanks VE, I needed the laugh this morning...... It's only funny if it's someone else though. Glad to see it was nothing serious.
  7. Welcome aboard GIP, Congrats on making the move to improve your health. Lots of experience here. Good luck.
  8. Welcome luvcats. Yes, the all in the family thing is great!!
  9. Eyes on... Richard...eyes on.................
  10. Light chest w/o. Trying to keep muscles active while not doing any more damage. Flat bench press with BB 20X40, 8X60, 8X90, 8X110, 5X140, 4X140 Not too bad but I can see and feel now what the chiropractor was talking about with compensating for the shoulder. I can feel that my left pec not able to stretch as far as the right when I bring the weight down to my chest. Can really feel it being stretched whereas the right is completely relaxed and stretched out.
  11. Hey Pharma boy.....Package this...... But seriously, that's just pure evil. There is no way a law like that could even be concieved by those with a conscience.
  12. Doh!!!! That wasn't very nice!!!!! But very funny
  13. Wow, that sounds like quite the PB!! Good luck!!! Is Bigwii listening
  14. Thanks, Grandpa! (it's always useful to listen to the experiences of elderly people, kids) Why you little whipper snapper come back here
  15. Saw the chiropractor today Stop working the upper body Chest, back and traps have been overcompensating for the weak %^$#@% up rotator cuff muscles. Scar tissue, muscle atropy......and that was the stuff I understood If I had gone in when I first injured it I would have been through therapy much much quicker. Now we have to deal with all the overcompensation stresses/issues rather than just the injury site. LISTEN UP KIDDIES. DON'T IGNORE YOUR BODY. GET CHECKED OUT IF SOMETHING ISN'T FEELING RIGHT!!
  16. where are you losing it from.......
  17. Yup, if I could just get up out of this hole I've dug for myself. Oh....by the way....Raven, I uhh I really like your uhhh...... your..... ummm....your birds...... the way they fly around like that. I like that If you come across a phoenix lemme know.
  18. Wanna thank you re the info on ART therapy. I'm seeing a chiropractor tomorrow am. He says the therapy has even improved so I'm looking forward to getting the freakin %$#@&*^ kinks out. Peace......
  19. Focus, focus... Called a chiropractor today...THANKS FOR THE INFO VegEss!!!!!! The guy said he does do ART and in fact there have been improvements to the therapy. Weight in lbs Lat pull downs: 15X40, 8X100, 8X100, 9X100 Bent over row BB: 10X70, 8X100, 8X120, 8X120 Seated cable rows: 7X100, 8X100, 9X100 Feeling very "contained" and safe but better safe than sorry. Brother wolf and sister moon your time has come.... and the wind will blow my fears away.......CULT
  20. You're right Gorilla, We have to realize that everything,.........EVERY....THING...... is energy. Everything that we see, hear, touch, smell, taste, etc., and so much more including our thoughts and emotions are energy. Disease........Dis-ease in eastern forms of medicine/spirituality equates to a dis-ease in the movement of energy. That's why they say that you can become anything you want as long as you can hold that thought (energy) long enough for the universe to manifest it for you. There are universal forces that behave very much like the neg and pos charges inherent in electricity. Things/people/places that you become attached to or repulsed by for no apparent reason. Everything is connected, we are all connected. One of the more powerful motivators for me in moving away from flesh is understanding the incredible amount of bad energy that gets stored in flesh before it is murdered. Fear, pain, sorrow, dread, on and on the energy is stored and then released into you when you consume it. We literally are what we consume. I've started making a habit of thanking the food that I am consuming. Much in the same way my forefathers did before consuming what they caught or grew. It should be a small celebration and a giving of thanks because we are partaking of earth energy. Oops....oh ya, a really good movie but you will need to replay more than once because it is very "heady" at times and there is so much information.
  21. Well, when all is said and done, beauty is indeed timeless ladies
  22. Man! Are we ever hard on ourselves!!!!! Hey Xar, there is NOTHING pathetic about moving in the right direction. I have very little patience myself but we all have to crawl before we walk before we run. Stay with it....... Peace......
  23. Ya Rob, Really nice job.....
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