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  1. Hey NakedDragon Happy Australia Day:occasion7:
  2. Hey Tarz, You got that right!! We really have to be so careful Yup, some things are better left unsaid
  3. Ok SeaSiren Crash and Ravan there's a wonderful children's book you should read... Yup, that's me running for the hills........
  4. That's animal VE with some pretty freaky weights Blood, bruising, scrapes. I love that stuff as long as it stays superficial of course. Really is therapeutic in a twisted sort of way.... Nicely done.
  5. Hey thanks VE I'm going to look into that. So far it's more a psychological issue than a physical one but I'll definitely look into it.
  6. Obviously I don't know how to cut and paste previous messages... Crash wrote.....and then graphically portrayed the beating her and SeaSiren were going to deliver (Ah, HELLO!!! MODERATORS!!! graphic violence here!!!) Actually, I had to look it up too. And I am 25 (for a couple of years now too SeaSiren ). Oh...."I had to look it up too....." Ok, Crash, SeaSiren:binky: I'm just going to slowly back up now ok.......
  7. Actually I had to look it up. It was before I was born, thank you very much Don't you know it's not nice to ask a lady her age? And, I've been 29 for a few years and have no desire to celebrate another Birthday....that means I don't get older right? ouch! but that was worth it..... Damn, wish I had a flashy comeback for you SeaSIren, lord knows I thought about it. But there are two things that men learn to accept. They will never know a woman's age or weight.
  8. double digit pull ups....nice
  9. Shoulders and Traps Stay positive, think about catching Bigbwii Bunny..... RC warmup: 15mins Standing shoulder press DBs: 15X30, Military Press: 8X50, 8X65, 8X70 Lateral raises with crossover cables 8X5, 8X5 1 arm lateral raise cable on elbow: 8X15, 8X15 (fairly easy but need to take my time) Shrugs BB: 10X100, 8X150, 8X150 Abs: 10Xbw, 10X45lbs, 10X55lbs, 10X70lbs So far so good. "Brother wolf and sister moon, the time has come....."
  10. The CULT is great stuff to listen to when w/o. Tonight was arms night. A little apprehensive thinking about my rc. BUT I reminded myself to stay positive. Thinking pos leads to pos outcome. Neg leads to neg outcome. Weight in lbs BB curls: 10X35, 6X50, 6X55, 4X80 little twinge in left shoulder Hammer curls: 5X30, 5X30, 4X35 (backed right off..... Tricep Press BB: 10X50, 6X70, 6X90, 5X110 Cable push down rope attachment: 8X50, 6X60, 6X70 Hey shoulder is feeling ok so far Abs: 20 situps Xbw, 10X25lbs, 10X25lbs, 10X35lbs
  11. That's pretty amazing Robert. You look good. Mass but nothing hanging over your belt...... Excellent stuff. Another jolt of motivation. Thanks.
  12. Way to go ladies!!!! Ummm.... so you guys are how old
  13. Hey Exciton, that's very nice. I recall those names but for the life of me I don't know why I know them. thanks.
  14. It's all good raven..........
  15. C'mon Crispy Q blurt it out!!! It's appropriate given this thread is it not???
  16. Wow That is close I wonder if she's getting royalties on her emoticon???
  17. Hey Richard, very cool avatar!! Hmm....maybe you guys didn't get it over there......
  18. Gorilla, I watched that show about 5 times. Very very powerful. I loved it.
  19. Anyone hear old enough to remember one of the coolest shows ever Are you ready for this? I'll give you an easy clue..... (name's Link) What's the name of the show???
  20. I agree as well. I think we're a little too cocky as species' go. We continue to rape, plunder, burn and poison the earth with total abandonment. Call me whatever you want but I think we need a good world wide disaster to wake us up from our arrogance.
  21. Hey Robert, Did I read somewhere that you were 5'10, 5'11? That's about my height. And I was targetting to be at about 185lbs. I'm 167lbs now. So how long did it take you to go from say 170lbs to 185-190, do you recall? thanks
  22. Hey Michael, You should start a gym critic piece in the local papers and perhaps you can go and w/o for for free......
  23. Hey SeaSiren, I'm battling the same thing.... TIME. That's why I'm hoping by splitting the routine into 5 parts it allows me to get a w/o done in under an hour. So even if I have to do something else I can still squeeze the w/o in. But we'll see if one w/o per week is enough to stimulate consistent growth. Hang in there....
  24. Hi SeaSiren, Interesting is a good word I couldn't sleep for the longest time on my left side because my shoulder hurt so much. Rotators are so involved in everything. I came across a couple of things that are supposed to help. Well, actually I bought a new pillow, high denstiy obus form foam pillow, you know those ones shaped like a hmmmm...... a shallow W? And, I bought a softer, more cushioned mattress. It helped. I was on another site (over 35 BB site) and the same issue came up. A number of them said that they did this exercise where you grasp a long stick (broomstick or something) lightly in your hands. Hold it straight out in front of you and rotate your arms slowly up over your head, behind your head, and down to the middle of your back while holding the stick and then bring them up, over your head and to the front again without letting go of the stick. I've started them but can't even get my arms rotated down over my head yet. I have very little flexibility in my shoulders obviously. They said it worked very well for them. Alex has also told me to go lighter with more reps for those exercises impacting the shoulders. I felt a little twinge last night while doing bicep curls but I straightened my shoulder by shrugging it almost while I did the curls. It seemed to work. Stay safe. Peace......
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