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  1. yeah i saw this show years ago just a bunch of pseudo christians unbelievable how incoherent people can be
  2. hey joe, i never said i'm anti-war, i'm not a damn hippy it all depends on the reasons,the real reasons,behind each war
  3. take all the time u think is necessary i'm your man,no problem those animals are not suffering so much after alll,right if u were one of them....... oh,and i give a damn what some people,or the society think
  4. are you reading what i'm writing or what i didn't say i want to kill all the non-vegans,i want to kill the people who skin alive animals,and all the people who torture animals (in labs,farms ets) yes, i have a lot of hatred,rage and pain,you know why cause i care,cause i'm not egoist,egocentric,shallow,frivolous,heartles,and inconsiderate i don't live in a bubble i want justice, and peace and love,for all the living beigns SORRY
  5. yeah,why joe u're not one of those poor creatures who are tortured,what the hell do u know about that kind of suffering they are sadist,cruel,evil THE HELL WITH THEM AND THE HELL WITH the people who defend them how dare you to defend those bastards,and you are pro war,what the hell
  6. the hell with the royalty they're a bunch of thieves
  7. i want to kill the mother fuckers who do those things i am wrong? i don't think so
  8. yes the hell with them we don't need that crap
  9. i guess you're right its weird,they are buddish monks,supposedly they are kind and have respect for animals
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