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  1. i still have some leather goods from way back that have stood the test of time. i chose to keep them out of respect for the animals that gave up their lives to create them. there are some items i have donated, but id never throw them out.. i think thats more of an extreme behavior and for me veganism isnt about extremism.. its about common sense.
  2. this is my approximate/realistic goal for mid winter.. by spring i may want to take it a bit further, but we'll see. i have to work harder on fine tuning my diet. http://www.cryptomnesia.net/visual/bodyshape.jpg
  3. lol, i love their new slogan, "unthink." the double down is almost as bad as the McGangbang..
  4. i got my mix in yesterday from trueprotein.com Gemma Pea Protein Isolate non-GMO 40% Hemp Protein Powder 30% Rice Protein Concentrate non-GMO 20% Glutamine Peptides 10% Natural Premium Banana Flavour first time with this mix and i was surprised at how good it was. mixed up well, no grit, no foam. it was nice on the stomach, no bloat. taste was really good as well. i mix it with a custom carb mix PWO for maximum anabolic benefit Maltodextrin %50 Dextrose %50 Electrolytes
  5. Because they are morally threatened by your choices. yeah, it kind of reminds me of people who are virulent homophobes.. secret closet cases.
  6. depends on your goals, but i'm in the same boat.. more legumes/beans/seitan.
  7. i think its hype.. theyre hyping carwin up to be as big as lesnar too.. he's just another can crusher.
  8. its slightly annoying if they know better.. but most people dont, so its just ignorance. theyve never heard of the term pescetarian or flexitarian.. so its no big deal, i just explain to them and they probably forget 20 mins later what annoys me more are omni's who want to harp on me about my diet. i could care less what anyone else eats, its their personal choice.. so why do they feel compelled to care about mine?
  9. i just got in a custom protein mix from trueprotein.com and i couldnt be more pleased. no grit and no bloat or stomach issues.. took in about 60 grams of that alone today along with 40g from food sources (seitan and legumes.) could have taken in more but the appetite wasnt in high gear today.
  10. i used to be sponsored back in the day but a torn acl ended that. then another severe injury a few years ago limits me to riding pretty easy these days.
  11. awesome, montreal is such a great city. i was just telling someone that i havent been to quebec in years.
  12. HELD makes some great vegan belts, you should ask them
  13. White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase | The Onion - America's Finest News Source since this topic went into the toilet.. you know, i think id contribute
  14. that couldnt be further from the truth. there just so happens to be many other belief systems out there
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