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  1. Thanks Robert, If you ever come to madrid you are my guest!!
  2. some pictures from the opening http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.229218563872365.52491.228406307286924&type=1 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.420368288027086.99318.125813554149229&type=1
  3. Tomorrow evening we will open a new Vegan Restaurant in Madrid. Soon I will include foto´s. After opening two vegan stores one in Barcelona and one in Madrid we hope this will make it more easy for people to go and stay vegan. The project is a colective one. It´s difficult specially here in Spain with little vegan culture and big crisis impact, but we are very motivated to go trough. http://www.facebook.com/RestauranteVegania
  4. Hi all in 90 minutes live but also available as potcast after the show a sports special from dimensionvegana webradio. The interview will be in english the rest of the show in spanish. http://Www.dimensionvegana.com
  5. The 2nd part of the 11th broadcast contains the interview
  6. http://www.spreaker.com/page#!/user/dimensionvegana interview with christine vardaros. robert cheeke will be up in april. the radio is spanish but the interview is in english.
  7. Dear all, wherever in the world, have a wonderfull, sporty, healthy 2012!! greethings from Madrid Spain
  8. there is one in madrid. not fancy, but cheap.
  9. anyone will go to veganfestival this weekend next to Madrid?
  10. New vegan video site (spanish). One new video each week. http://dimensionvegana.com/
  11. Feliz Dia del mundial del Veganismo!!
  12. woon alleen al ruim 2,5 jaar in Spanje. Volgende keer hoop ik meer Nederlanders/ Belgen (Vlamingen) te zien bij de vegansportweek (zie veganfitness.net) Dit jaar waren we met 35-40 man waarvan 3 nederlanders. Volgend jaar zal het of in Oostenrijk of in Italië worden georganiseerd. misschien kunnen we ook een keer afspreken in Spanje / België / Nederland/ ...
  13. Hoi Rom, alles goed? Ik spreek Nederlands. Ben je voor iets speciaals op zoek naar mensen die Nederlands spreken? groetjes
  14. how can you expect a good game when portugal is in the field?? all respect to portugal, but they don´t usually play attractive.
  15. how much luck can you get. the us played decent, but this england keeper....
  16. nice pictures. what´s up with the gun?
  17. congratulations!! good to see what you can do in 10 months. you are a big inspiration.
  18. congratulations!! where did you do the course?
  19. Hi tiiiti, good you started a log again!! my pb on the 10k is from a race in finland (november). it's hard to train there in the winter. I never lived there just went for holliday, but guess I have a fair idea. in the gym it might be good to use cross trainer. saw some sports halls had indoor tracks. good luck!!
  20. you can find it at vegania (check for there address vegania.com
  21. In Madrid you can buy pea proteine, hemp proteine.. might not be the cheapest solution, but still.. please let me know if you need any help.
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