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  1. Um yes or no.. I never put an x on my hand but i don't drink or use other illigal drugs.. it depends on the definition .. I use tea sometimes coffee a couple off times a year.. sugar,.. I don't use the term, but like aspects from the philosophy not sure if there are still tickets for the show.. think it's pretty populair.. do you go to Amsterdam? Queensday is on sathurday because of the protestand ideal not to work on sunday.. I know that most people don't see queensday as work.. but that's why they changed it...
  2. Congratulations!! It's always good to develop yourself in a positive way!! hope you will enjoy your next steps.
  3. Ik ga vrij weinig naar shows, maar wilde hier een uitzondering voor maken. Er komen ook wat vrienden uit spanje speciaal voor die show. Koninginnedag is de 29e doordat het anders op een zondag zou zijn. best suf hier een vegan xxx band uit Amsterdam http://www.myspace.com/eyeofjudgement zelf speel ik helaas geen instrument en kan ik ook niet zingen.. sorry for the non Dutch speakers we are talking about a show from Path of Resistance in the Netherlands. the link is from a vegan sxe band from Amsterdam (not from me i'm not a musician)
  4. English is not my first language.. I guess most off us understand your (and my ) situation. When you try to learn or speak more languages it's almost imposible to bring them all on the same level specially when you don't use them all the time..
  5. runner


    hi Alison, welcome to vbb!!! guess you mean veganfitness.net ?
  6. Welkom Sacco, Als je de sterkste man competitie beelden van enkele vegans van dit bord ziet dan denk je zeker niet aan zwakkelingen. Ieder zijn discipline. Veelzijdigheid bij vegans is even groot als bij niet vegans alleen zijn vegans over het algemeen gezonder. Ga je naar de POR show in Arnhem?
  7. welcome to vbb!! have you tried ricemilk / soymilk / almondmilk...
  8. tax reasons might make company's put leather on cloths. It's cheaper than plastic etc. while it has the same enviromental impact, because off the chemicals they use to get the leather straight
  9. runner

    New here

    welcome on board!!
  10. Hi Rae, welcome!!! Congratulations with your results!! and good luck to get more results!! hope you find some support and fun on this site!! take care
  11. Think that this should be known to all!! if the refuse than there is an other reason!!!
  12. hi Brookie, welcom to vbb!! sounds like fun (adventure race).. enjoy this board!!
  13. My spelling is not good.. not in english not in spanish and not in dutch carl lewis was vegan when he did the olimpics!!! there was one canadian short track relay guy in last olimpics. might be some more vegans.. here is some info on the sports week. (there will be lots off sports and lots off vegans!!!)
  14. I also opened some magazines in the american book store and the first ting i saw was a articel on milk and 1000 adds for athkins products.. have to find a good magazine.. for running. runnersworld is not that good.. and for free weight training... (or is a dvd better)?
  15. mine was not even vegan (addiction to yogurth) or he was and it was yofu
  16. I happen to know 2 posih vegans but i think events like the vegan fitness/ sports week this summer in sweden are fun as well and unite instead off divide.. I support vegans that are in the olimpics from all country's
  17. will you bring / leave them in sweden this summer? not that my hand can close any but for the others
  18. runner


    that's ok, i see you busy with all projects so you are pretty quick anyway.. just checking..
  19. runner


    hi rob, are you still working on the book?
  20. hi robert thank you for including vegansport.org in the newsletter!! all people are welcome to make an athelete profile and / or to read/ post about the sports events from (/other) active vegans!! keep up the good work
  21. new pb 92 get anoyed by this mouse
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