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  1. at this site from bronco there is a nice falafel game i got 85 points http://www.maschu-maschu.at/ falafel fun
  2. hi adam, welcome on board!!
  3. brendan relaxed at the background did not bottered himself into a pose
  4. hello vegans, does any off you use iron suplements? if so what and how much?
  5. sorry i don't have a digital camera. (also no biceps ) but i hope you will get a good new year!!!!
  6. nice pics!! looked like a nice meetup!!! are you comming to sweden as well? veganfitness week
  7. just for the record i support bronco in this. no sex, no kid,... no payment... abortion is not nice (nobody likes this so it's not a nice anti conception methode), but but but this does not mean there is no justification for abortion .. it's the womens choice and in a ideal situation the choice from all around the pregnancy... there are other posibilities than man women...
  8. China India USA Indonesia,,.. are big UK, Germany, France, are medium in my opinion in europe the Netherlands could be midium (with small Luxemburg, Monaco, Vatican, Lichetenstein, San Marino ...)
  9. sorry for being such an pop in and pop out off this meething guy.. guess i'll have to pass on this meethup. but i do like the initiative!!! I met people from vegansport.org and veganfitness.net and these meethups were always pretty nice!! So I'm sure this one will be good as well. I'll try to make it up some day
  10. Sweden will be cancelled when you can't come so i hope to see you there or on the way..
  11. Hi LGB, welcome to vb&f!!! everything ok? see you in sweden!!!
  12. happy birthday!!! as tarz wrote age is just a number
  13. don't isten to her concentrate on your running and you can show the vegan vest on the podium!! sorry c-girl
  14. thanks for the compliments, but all credits to our fast runner Tarz!!! also to the others John on the picture.. and 3 others who did a good race!! Cécile (vegansport.org), Peter (veganrunners uk), Sharon (20 mile race) the runners vests are pretty nice i think!!! there are more pictures also from other vegan runners at www.vegansport.org/bramley.01.jpg (until 35)
  15. funny i lost 1 kilo in the race yesthurday.. thik i'll eat and drink it back on.. but .. think that this is my ok weight 63 kg 178 cm
  16. thanks!! And congratulations to tarz, sw (veganfitness/ veganrunners uk) cecile (vegansport.org), sharon (veganrunners uk) peter (veganrunners uk) 1.03.57 that's 8 min under my old 10 mile time.
  17. italy, norway, ireland, uk who will be next? I wonder how long this country wants to wait?
  18. runner


    hi I'm in the chatroom.. and will stay for a while
  19. got this from the peta site : this was his reason to change..
  20. there is also a european sexies vegetarian contest
  21. in the netherlands we also call some nuts combinations "studenten haver".. on supermarket now sells one mix as "elite haver"
  22. hope her improvement will continue!!! keep hope and a positive spirit!!
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