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  1. SeaSiren, Sounds like you do the best thing posible under these nasty conditions. write as much as you want.. but don't feel forced. don't worry if you get open emotions. People are diferent.. emotions come in diferent forms.. and at diferent times.. you are not alone!!
  2. welcome enjoy the board!!
  3. sorry to hear we think about you!! take care
  4. it might be good to stick events and unstick them when the event is over... with other it's up to what comes up a lot of times.. or something that gets lots of action..
  5. it did not work on this pc.. but this can come because of my stupit virus scan...
  6. the website veganrunners.net is changed into vegansport.org it's open to all vegans who are into sport and is available in many languages!!!
  7. Got a candel from amnesty smelling like beewax... I maild to them about it and got some reply on how nice there workers who make the candels are treeted.. some rehabilitation program... Think that both big and small organizations can be effective depending on there strategy.. like the london greenpeace (small group world wide attention) but when it comes to put countries under presure it's good to have big organisations.. also to get labels on products etc.. I gave money to food for life, but i don't like the religious background..
  8. I would try not to worry about it.. lay down and think that you get rest when you lay down.. it's not the same as slepping.. but stress or worry about it makes it more dificult to sleep.. try to get some routine in your bed times eat times... etc... hope it helps good luck!!!
  9. runner

    Race Times

    would be cool if you can come!! guess a pb should not be to dificult, because i only did it once and pretty bad. i think that there will be at least 12 vegans or at the start or as supporter!!
  10. thanks crash neil, funny the picture here they are thinking about making laws to ban hummers from city parking spaces.. and other rules to stop them
  11. runner

    Race Times

    1500 meters 4:32:90 (2005) track (on spikes) 3000 meters 10:45:46 (2005) track (without spikes) yes this time will be gone by the end of this year just did it once 5000 meters 17:50:20 (2005) track (without spikes) 5000 meters 17.45 (2005) road 10000 meters 37.10 (2005) road goal for 2006 break them all!!! Tarz are you comming next month? Robert good times on 400, 800, 3k 5k tarz xnickmx good times guys!!
  12. how is it posible you can support so many teams? guess here in europe it's diferent one team each (football = soccer)..
  13. cool I've also got the same as you can see.. guess i'll be one off the skinny guys here but if i'll become to big my trainer will complain thanks again!!!
  14. thanks!! btw are you not the same as on veganfitness.net?
  15. hi dietcoke, welcome.. I'm just new myself, but think i will brows around more often..
  16. thanks, merci, gracias, bedankt danke!!! for the warm welcome!!! sorry for this part in dutch it's a question about vegan pizza's and mayonaise.. and i told Gym hater (nice nick for this site) where to get them in amsterdam.. pizza's zijn sinds kort vegan bij albert heijn te krijgen (niet in de vriezer, maar in de koeling (5 euro) en er zijn vegan steenoven bodems.. Ijs is bij albertheijn en bij enkele natuurwinkels te verkrijgen soja en vruchten ijs.. bij veel natuurwinkels zijn diverse eivrije mayonaise te krijgen. grote natuurwinkels zijn (weteringsschans en elandsgracht). waar kom je zelf vandaan? stel gerust je vragen als ik kan helpen doe ik dat graag..
  17. thank you offense74, Richard, Molly, Gym hater, SeaSiren richard, i already got some dutch here bedoel je eten / kleding,..?
  18. running track, but also road races.. will do a 10 mile next month, but normaly not longer than 10k i like 1500mtrs, but in winter i go for a bit longer distance. Because i like the change, but also because there are no short races in winter.
  19. the lifes of animals By J.M.Coetzee two times winner booker prize
  20. Hi all, some off you will know me from veganfitness.net and vegansport.org My english is crappy but i hope this will improve over time.. I'm not a BB but a runner.. I do some fitness (2 times a week, but as support for running) i like to travel, read, learn, experiance, taste, ... keep up the good work!!
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