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  1. thanks for all the info!! did like lisboa. hope to go back to portugal next year
  2. Hi, Next week (14 Sptember) we 4 vegan runners will be in southern Portugal. Do you life there and or have any tips? thank you very much!!
  3. de nada un placer. la pagina cambio cada dia con mas recetas. aprochecarlas!!
  4. Hola chic@s, Por tod@s los españolhablantes mire aqui: http://justvegetal.wordpress.com www.justvegetal.com
  5. Could anyone tell me where the best book shops are? general novels etc, sports books, study books,... thanks, merci
  6. I havn't been there, think you can contact vegan runners poland www.veganrunners.org (they speak english)
  7. thank you all for your helpfull contributions!! I´ll look for the book, the restaurants and the walking roots!!! super!!
  8. Any members that life in the big apple? any recomendations, for things to see, do, taste? I'll be there from 16-25 of MAY
  9. ok lets meet up in Madrid/ Valencia or between a weekend? 14/15 feb?
  10. do you mean cataluña, pais vasco with easet? I´ll be here for a while. Just signed up for a gym, apart from my running training.. tomorrow I´ll have a race in arganda (don´t know if yo uknow that place)..
  11. blabbate, I guess when you ask a question on a forum it´s clear that the target are forum readers.. RAINRA, yes I´m still here. where are you from? Do you plan to go back or will you stay in the US?
  12. http://www.vega-life.nl/webshop/ new vegan store in amsterdam centrum. btw in the netherlands the biggest supermarket now sells vegan burgers as well!!
  13. Are there people that life in spain?
  14. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Xt3ZMcvUk
  15. nice picture!! could you explain the points system? is this a championship?
  16. "Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: "Because the animals are like us." Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: "Because the animals are not like us." Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.” professor Charles. R. Magel
  17. think all countries have good and bad things. being happy to be born somewhere is not the same as feeling better than being born somewhere else.. if superiority takes the place from being happy there is something wrong. I beleve more in international solidarity. you can't blame people for being born in any country. world is complex think we should not forget that.
  18. nobody may bring durian in my home again!!! once someone broght it to my home (frozen version) and the smell still ther 3 days after all raping was gone!!!
  19. Ron Paul wants: to leave UN and World Bank, CAFTA strict border control is against patriot act abortion seams to be a guy that is much anti-international what points are importand to you people..
  20. think the peta issue is a bit different from the first post from robert. would like to bring the first topic back:
  21. why do you think americans will be different from europeans? people seam to be less obese in countries with better health cover.
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