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  1. think the problem is that you put people in a box and compare it with all people outside the box.. if you would label everybody you would not like any off the boxes.. steritipical people can be pretty ... borring I don't like football supporters/ tourists/,... but I'm one myself ..
  2. thought that you would like to have general insuranse for US
  3. these dutch polls are not perfect, I don't use them for my choice in the netherlands, but use them to see peoples opinions
  4. http://www.kieskompas-usa.nl/language/en/ got Obama http://www.eenvandaag.nl/stemwijzerusa/en/ here I got Edwards but I can't vote no questions on animals
  5. http://www.veganfitness.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=32
  6. nice pics!!! you people look great!! the food looks delicious as well!!
  7. sounds like the intro for a self help book.. what I do is withdraw a amout for food.. we can also upload our chipcard, but i guess you don't have themin the US..
  8. are all european city names copied in the us??
  9. runner


    welcome to veganbb&f!! where in finland do you life?
  10. saw some info about it on the site from the dutch political party for the animals. in a blogg from one off the members in parlement (from this party) did you saw her speach?
  11. wish all off you small and big vegans a nice holliday!!! think it's nice that there will be 2 vegan events in august (vegan holliday and veganfitness week) on 2 continents (north america and europe).. hopefully in a couple off years other continents will follow!! hope you'll get nice weather!! here it's not that nice, but there is still some time before the event starts 13-17 august.. (22 vegans signed up so far 8 nationalities)
  12. think rasmussen needs to win time in the mountains.. he's not a good time trial racer..
  13. looks good!! if you update the links part could you check if sites work? www.veganfitness.net and www.veganrunners.org work and grow as veganbodybuilding think things look good... more meetups more people online.. good luck!!
  14. runner


    hi zambrotta, is that an italian name? good to see an other runner!! there are not so many vegan sprinters, but carl lewis was vegan.. so that's a big compensation!! do you speak dutch? greethings, Emile
  15. thank you for your post!! 20 vegans signed up if you want more info on this event pm me or check the links
  16. runner


    not sure, but people with sex etc in there weblink... same for some names
  17. runner


    hi robert, do you guys check the member list? it's full off spammers with nasty links
  18. congratulations http://www.markjoyner.name/logs/images/rsi.jpg
  19. welcome to vegan bb&fitness!! gaining might be moredificult than loosing weight.. but there are some good examples here
  20. welcome to veganbb& fitness
  21. runner


    at the moment I have a serious injury in my calve.. the specialists are not sure what it is so I just need to take rest. before my long runs were up to 20k
  22. welcome!! good to see an other endurance athlete
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