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    salut bbodygirl, welcome to veganbodybuilding
  2. already some members signed up great!! hope to see some more people from this place!!
  3. Dutch mother language English Spanish little German
  4. hope to see some off you there!! there is place for 30 people. nice food nice people and fun
  5. nice pictures there mister!!
  6. sorry for posthing this on this section, i choose this because it's the bigest veganfitness event in europe the week will be in august start 13th location close to amsterdam (the netherlands = holland) sports: lifthing, running, boksing, circuit training,..... much more cost for the week €150 incl sleeping food and activity's hope to see some off you!!! sign up at the following link http://www.veganfitness.net/events/vfw2007/vfform.php
  7. thank's!!! I'll give training on sathurday (in the main park off Amsterdam) for about 18 people but will see if I can add some groups. track sound like fun as well.. because off all the posibility's..
  8. I passed for my trainers exam last sathurday. now I will become an affiliated trainer with the dutch atlethics federation. are there any more runners trainers at this board?
  9. there are loads of vegans in the uk, italy germany, sweden,....!!! how can you be lonely?
  10. welcome to vbb your name sounds dutch.. do you come from the netherlands?
  11. Pretty good that you 2 went!! take your time to explore your suroundings.. before you're running.. enjoy!! hope to see you at veganfitnessweek in august.
  12. that's great!! I added you to the list. 25 people are on the list. there will be more info soon!!
  13. welcome Bradley!! hope you like it here could you tell me why your organisation is called organic athlete? have you seen the veganrunners sites? www.veganrunners.org
  14. welcome to vbb what kind off workout do you do in the gym?
  15. thanks people for the imput!! I'll check them out!!
  16. welcome to europe (ok not all people at the island call it europe)!!
  17. welcome to europe (ok not all people at the island call it europe)!!
  18. For the netherlands (dutch) I would use. ik eet veganistisch Daarom eet ik géén vlees vis eieren zuivel of andere producten van dierlijke oorsprong.
  19. salut cfacile, welcome to veganbb I know there are french vegans at vegansport.org but not sure how much they are online. you could send them a pm. your english will become better than mine soon!!
  20. runner


    same for me!! It looks wonderfull!!
  21. do you listen to internet radio? have you got any recomendations (only in english german or dutch for me)
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