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  1. there is whey proteine addvertisement next to this forum is there anything we can do against this?
  2. monday the second day off easter there will be a free running training for all veganrunners.. The event will take place in Amsterdam and will start at 12 you can sign up for this by sending an email to [email protected] for all who sign up you'll get details in your mail box also check www.nl.veganrunners.org
  3. looks like davids does not go to the us but back home to the netherlands
  4. skate socks? for speed skathing? (most dutch pro's don't wear any socks in there skates) running socks are without any stiches on the foothpart I never get blisters when i use themhere you can buy cheap and expensive ones (between €4-15)
  5. thanks andgbr robert and tarz, I had some trouble to get sites linking to it because it's a new site..
  6. many players go to the us after there career is over Johan Cruijff Pele ,.. Ronald Waterreus (keeper never made it into the nr 1, but he is still ok) Edgar Davids might go as well (formal Dutch capten)
  7. good luck to you all!! hope to run in february further i would like to get back to track races (800, 1500 meter) but first i should get ride off this shin splinn thing..
  8. I made it with the help off Ben (from veganrunners sweden)
  9. after the uk, finland & sweden the dutch/ belgium veganrunners site is online!! http://www.nl.veganrunners.org/ http://www.veganrunners.org (english finish swedish dutch) could you add the link to all off your sites?
  10. welcome to vbb!! do you know veganrunners.org?
  11. it did not change.. but it's already 1997 that we are talking about
  12. good to see all you runners!!! I'll do a 10 mile in the uk february.. hope to break my old record 1.04 would be nice if we can get a decent ranking as vegan runners team www.veganrunners.org
  13. many cheap watches might have fake stuff.. you can get a 5 $ watch with a fake one and switch them..
  14. I got one some months ago at a gym, but think it's not usefull for people that have enough excersice
  15. it depends what kind of runner you are.. when you are a marathon runner you have way more than a sprinter.. i think that you don't need them if you are a serious runner they are made for people that don't do sports.. if you don't do sports 10.000 is hard to get... guess most people will not make it.. or do you want to use it for your pace frequency?
  16. runner


    helo and welcome, I havn't been here in a while.. but i might come more often good to see an other runner!! do you know veganrunners.org?
  17. loveliberate, I'll do that!! veganpotter, a bit an easy comment..
  18. Hi all is there anyone who has some tips and tricks about barcelona (catalunya/ spain)? I'll be there for 4 weeks to improve my spanish.. gracias
  19. I'm glad non of my friends or people i know have guns.. why do i need one??
  20. runner

    Running chart

    my personal best times are: *800 meters 2.12.27 (2006) track Utrecht NL *1500 meters 4:32:90 (2005) Amsterdam NL * 3000 meters 10:45:46 (2005) Amsterdam NL * 5000 meters 17:50:20 (2005) Groningen NL * 5000 meters 17.45 (2005) road Amstelveen NL *10 k 37.10 (2005) road Amsterdam NL *10 mile 1.03.57 (2006) road UK
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