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  1. skate socks? for speed skathing? (most dutch pro's don't wear any socks in there skates)


    running socks are without any stiches on the foothpart


    I never get blisters when i use themhere you can buy cheap and expensive ones (between €4-15)

  2. it depends what kind of runner you are..


    when you are a marathon runner you have way more than a sprinter..


    i think that you don't need them if you are a serious runner they are made for people that don't do sports.. if you don't do sports 10.000 is hard to get...


    guess most people will not make it..


    or do you want to use it for your pace frequency?

  3. laughing5 Not just any gun Jon - that pistol looks like a Springfield XD. Is it a .40 or a 9mm Darth? Oregon has much better gun laws than Cali. and lots of good options for shooting, defensive training, etc. I'm stunned that ALL of yr friends have guns! I'd be happy if even half of my vegan (or other) friends did...


    I'm glad non of my friends or people i know have guns..


    why do i need one??

  4. my personal best times are:

    *800 meters 2.12.27 (2006) track Utrecht NL

    *1500 meters 4:32:90 (2005) Amsterdam NL

    * 3000 meters 10:45:46 (2005) Amsterdam NL

    * 5000 meters 17:50:20 (2005) Groningen NL

    * 5000 meters 17.45 (2005) road Amstelveen NL

    *10 k 37.10 (2005) road Amsterdam NL

    *10 mile 1.03.57 (2006) road UK

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