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  1. after the 7th of june you can't come?
  2. on the 5th of november there will be a ekiden event in Amstelveen (the Netherlands). It could be nice to show up with a vegan team!!! Amstelveen is a city that is conected to amsterdam. # complete ekiden: 5km -10km - 5km - 10km - 5km - 7.2km # Half ekiden: 5km - 5km - 5km - 6,1km if there is much interest more teams can participate!! The teams can be mixed (female/ male).. depending on how many people would like to come we can talk about the teams.. who's interested? Amsterdam is easy to reach from uk/belgium/germany and other country's
  3. If you can come you can stay at my place and we can add some days.. and some running
  4. Rooney will not play.. he is injured... time for some african team to stand up this year!!! I dislike defensive football.. so no Italy for me...
  5. Bigbwii good job!! don't know much about cat's.. when i was still young my parents had a cat. a nice red one.. In my home i could not take any animals. It's also not allowed. hope you will get some sleep!!! a non related did you stoped the message board? ciao
  6. football sorry had to change soccer.. this country is starthing to go crazy.. every time people think that we will get the cup.. and we never get it.. ok 2 x second.. and one european cup.. but the game over 90 minutes with a ball two goals and the germans winn that is called football (or voetbal) is not designed to be won by others ... i guess
  7. nobbi, nice if you can come!! for all a new plan could be to get some inline skates in the vondelpark.. no water not that much $$.. not to dificult for people that can skate on ice..
  8. normally we should not get wet, but i think we can also just hang out without to much organisation.. we can walk relax and eat..
  9. hi paul, welcome to veganbb!! you are right you can show that vegans can be in perfect conditions!!
  10. new plan.. why not do something dutch: cannelbike + chill in parc (with food but that seems clear i guess) and center are there any other people that like to come? people that showed that they had intentions to come: Gym hater tarz Last of the Sane runner
  11. take care brandon, hope you can support her and the rest off your family in these dificult times!!
  12. welcome christine!! good luck with reaching your goals!!!
  13. don't worry.. sometimes dutch official teams use holland as name for the netherlands
  14. For the non Dutch officially it's the netherlands there are 2 provinces that are called north and south holland... (out off 12).. all mayor city's are in holland.. (Amsterdam, the Hague, Haarlem, rotterdam) ok there are also some city's outside holland (Utrecht, Groningen, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Arnhem,..)
  15. For the non Dutch officially it's the netherlands there are 2 provinces that are called north and south holland... (out off 12).. all mayor city's are in holland.. (Amsterdam, the Hague, rotterdam)
  16. how long was the periode? there is a posibility that you lost more inches, but less kilo's if you gained muscule.. congratulations!! hope you are happy and motivated to get what you want
  17. I think that with other questions you could get other answers.. I think that black and with vision is something from the past (and GWB and co)
  18. dificult.. I can't say anything about life time.. Uk, Spain, are cool for me have not been ouside europe but think alot about latin america.. work ad relationship are the words.. like robert wrote.. not that it could not work the other way around first location than work/study,.. etc
  19. vegan society magazine (uk)
  20. Economic Left/Right: -6.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.64 the questions are a bit biased in my opinion, but ok.. this are my scores..
  21. here is some info about the climbing posibilities.. http://www.klimhalamsterdam.nl/ price would be around €20,- exclusive food.. is this to much? we can do something else.. option 1 act like tourists cannel bikes,... option 2 swimming option 3 cycling option 4 chilling (relaxed day.. park picknick,... walk,...) option 5 something else
  22. welcome craigrandolph, good that you set some goals for yourself!! where do you come from?
  23. welcome to vbb!! hope you like it hear!! good luck!!
  24. hi heartborne, welcome to veganbb!! good to see people from all country's in the world!!!
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