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  1. we have to check about the climbing.. i think it need to be with instruction any way.. at the moment the location is set at amsterdam.. unles there are other locations.. that would be better for others would be nice to meet you again tarz
  2. The meething will be on the 17th off june unless people that want to come can't make it.. we tought about climbing and eathing.. just relaxed day
  3. I will post it on the other sites.. think it will be fun!!
  4. this is a reason to vote for the party for the animals (think at the moment only in germany and the netherlands)
  5. nice!! shall we do it in the west?
  6. in the netherlands this was an answer to the campain http://www.zuiveloffline.nl/ (guess germans can understand it a bit and people who speak other to dutch related languages (whatever the order is...)
  7. good to hear about your strong sister!! Hope she will keep improving. Lack in training and lack in time are part off the medical system combined with the presure. When people don't care they could better look for an otherr job, because you need to like the job it's not the same as working in a factory where it's not nessesary to have perfect comunication skills. (no offence to the people who work there.. i did this myself for a little while, but it's not the same as an hospital... good luck and stay the way you are. you are a strong lady yourself!!!
  8. Totally agree.. real life is not the same as online, but online world can be a complement to the real world!!
  9. in my logg you can see what i do, but you are right I'm not a BB.. http://www.veganfitness.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3978 what we could do is an other sport activity.. (climbing, cycling,...) something we don't do usually... I don't mean that i don't use a bike,.. at the moment +/- 10 hours a week, but not like a sports bike.. I don't mind to take some time to plan what about 17th off june?
  10. si si entiendo. las islas son mas cerca de africa que europa.. conoces [email protected] del peninsula? conosco solo un chico de barcelona y un chica de umbrete
  11. both adam smith and karl marx used labour time as measurement to get to the price off a product. Not in the same way, but to show you that this is not something for left or right, but from a periode in time I think most socialists would not claim the product that comes from there labour. This would also be strange, because this could only count for some work fields.. how would a cleaner, a manager, a teacher claim the product from there labour? I sympathy with your point, but see some mayor problems in the every day situation..
  12. Lo siento tengo que practicar. voy por un nuevo curso a "españa" este verano.. vale a barcelona
  13. I know that there are at least two.. but we can add people from veganfitness.net , vegansport.org shall we pick a day and see who is interested.. you want to train, eat and relax?
  14. runner


    welcome to vbb!! now we have a little girl bunny and a vegan bunny nice
  15. 10th out off 443 people bad time!!!!! it was an extreamly windy non flat 10k. 38 high.. 2 minutes slower than my plan.. but i guess we all had trouble.. over the bridge with the bind and with the little hills
  16. If you want we can do the same as the germans (at this site) and make a meethup.. they are invited as well off course!!
  17. hi Courtney, welcome to VBB!! Congratulations with your decisions!!! For your health the animals the enviroment!!! I saw a lecture from the writer and also went trough fastfood nation (or the dutch translation off the book) .. I did not like all parts off his book, but ok.. http://www.mcspotlight.org/ might be interesthing as well
  18. that cool!! do you live in the east off the country?
  19. www.nescioloop.nl http://home.tiscali.nl/hanspeter/nescio%20136.jpg http://home.tiscali.nl/hanspeter/nescio%20135.jpg
  20. cg, is it true that 60% off the canadians supports seal hunt? that's a quote at the site from the canadian ambasee
  21. looks like a strong and smart dog to me
  22. I think i've the same as robert.. i like to sleep at 00.00 or a litle later.. and fall a sleep straight away.. as i mentioned in an other topic.. i had trouble when i was smaller, but then someone told me that it's good not to worry about not sleeping and tink that you rest while you lay down and relax.. this made me fall a sleep faster.. even when it takes some time.. better not watch at a clock or something simular
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