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  1. Robert, I have also noticed that they have no pro bodybuilders...and, they really haven't been covering any bodybuilding events or anything...very interesting... Maybe your next project should be a magazine, LOL! That would be awesome!
  2. Welcome!! I agree...Peanut butter is awesome...for bulking I eat a lot of probars...nutty banana boom is amazing.
  3. VeganEssentials, I feel the same way about muscle mags...but, I had hope for Muscle and Fitness because they just teamed up with the NSCA. And, usually I like the stuff Jim Stopanni has to say...although most of the stuff is BS I find a lot of what he has to offer pretty sound advice. It just pisses me off that to most people it is really manly to eat meat and if you don't eat meat...you are less of a man and must have high levels of estrogen in your body...grrrrr...oh, societal constructs of masculinity. Thanks for the tip about MILO...it looks really awesome and I will check it out for sure. -Wolverine
  4. lobsteriffic, yeah I hear ya...I just get so mad that eating meat means you are a "REAL Man" I am going to write a response to the author...I just need to get my thoughts together...any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for sharing your story...it was very brave of you. I hope that the rest of your journey is a positive one
  6. Hey everyone!! I haven't posted in a while because I am hella busy studying for my personal training exam...it is coming up in about 2 weeks. Ahhh!! But, I wanted to take some time out to say...WTF?! Does anyone read Muscle and Fitness? Yeah...I know...I know...it is my own fault for reading it. But, honestly...I have gotten some great workouts and tips from it. Sadly, my favorite author wrote an article on estrogen that had this to say about vegetarians: "In between telling you how their meat-free nutrition regimen is better for their cholesterol levels as well as the environment, vegetarians will say that they're able to get more than enough protein from plant sources to build and maintain muscle. But they're missing the crucial fact that relying solely on plant sources for protein actually lowers testosterone levels." And...the issue contains an article called "The Alpha Male Diet" that (seriously...) has pictures of raw meat and (no joke) cartoon blood splattered on the pages. I will spare you the pictures. What the hell?! I think M&F has come a long way and I am very disappointed because clearly they are regressing. EVERY single bodybuilder that I went to for advice when I first started lifting told me to start eating meat or I would never get anywhere...it is about 2 years later and, I don't eat meat but I have put on probably 15 pounds of muscle. It just makes me so pissed when I see stuff like this...because LOTS of people read this stuff and then believe it. I think we should write in and send them some photos too... Robert, I just want to say...it is times like this when I am really glad you started this site. Thanks!! -Wolverine
  7. Thanks, Crypto. I am thinking of doing the same thing...maybe waking up early to get some cardio in...then off to work...then back to the gym for my weight routine.
  8. I tried this out the other day...brutal. I am adding it to my bicep workout for sure. I was just doing regular hammer curls, but I like the twist. Also, I am a huge fan of M&F Raw. Jim knows what's up. http://www.muscleandfitness.com/crossbody_dumbbell_hammer_curl/videos/82
  9. DCNINJA, thanks...that makes a lot of sense. I have just been changing it up and trying to figure out what works best for my body...I have seen a great increase in size (not fat) lately...so, that is good. Also, machines are not a part of my workout...so, I know what you mean. I am hitting it hard, for sure. I might try cutting back the amount of time I am spending in the gym for sure. Thanks for the input, my friend.
  10. xCx, that article was awesome! I will try it for sure. Thanks!!
  11. ok, I just listened to Propagandhi for the first time because a lot of people seem to like them... WOW!! Where have been?! They are awesome! Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. What's going on I'm Your Man, Thanks for the tips. I recently got a gym boss (http://www.gymboss.com/) and I have been doing about 15 rounds of High Intensity Interval Training on days when I don't have the time to do more than 20min or so of cardio...and, it is good to mix it up. Thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to get a sense of how other people manage their time in the gym between weights and cardio. Holler.
  13. Thanks for the ideas, everyone! I will be adding some new stuff to my ipod soon!
  14. Hey DCNINJA, I don't necessarily think this will accomplish my goal, that is why I am posed the question. And, because a lot of people have different theories on cardio. I know people that don't have to do any cardio and they are rock solid...me, I think I need the extra. I think it is helping as I have been slimming down and gaining muscle fast. I just wanted to know how people organize their workouts and include cardio in them because I know weight training can take up a lot of time. I eat very clean...mostly raw foods and high protein. It is rare that I have sweets or anything.
  15. Hey everyone... So, I know that doing cardio at a separate time from your weight training is the best...but, if you are trying to get bigger AND get cut at the same time...how is this? I am basically weight training for about an hour and a half or so...some days going heavy, and some days just doing more reps...then after my weight session I do about 30-45min cardio. What does everyone think? Any other ideas? Holler!
  16. Congrats, Octopussoir! I just wanted to say that reading your training journal has been great motivation for me. You are looking great!
  17. Crypto, That is awesome!! Do you have any favorite songs that really get you into it? Anyone please feel free to post their fave songs to pump iron with...
  18. Hey everyone!! I was wondering what is on everyone's playlist when working out...I need some new music to keep me pumped up during my workout. My playlist is old...any tips? (I know this has probably been talked about before...but, I figure...music always changing)
  19. Thanks, Rob!! I promise I will stick around this time!
  20. Ok, so I know this thread is a little old but I thought I would chime in. Things that piss me off at my gym are mostly guys dropping weights...seriously, you can't put them back down?! It is just really distracting and disrespectful. And, every gym has the two bros that spend most of their workout talking and then load up the bench really heavy and spot each other but they can only do 1 rep at a time...these same bros LOVE to grunt. Don't get me wrong, they call me wolverine for a reason, I am a little wild and I grunt too...but, usually while trying to get the final reps out...you know, pusing myself to the limit. These fools grunt EVERY rep...I am talking even warm-up sets!! And, you can hear them across the gym in the cardio area...wtf?!
  21. Dude...I am having a similar problem, BASSIS. I have even tried cutting calories slightly...but, I still have some cutting to do. I try to do a few days where I cut carbs...and mostly do high protein. It is trial and error for me right now...let me know if you find something that works!
  22. Hey there. My name is Ethan. I am fairly new to bodybuilding and have been training hard for about 1 year…I have always been into fitness but I love bodybuilding. I've been vegetarian for about 8 years now and I love it! I am currently in the gym doing the frequent fryer program from the August Issue of Muslce and Fitness…it is a killer but I am seeing big gains. This is actually my second introduction to this forum…I decided to change my profile up because I had too much personal info associated with it…and, I did a crappy job of introducing myself last time so I thought I would try again. (I know-LAME!) My friends call me Wolverine because I am relentless with my training…I am dedicated to the lifestyle for sure! I am currently studying to be a personal trainer…I need to hit the books. I plan on taking my exam in October. It is nice to have a place for people interested in health, fitness and bodybuilding but not promoting eating meat in order to get big! Holler! -Wolverine
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