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  1. I just got done shooting 10 episodes of my raw vegan uncooking show.

    and they'll be available to watch free on my new site:




    There's 5 episodes up right now, and I'll roll out another each week until early May when my new uncookbook is available:


    Ani's Raw Food Kitchen


    Check it out and let me know what you all think!

    Enjoy it, and feel free to pass along to everyone.

  2. I just got done shooting 10 episodes of my raw vegan uncooking show.

    and they'll be available to watch free on my new site:




    There's 5 episodes up right now, and I'll roll out another each week until early May when my new uncookbook is available:


    Ani's Raw Food Kitchen


    Check it out and let me know what you all think!

    Enjoy it, and feel free to pass along to everyone.

  3. I've just finished shooting 10 episodes of my uncooking show, which will all be available to view on my new website:




    Recipes are from my upcoming book "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen".


    There's 5 episodes available right now, and each week I'll launch another until early May when my book is available everywhere.


    You can also pre order online for just $13 and some change too!


    Enjoy! and feel free to pass along this info to anyone you think would enjoy this info.[/url]

  4. I enjoy my caffine in moderation. and make sure to take maca root powder to offset some of the damage, whether raw or cooked caffine, to my adrenals.


    i've gotten completely high off raw cacao. there is indeed a TON of caffine in it. my heart races when i eat a teaspoon of the raw nibs.


    a great way to get to spinning class when i'm tired.


    i like to blend a teaspoon into my smoothies or nut mylks before a workout or when i need help waking up to an overcast dark day


    i'm in SF now, it's so nice to be warmer

    SF is awesome

    but I miss PDX too

  5. once soaked/sprouted, i like sprinkling spices like cayanne powder, cardamon, chili powder over them and then drying in the sun or in a dehydrator at 104 degrees for a couple hours until dry.


    the texture is different once the nut is soaked. it's softer and easier to digest, with more protein and enzymes. and taste great spiced.



  6. welcome, great to see you here!

    you'll notice that the more high quality foods you eat, the less you'll have cravings and the less food you'll need to eat because the foods contain more nutrients....highly dense nutrition

    that's what raw foods are all about too

    whole, fresh nurishment, plus lots of fiber and water

  7. welcome!

    it's awesome your hubby is so supportive of your change in lifestyle and diet!

    there's so many delicious vegan options that you'll never need to forgo flavor or feel deprived

    and a big congrats on your huge weight loss too

    so happy to see you here!

  8. i perfer to blend rather than juice fruits because i need the fiber!

    plus it's the fiber that makes sure to time release sugar slowly into our blood stream

    it's really hard to eat 4-5 oranges whole because nature is perfect and packages fiber and sugar together

    when we juice, it strips away the fiber so we can drink the sugar and juice of 4-5 oranges

    this is too much sugar for our bodies at one time

    sugar high and crash...ouch

  9. hi matt


    remember to give yourself time to see results

    it's been 3 years, so it may take you almost this amount of time to get back to where you were


    amazingly, muscle has memory, so when we do start exercising again, our muscles snap back quickly

    you sound like you were super fit before your injury, so you'll be back in no time, i'm sure


    muscle eats up our fat

    for me with aging and all the fasts i've done, i noticed my metabolism slowed down

    to speed it up again, i've been lifting weights (i don't want bulk, so do 3 sets of about 20 reps each) about 3 times a week, plus i do cardio to burn calories and for my heart about 5 times a week


    the more weights you lift, the more lean muscle mass you'll build, the more fat you'll burn.

    i'm not sure of your goals, sounds like you were lean before, rather than bulky like a body builder


    and of course, nutrition is key

    i'm a raw fooder, so i enjoy eating nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies

    for lots of protein, i love vega after a hard workout, or hemp protein, or some blue green algae like spirulina, and sea veggies


    and pre workout, i enjoy SmartMonkey Bars for healthy fuel as they're naturally sweetened with dates and fruits, full of nuts and seeds for protein


    drinking protein smooties made from nuts, hemp, seeds is also a great way to get nutrients


    i'd also guess that you are indeed getting smaller because you're loosing fat, which is a good thing

    once you get smaller, weights and good nutrition will give your body the right building blocks to regenerate and grow


    it's like with cleansing, you first get really small and some look really sickly,...until they let go of all the toxins stored in our fat. after that, building up folks look really great. sort of like starting with a clean slate.


    hope this helps

    best wishes on your journey back to your natural healthy fit self!

  10. welcome!

    i'm not into body building per say either, and probably don't even look like i work out all that much

    i just love to feel great and to be strong, to be vibrant and healthy

    basically, i love getting the most out of life, without being taken down by illness or things like the flu

    by fueling my body with whole, healthy foods, and avoiding the vegan junk foods, i feel better and have great energy

    glad you're here!

  11. welcome!

    it's great to see you here

    welcome to the vegan lifestyle too!

    i'm a raw/living foods enthusiast

    so for me, it's about all the yummy fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and more i have to explore and enjoy!

    this way of eating really opens up the doors for creativity and flavor!

    happy 2007 and best wishes on your training and competitions!!

  12. thanks veganpotter, trev, and aaron for your support for my bars

    that's super cool of you all!


    they'll be avail in the great white north, canada, by spring of 07


    a good way to get them is by the case at introductory wholesale pricing through our website's 'buy now' link:




    enjoy, and happy new year's eve everyone!!

    and...let me know if anyone wants some cleansing tips

    it may be best to wait until spring though, when the weather gets warmer

  13. try apple ginger

    we've been drinking it here at Robert's all week, yummy


    ginger is anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflamatory, anti viral, anti lots of things!

    it's really good for you, kills any 'bugs' you may have inside, and keeps us clean and healthy


    it's great post workout too as anti inflamatory

  14. i find maca helps me pre-workout

    and natural sugar from fruits

    try this smoothie, i made ones like this for Robert Cheeks and Dave Foster before their workouts


    makes 2 serves

    1/2 cup nuts (almonds, pecans, ...)

    1/2 cup pitted dates

    1 Tablespoon Maca

    1 Tablespoon Cacao Powder (raw, ideally, like cacao nibs or whole beans or powder. or substitute raw Carob powder instead)

    1-2 Tablespoons chlorella or spirulina or some type of algae (optional)

    2-3 cups filtered water


    Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth. Will keep for a couple days in your fridge too.


    The Cacao has antioxidants, and gives a boost from caffine

    though all caffine is straining on our adrenals


    So feel free to use Carob instead. It's a legume, has much less fat than chocolate, and has no caffine. and tastes YUMMY


    the Algaes are great for minerals and give you energy too for your workout

    plus provide our bodies with building blocks to regenerate cells from the stress we put our bodies through


    i love the color GREEN!

  15. hello and welcome


    awesome to hear the Vegan Holiday Fest was inspiring for you!

    Yeah to Robert again for putting that together

    It was an amazing event


    i need a hiking buddy, but i'm a fair weather outdoors person

    and when it's freezing and rainy, i don't do so well outside


    i go to 24 hour though, in hollywood and pearl

    they have good classes you could take to train

    i like spinning class

    and love lifting weights


    glad you're here

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