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  1. thanks all for the warm welcome i'm so stoked to be here finally though, still without my laptop nor internet connection once i'm online, i'll post photos too happy happy
  2. i'm a raw vegan, so happy to be here with you all! great to be part of this group working easily on converting Robert Cheeke and Dave Foster, my new roomies, to rawness as well! Yummies
  3. Hi Vegan Fitness Bodies This site rocks, thanks to Robert for setting this up. I'm staying with Robert and his roomie Dave, enjoying raw vegan goodies like smoothies, nutmylks and an apple pear pie last night, and a houseful of vega goodies Though I'm on my 4th week of a cleanse, it's fun to make food for my friends Happy holidays all! I'm off to see my family in NY for a week. Happy 2007!!
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