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  1. I'm actually trying to plan a short cruise on a budget for spring break. Haven't been on one before. Sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, our spring break is toward the end of March so this particular cruise won't work (out of my price range, besides). I've picked out a cheap room on a Carnival cruise from LA to Ensenda, Mexico. If I convince someone to go with me I can pay the double occupancy rates... then it'll cost me about $600 round trip (including train tickets from Portland to LA) before all of the fees and surcharges I'm sure they throw in. For all of you experienced cruisers... how much should I expect to spend? Meals are supposedly included with that price... but I'm sure there are all kinds of restrictions. What can I actually expect to be included in that price as far as food and such? What about entertainment and such... are the shows (music, etc.) typically included in the price... or do they charge extra once they've got you trapped out at sea? It's a 4 day cruise and I was planning on budgeting about $400 for spending money (drinks, shopping, on shore excursions, etc.). Is this a reasonable amount? Or should I expect to pay more than that ($100 a day)? I can be pretty conservative with my money... but I also want to have fun.
  2. Well... if anyone has any good black and white pictures of their cats...
  3. Hey! Okay... I totally redesigned the website. There are still some bugs to work out... but it should work much better for everybody now. http://www.samsaramagazineofpoetry.com
  4. Wow. That is an intense resolution. I'll play around with it, but doubt I'll be able to do much. A lot of the extra little things rely on absolute positioning so that they'll be higher on the page, but won't slow the loading of important content. I'll see what I can do. And I hope you got my critique! I really like what you've got going on in "My Midsummer's Night Dream". Hopefully my suggestions will spark something in your mind. I'd really like you to revise it and submit again.
  5. Thanks for the submission... I'll take a look at it ASAP. Could you send a screenshot from your computer (alt+print screen, and copy into paint or other image editing software)? I know on my wide screen there's a blank space on the right side, but don't know if this is what you're talking about.
  6. And now I have an official website for the whole project: http://www.samsaramagazineofpoetry.com.
  7. Here's the mock up of the cover that I've put together... just to give you a taste of what I'm thinking:
  8. Black and white, first of all. As far as subject matter goes... anything really goes. But, it should be a unique subject or perspective on that subject. Sunsets are pretty typical of photography, so unless you managed a really unique perspective, a picture of a sunset probably wouldn't be accepted. And yeah, as Richard said, something poetic. At the moment, I'm using this photo for the mock up of the cover, but I don't have the rights to it. Just an example of the kind of thing I might be looking for. Here are examples of photos used on the lit magazine I edit for school. Those are also good examples. I'll post an example of the cover in a jiffy...
  9. That'd be great. I was in a poetry workshop last term. I'll probably be in another one next term too... no poetry this term though.
  10. Hey everybody! I know I haven't been around much, but I wanted to drop by and let everyone know what I'm up to. First of all: I got a food processor and am now trying to eat more raw food. That's not going quite as well as I'd planned, but it's a work in progress. I'm also trying to find a gym buddy. I absolutely LOATHE going to the gym by myself... and now my arms are puny compared to what they were when I was still doing farm work. And now, I'm working on publishing a magazine of poetry. Whether or not it gets published is largely dependent on whether or not I get enough quality submissions. So, I thought I'd check in with my vegan bodybuilding friends and see if any of you are also poets or photographers? I'd love submissions of poetry or cover art from all of you! You can get more info on my mag and submission guidelines from my forum post on deviantArt.
  11. I've been away from the forums for so long it seems! Between schoolwork and computer issues, I just haven't made it around. It's great to see everyone's progress though! Thanks Zack! I'm astonished too. I finally got new clothes just before school started (about a month ago)... and the pants I got were 6 inches smaller in the waist than the pants I was wearing. And a month later, they're already starting to feel a little loose (although... all of the vegan cupcakes I've been making will help slow that process I'm sure). o_0
  12. Yeah... there are some on etsy.com that are made out of old basketballs, tires, etc... but they don't sell the straps separately, and I really don't care for the watch faces they provide with them (especially considering the price). Web searches have provided little of use so far...
  13. I want one of those wide watch straps along the lines of this, except without the dead animal bits. I've seen pleather watch straps (very few, but I've seen them)... but not wide ones like that. Somebody has to make them. Anybody know?
  14. Time for new goals and a new log. I honestly haven't been exercising all that much recently (especially not since the fitness contest ended) and I'm done with my work out at the farm (which was a great work out). I feel like crap, and all of that muscle growth I'd seen over the past few months is disappearing. It took me about 14 months or so to lose 95ish pounds... and I have no fear of it coming back. But... now I'm shooting to get down to 170 (the upper part of the range for my ideal body weight) and get my upper body toned. I'm going for a nice long walk as soon as I post this and as soon as school starts (in a couple of weeks) I'll be finding someone to go to the gym with (or should I say, to force me to go to the gym). Let's do this!
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