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  1. Good news: I bought agar agar! Now I never have to go without hospital food again. (Actually, I needed it to make pie...which I haven't yet...) anyhow, my first two attempts have been crap: first I used tea (sweetened) but the "jello" came out as hard as gummy bears, and with no flavor. (diet food...haha!) then I tried using all natural root beer, and the consistincy was ALMOST what I was looking for, but not quite. Still a little too hard. Unfortiantly, it tasted like shit. Right now I'm making coffee to make into more jellos. I am really really looking for the same texture as geletin, but I haven't had it since I was eight! Am also looking for good flavors--orange, apple and cranberry being obvious ones (with juice as the liquid) but will coffee and tea work? (Don't worry about it not--the coffee will get into me somehow!!!) PLEASE help! I told my mom that the agar will last a while, but if I keep screwing up I'll have to get more! EDIT: my sister has been using the root beer jello to cut into shapes. I can just see the adds now. "Rachel's jello! Fun to play with, but not to eat! Buy now!!!"
  2. that is... the most DESGUSTING thing I have ever seen... seriously. Ewww.... even my brother was grossed out, and he used to enjoy stomping on spiders.
  3. WOW. I haven't posted in a looong time! It is sooo flippin cold out. And sooo dry. I've had a cold this week and THIS ISN'T HELPING. THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NO POINT IN IT BEING 18F OUT AND NOT SNOWING. THERE IS NO POINT IN IT BEING BELOW 32F AND NOT SNOWING. I want snow. Really...really...BAD. Anyways, I'm stuck in the house. It's brilliantly sunny out, and I'm stuck in the house. AAAAHHH!!! Anyways, the past few days have been just normal--2 hr. water polo, 30 min. run. (however, I stayed an extra 1/2 hour at h20 polo on Thurs.) We didn't have water polo, THANK G-D, as the subcoach didn't want to coach us. Why a sub-coach, you ask? What a wonderful question. Well, the rest of the team IS IN FLORIDA I swam for 1.5 hours yesterday, and ran for 1. I think I'm gonna step outside and just PROVE to my body/mind that it is COLD COLD COLD. Cuz right now it looks like summer. Anyhow, today I've eaten: greenbeans/broccoli/brussle sprouts 3 T cream of wheat 1 muffin w. 1/4 T jam some tortilla chips w/ salsa YES that was ALL BREAKFAST. I WANT SNOW. NOT SUN!!!! by the way, I leave for New York on Tues. so I won't be posting.
  4. have been eating like crap today: meal one: 2 jam muffins, green beans, bite of bagel meal two: more green beans,1/2 bagel w/ 1 T strawberry jam meal three: 1/2 cup stawberries, another 1/2 bagel PROOF that New Yorkers can't drive: My uncle was snowed out of new york. Chose to go to LA (where my fraternal grandparents, uncle/aunt/3 cousins, and great aunt/uncle live) for dinner (my uncle LOVES spontanious stuff). They (uncle, aunt and newborn cousin) left at 1:15 for a flight that lifted off at 3. They are coming back now. Got caught speeding ON THE ISLAND. AKA, they were ten minutes away from my house. (I live on Mercer Island.) http://www.vrseattle.com/catmaps/mercer_island.map.gif Also, something happened w/ their flight. Tonight my best friend is coming over, so we will watch the Olympics and have a bagel party. (strawberry jam, hummus, bagels, tomatoes, lettuce, and (for her) lox, cream cheese and tuna) Yay for bagels!!!
  5. yesterday: 1 cup pasta w/ 1 cup tomato sauce (homeade sauce!!!) salad tons of broccoli and... 1/4 CUP PURE CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES!!!! mmmm....sooooo goooood.... TODAY: breakfast: 2 muffins, 3 T cream of wheat lunch (at lunchin): 1/4 bagel, a massive plate of fruits, 1 pita pocket and a 1/4ish cup hummus snack: 1/4 bagel (we got to bring all the bagels home--2 grocery bags full!!!!!!!!!!!) dinner: 2 plates salad, 1 can tomato juice, 1/2 a popsicle, 10 marishino cherries snack: (just finished) 1/4 bagel, 1 T jam excersize: TONS of situps (gotta look good in my dress!!!) 1 hr. running 2.5 hours vigourus dancing More about the bar mitzvah later when I am not about to collasp dead on the computer. GOOD NEWS!!!! MY FRIEND FROM FRANCE IS COMING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! THERE'S A BLIZZARD IN NEW YORK SO MY UNCLE MIGHT HAVE TO STAY LONGER!!!
  6. Yesterdays eats: breakfast: 2 jam muffins, 1 cup salsa (eaten out of the jar with a spoon...) lunch: forgot at home! snack: salad snack: handfull potato chips dinner: penne pasta drenched in olive oil with a 1/4 cup veggies (actually called Roasted Vegetables over Penne...but my title fits it better!) Wow. What a weird food day! I ran for an hour yesterday, and walked home (1.5 mile) from school. And did a lot of running around in choir! TODAY: breakfast: 2 jam muffins, handfull green beans lunch: AAAAH!!!! It was in my other backpack! snack (just ate right now): 1 cup green beans, couple handfulls tortilla chips gotta go...going to friday servaces for my little bro!!!
  7. I forget yesterday... TODAY: breakfast: 2 jam muffins, green beans lunch: 1 cup grapes, 1/2 pb&j sammich, 1 mint choco cookie snack: 1/2 a luna bar dinner: green bean/brussle sprout/salsa mix (dump all those ingrediants in a bowl and microwave for eightish min.), 1 apple snack: 1 bowl (2ish cups) raisin bran with very vanilla silk (1 cup???) excersize: 50 min. walking 50 min. running 2 hr. 15 min swimming TOTAL SWIM: 6000 yards NEWS OF THE DAY: My sister ate four green beans. I told her I would alert the media.
  8. breakfast: 2 jam muffins 2 T cream of wheat with 1 T pb, 1 T jam, and a 1/4 of a nana green beans for lunch I'm bringing: 1/2 a pb&nana sammich 1 apple 1 handfull carrots 2 cookie that my mom made snack: gonna be a luna bar I am sooo tired.
  9. My baby brother (fine...he's only 14 months younger than me!!!) is becoming a man (getting bar mitzvahed) this Saturday. He wants a special breakfast according to this: Energy-filled Good wake up Taste-good no oats or milky stuff (porrige, cereal...) and he doesn't want it to be "weird". (aka--anything really yummy!!!) I'm looking at: pancakes sliced nanas orange juice Or: Fronch toast apple sauce orange juice Any ideas? In his heart (if it's still beating after all the bacon he's eaten his entire life) he wants bacon, eggs, toast, juice and sausage. I wouldn't even make that on his death bed, as the last time (three years ago) I made something meaty I didn't cook it all the way.
  10. thanks!!! I know lots of men who watch ANTM--my dad, for instance, came into the room to get my sister and me, and stayed for an entire episode! anyhow... I should've been more clear. I really don't care about numbers/weight. (I'm intrested in calories and stuff, but only because I noticed once that I eat can eat 3000 calories in raw veg and fruits (mostly smoothies) during the summer, and not gain a thing, but when I eat 1500 cal. during the winter, same amount of excersize, but with 500 of those cal. coming from pb, I gained. It was just a little science experament.) I also sometimes will add up the cals if I think I'm going too low/too high, just to check. I do this anywhere from every day (during breaks) to once every three months. (summer!) HOWEVER...I'm extemely self concious, and eating a lot makes me feel like everyones looking at me. Currently I deal with it by wearing my water polo sweatshirts wherever I go. (athletes are supposed to be pigs, right???) anyhoo: for lunch I had tomato soup (2 bowls), a peace a ww bread, and 2 smallish muffins dinner was a four servings brussle spouts (16 sprouts--my sister asked how many sprouts I ate so I counted them one by one by one...), 1/2ish bag of green beans, 2 T cream of wheat, and 2 muffins. mmmm...muffins.... I just finished some "night-night" tea. I'm gonna crash soon. ;lasdhflkajdhflkajsdhfkjadshadsfh... just joking!!!!! haven't fallen asleep on the keyboard ever! anyhoo... excersize: 2.5 hrs. water polo (I stayed to swim with the grommets--14 and unders--warm up) no weights...again.
  11. Sunday: eats: breakfast: 3 T cream of wheat w/ cocoa powder one apple, cut in half, micronuked for 3 minutes, topped with 3/4 cup raisin bran and 1/2 cup soymilk lunch: 1 nana 2 apples 2 mini-muffins 1/2 a bagel (white ) with 1 T pb snack: 1 soy latte (tall) snack: (eaten while watching...no... not the Super Bowl, but AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL!!!)...I am such a girl! 14 tortilla chips 1 cup salsa dinner: (wasn't really that hungry, I think the fat in the chips fills me up to much!) salad 1 peace whole-wheat bread Excersize: 1 hr. running, 45 min. walk, 15 min. sprinting (home from library) Last night I heard my mom talking to her sister (WHO IS COMING ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!) about me. She was like: "The doctor put her at 103 pounds, but I don't know how she can be that light with all the food she eats!" that is my ONE annoyence about being vegan (depsite my brother walking down into our kitchen and saying, "what in the WORLD smells like garlic!" or people pronouncing vegan VAY-GAAN") is how much I have to eat. All my brother and sister eat is junk food--like they'll have a big bowl of chips and guac. (the kind with geliten and sour cream) for breakfast, a sammich, more chips, and cookies for lunch, more junk for a snack, and then my mom tries to make dinner but they don't touch it, so it's more chips or bagels then. No fruit (ok, fine, my bros makin. a smoothie right now, but it's gonna have ice cream in it) and no veg. So they eat a lot "less" food than me when it comes to volume... (like I could eat an entire FOUR BAGS of frozen peas in place of a serving of chips and some guac.) but when it comes to CALORIES and (especially)fat and sugar, they eat probably twice as much. For example, yesterday I had about 1,600 calories. my brother and sister can have that much in junk before lunch. and, of course, I leave a bigger "mess", (as more dishes) than they do. ANYWAYS... rant is done... breakfast: 3 T cream of wheat with 1 T cocoa powder (120 cal) 2 minimuffins (100 cal. (50 each)) 1/4 bagel pizza (1/4 bagel, 1 T salsa, 1 shroom, toasted) (40 cal.) 4 tortilla chips (40 cal) 1 cup broccoli (25 cal.) TOTAL: 325 cal. See, that is a normal breakfast--about the amount of a donut or a bowl of cereal. (a BOWL, not, like, a "serving size" which is teeny) I didn't lift as weekends. Maybe some tonight, if I'm not to tired. But... my cousins are coming!!!! Yay!!! Thank you G-d for inventing bar mitzvahs!!! (my little brother is becoming a MAN. <---(tears of happiness)
  12. Me!!! http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f372/rachelpotter12/rachelinside.jpg I'm just posting this so I can make sure I can... my dad's coming over today to take pics of me.
  13. Story o' the day: So I decided to play "nice sister" and I took my 10 year old sister to the mall today. First stop: lunch. (for her, I had lunch before--see below at food log) we were in Bellesquare, and there's this one resturant that sells REALLY decent food (really decent for me means something other that salads that is vegan--in this case soup). I suggested to my sister to get some soup or a salad, as she didn't know what was going to "happen" later that day. (works great on kids... they instantly think dessert!) She gets a turkey sammich. On white bread. No avocado. Yes cheese. I whispered to the "cook" to take off the mayo and butter, and to go lite on the meat/dairy, but, naturally, there was still a lot. *Sigh* Ten is such a hard age. I suggested that she get whole-wheat bread, or pick between the meat or dairy, but she wouldn't listen. And I couldn't force her, as then I would look mean, and I'm not her mom. Anyhoo... then we went to CAYwT (Corrupt America's Youth with Toys, AKA Build-a-Bear) and after that she said she wanted dessert, as she had gotten a "lite" lunch. It was between Mrs. Fields and 31 flavors. I said 31 Flavors, as she can have cookies anytime, so we went there. When we got there, I officially told her that she could only get frozen yogurt. One topping with the yogurt or sherbert, and 2 if she got an ice. (like dauquari or watermelon.) I mean, low fat or fat free dairy is better than whole or cream, right? Finally (as I was walking around with 120 bucks in my pocket) I told her that if she got something animal free (not vegan as I didn't know where the sugar came from) I would pay. My sister is offically 2 bucks less. Oh well. I tried. Anyhoo... I got a bra from Victoria Secret and some "night-night" tea from Teavana. (My fav. place!!!) It's supposed to help with insomnia. rest of todays good eats: lunch: 1 cup coleslaw. (This stuff is so so so so good. My grandmother makes it, it's just purple cabbage, dried cranberries, and rasberry vinigrette. mmmm...not only is it tasty, but it comes out purple, my favorite color!!! ) 1 cup raisin bran w/ 1/2 cup very vanilla silk snack: 1 cup iced tea (vanilla bean) from teavana. Now that I think of it, I should've gotten the tea that cost 23 bucks, just to try it. Oh well. dinner part one: stir fry. (broccoli, carrots, onion, tofu, green beans, mixed veggies from G-d-knows-what, 1 T canola oil, 1/2 teas. sesame oil, 1/2 teas. chilli oil) dinner part two (after my mom came home): this chinese noodle mix stir-fry thingy my mom's boyfriend makes. I had prolly a 1/4 ish cup. (it's really oily) and 7 tortilla chips. (Yes, tortilla chips go with ANYTHING.) post-workout snack (around 8 pm): 3/4 cup raisin bran with 1/2 cup v.v. silk Right now (10 pm) I'm working on a cup of the "night-night" tea. Excersize: (total for day) 30 min. run in place (by the way, our power is back now!!!), 1 hour running, 3.5 hr. shopping. No weights. My foot hurts.
  14. SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I'm not gonna watch the superbowl. (another quote from my h20 polo coach that I couldn't fit in my siggy is, "If you're so damn stupid go play ______ [swim team, football, soccer, basketball, softball, gymnastics, hockey, rugby...replace with a more common sport]) I can't stand football. I don't understand it, and even when I do, I can't sit still for three hours!!! I think (and it is a VERY GOOD THING right now that my mom is not athletic and not vegan, therefore will NEVER venture onto here!!!) that my mom has a boyfriend who is a football freak, as she has recently discovered an extreme liking for the sport. I'm being a typical girll...TO THE MALL I GO!!!!!!!!!!
  15. WOW. haha...it's a good thing I can only go online in the mornings when my mom isn't up...she'd take away my computer if she knew I was looking at sexy guys without shirts!!! I have to say, my brother is turning green with envy at your abs.
  16. Also, you didn't say how long your hair is, but if it's longish for a boy... (long enough so you have to comb it.) When you don't brush your hair for a while the fallen out hairs get stuck and don't come out. I know, as I don't have time to brush my hair everyday (I know...I know...sounds gross, especially me swimming so often, but my hair is dammaged beyond repair from 11 yrs. of swim and chlorine) and it sometimes comes out in clumps. Maybe you're not combing often and then brushing your hand thru your hair by the computer? Pretty wild possibility, but your diet doesn't seem to have anything to do with it.
  17. haha... scratch the raw stuff. lunch (this was raw!!!): salad anyhow, I was wondering why we had so few almonds and walnuts yesterday morn. when making my salad. When I got back I found out... my mom made cookies!!!!!!! VEGAN COOKIES!!!!!! She's NEVER made me cookies before, only bought me stuff. She made chocolate peppermint and chocolate/nut. So...... How can I possibly be raw with COOKIES around. anyhoo... snack: three cookies dinner: 10 oz. cooked spinach, 14 tortilla chips, salsa, 3 T cream of wheat, 1/2 cup raisin bran, 1/2 a 10 oz. bag frozen peas dessert: three more cookies total: 1,750 ish. (prolly more--I didn't count how many chips I ate!!!) Well...I had a reason to eat so much!!!! Once again, no h20 polo, as the team is at ANOTHER tournement that I can't go to. So: morning: 2500 yards (100 lengths) I forget what I did here. afternooon: 4500 yards (180 laps) This is what I did: (If it makes sense to anyone!!!) a "5 by 5" set. This is 5 sets, each equalling 500 yards. (20 lengths) first was 5 x 100's (4 lengths), 10 sec. rest (I was swimming these pretty slow, about the 1:25-1:30) 5 x 100's kick w/ fins. Going down was flutter (freestyle) kick, going back was dolphin (butterfly). 10 sec. rest. 5 x 100's pull. Breathing: 5, 7, 11, 15. (This means the first lenghth was breathing every 5 strokes, second length every 7, third every 11, and fourth every 15) 5 x 100's kick w/ fins. (same as before) 5 x 100's pull. (same as before) Then I did: 30 x 50's (2 lengths) (divided up as so) 3 x 50 on the 45 (I was finishing on about the 35-37ish, so about 8-10 sec. rest) 3 x 50 on the 50 (finished on the 40, so 10 sec rest) 3 x 50 on the 55 (finished also on the 40, so 15 sec rest) 3 x 50 finishing on 45 seconds (this means trying to stretch my times to 45 sec.) (I was finishing on about the 37--I kept wanting to sprint!!!) 3 x 50 finishing on the 50 3 x 50 finishing on the 55 1 x 50 sprint Then I repeated the above. I did MUCH better with finishing on the times then before. After this I did: 4 x 100 alternating sprints (odds-1 and 3-were sprint, evens on the 1:30) 2 x 50's sprints timed (one 50 fly, one 50 free) plus: 30 min. run 3 mile walk (to and from swim) and right before bed I did some "back pully" things. SO total for day: 7000 yards swimming. (280 lengths, 140 laps, about 4 miles.) 3 miles walking 30 min. running TODAY: so far: 30 min. jog in place I was going to walk to the QFC and get a new fruit to try, but there is a HUGE storm going on--they say it's nearly hurricane strength!!! So I'm stuck in the house. Good eats: 2 T cream of wheat (spilled over) 10 oz. spinach 3 mini-muffins and 1/2 a nana
  18. Great training day yesterday-- 55 min. run, arms (15 min.) and 1.5 hr. h20 practice. Practice, technically, was 2 hrs. but 30 minutes of that were spent just treading and listening to the head coach (see quotes in my siggy!) about how we need to view this as a class in school...need to come on time... and come frequently... he reminded the MIHS girls (the ones that live in my area but are in High School) that there IS practice on Fridays. Then he asked how many of us weightlift--I got to raise my hand with, like, four other girls. He asked how many of us run--also got to raise my hand... how many of us swim on weekends and breaks--I raised my hand. Pretty creepy that the only people who could honestly say yes to ALL of those was two 18 yr. olds and a 14 yr. old. Our coach then talked about how we need to come to practice, and then pointed out that, as a total, one other girl and I are in the "lead" for most practices. (We're tied--we've both missed only two) One girl, in three months, has only been to TWELVE practices--that means she's spending about 25 bucks an hour! It was so so so so cool to have my coach point out that out of everyone, I was the one who had the best chance of "going" somewhere. Normally he only says things like, "remember, Rachel, eat your wheeties and maybe you'll be able to throw 7 yards" or "Rachel's not going to get any better at pressure passing if no one's here to practice with her." Anyhoo... the rest o' the day I ate: lunch: celery* snack: luna bar, handfull strawberries dinner: more stawberries, a muffin, 2 T cream of wheat (was to full to finish the last 3rd) 1 cup cooked cherry toms, 1/2 cup dry raisin bran. For the next three days I'm eating as many raw foods as I can--I have really got to stop being to "sick" at lunch, I could bearly finish one stalk of celery! So for breakfast: 2 nanas, 1 apple, one pint cherry tomatoes, 1 T pb off the spoon Currently, we have no high-caloric raw foods (cept for nanas) but I am stopping at the store to get some avocadoes. This "raw food clense" isn't to get me to "clense" anything out, although I would LOVE to be able to eat between 10 am and noon (normally I have problems there), as much as it is to just assess my eating habits so far and to break the diet coke/ splenda habit. (I ALWAYS have to put some sort of sweetener in my hot cereals it's usually a packet or so of splenda) However, the only thing that won't be raw is some natural, no-salt-added, organic peanut butter. I just opened a jar last week and don't want to buy more. *note: I TRIED to eat more--really--but felt nausiois. This has been going on for quite some time, but was REALLY bad today.
  19. forgot to add: so at the doctors, she asked me if I was eating enough. Before I could even answer, my mom goes, "Yes! We go through so many bags of vegetables it's insane!!!"
  20. Got up at 3am today... couldn't get back to sleep... so no pancakes. I didn't want to burn up the house due to my "non-sleepyness"! 3 am: 1 small organic apple 4 am: 1 bran muffin, 1/2 nana, 5 oz. spinach (the remander 5 oz. wouldn't thaw so I threw it out), 1/3 package peas. lunch: (predicted) pb sammich, apple, luna bar snack: luna bar since I'm up so early, I figured I might as well post my "stats" from the doctors: blood pressure: 100/70 (I think...) eyes: 20:20/20:25 height: 4'11" and... A WHOLE HALF INCH!!!!!!!!! NEARLY 5 FEET!!!!!! weight: 103.5ish BMI: 20.8 haha... so my dad (a doctor) found out on Monday that I had a doctors appointment today, and on Tuesday night he came running in our house with a bag of shots! I was four months late on my hep. a/b, and I need to get a tetinis/whooping cough one still. My arm hurts... I also have to get my blood drawn... for thyroid problems (underactive), cholesteral and anemia. How can I possibly have anemia if I go through 10 oz. spinach nearly every day?????? I'm such a baby--I'm gonna make my dad give me numbing medicen. They ain't pockin' me wit no needles!!!
  21. Yup..100 yards. I am sooo tired... seriously, I'm about to go to bed even though it's only 6:56 pm! This is, like, my "let's stay awake until at least 8" attempt. And I'll forget everything else that I did today. anyhoo... lunch (eaten at home as I pointed out to my dear mother that 5th period is choir, and considering I don't sing... so she took me home instead of back to school) lunch: 2 T cream of wheat with 1 T chocolate powder, handfull tortilla chips, 1 cup (dry) raisin bran dinner (after realizing I was only ate 580 calories for the entire day): 10 oz. chopped spinach (yet again something very hard to eat with chopsticks!), 1/2 cup raisin bran, 3 T cream of wheat, and Oaty Branny Warming Cereal Thingy Oaty Branny Warming Cereal Thingy: 1 T cream of wheat (2 min. cook type) 1/4 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup raisin bran 1 cup liquid (water or soymilk) 1. combine in a bowl and microwave for one minute 2. stir 3. micronuke for another minute 4. stir 5. micronuke for 30 seconds 6. stir...etc until it thickens 7. top with additional soymilk, pb, cinnamon... etc... mmm.... very yummifull after getting out of an 80F pool after 2 hrs. mmmm.... excersize: 2 hr. water polo, 30 min. run I am DEFIENTLY having more pancakes tomorrow... mmmm...food.... (homer simpson voice) Total for the day: only 1000... I'll do better tomorrow.
  22. Thanks, I'll stay! (BTW, the times are in a yard pool...) Anyhoo... LONG LONG LONG POST AHEAD!!! Monday: I FINALLY did my arms...*victory dance* and shoulders. It felt soooo good, specially after a week of no lifting!!! 30 min. run 2 hr. water polo practice (we used the weighted balls for 20 minutes!!!) Monday's eats: a total of 10 T (3.33 servings) cream of wheat 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 T pb and 1 T jam 2 apples 2 muffins a nana 1 cup broccoli 15 tortilla chips a pear more pb off the spoon Yesterday: no weights 40 min. run 1 hr. water polo (had to get out early for my brothers bar mitzvah practice servace) eats: breakfast: 2 T cream of wheat (the last of the box) 1 hi-protein muffin, 1 nana lunch: raw carrots and broccoli, 1 cup frozen peas (dethawed by lunch) snack: 1/2 a luna (had to give the other 1/2 to a friend...) dinner: weird recipe numero uno (Cooked Cherry Toms): 1 package of those little cherry tomatoes some peas tomato sauce (like the hunts kind) 1 small onion broccoli 1. combine in a bowl 2. add about 2 T water 3. micronuke for 8 min. 30 seconds (at least on my microwave) 4. cover with tomato sauce and EAT!!! Note: if you eat with chopsticks, make sure you are grabbing the ENTIRE tomato, not just the skin. Or else it lands in your lap! And TODAY: breakfast: 3 mini pancakes (so cute!!!) 2 servings of Cooked Cherry Toms, plum tea Mini-choco pancakes: (mmmm... chocolate in the morning!!!) 2 teaspoons whole-wheat flour 2 teaspoons soy flour 1 T chocolate powder 1 T raw sugar pinch of baking soda pinch of baking powder 1/4 cup seltzer water (makes em puffy!) optional: handfull choco chips, berries, oats, etc... 1. combine all ingrediants 2. cook like pancakes and don't burn em 3. while cooking top with an optional (I used oats) 4. EAT!!! Good with: soy yogurt berries chocolate pudding variation: make really thin like crepes and fill with one of the "good with" thingies. (I was feeling sickish this morning and so I made pancakes) Doctors appointment today!!! I'm freakin' out... but I get to miss a TON of school!!! Yipee!!!
  23. A little late but... Breakfast (5:30am): hot cereal, vegetables, muffins (equalling to usually about 350 calories) lunch (noon, and throughout the day): pb&j, fruit, luna bar (about 500) snack (3pm): luna bar OR 7 triskits OR clif Z bar (120-180) dinner (around 6:30pm): veggies--usually a HUGE plate of them (a bag or so) with soy sauce. More hot cereal. Something with protein...usually. (like peas or beans or more pb) (500 cal.) I eat whatever I feel like it (and whenever). Like, if I'm craving chocolate at 5:30 am, then I eat chocolate. If I want hot cereal at 7pm then it's hot cereal I eat. During the weekends my breakfast stay the same, but I have a larger lunch and smaller dinner. And no snack.
  24. I hate winter swim meets... 100 free: 1:10.57 50 free: 32.13 (WHY?!?!?! I HAD A 30 OVER SUMMER!!!!) 50 fly: 37.03 (SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB... 33 seems so fast now!!!) after the swim meet I did a quick 2000 yards, and 30 min. run. Tried out the dance movie but it wasn't very good. Had to do homework so no weights. rest of eats: snack: (at swim meet) some pineapple and grapes lunch: 1/2 a soy cappucino, a muffin, and a bag of brussle sprouts. PB off the spoon (1.5ish T) snack: date dinner: big plate of veggies, some cream of wheat Today: So far: 4 T cream of wheat (with prolly a T raisins) 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 T pb 1 smallish muffin 1 (organic!) apple Right now I'm working on a mug of plum tea from Teavana. mmmmm... I just finished some arms. I'm thinking about moving this to veganfitness, as it more of a excersize log than a weight lifting thingy... still thinking about it.
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