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  1. Last workout: Dumbbell Flat Bench Press 30 (per hand) x 12 reps 30x12 35x10 35x8 35x9 Barbell Overhead Press 30x12 40x9 40x8 40x7 Incline Dumbbell Press 20x12 25x4 (not enough rest) 20x8 20x7
  2. Thurs' workout was: 6 minute warm-up on stationary bike 4 set of wide grip pull-ups (only negatives following the first set, due to lost strength) 1 set of unassisted close grip pull-ups 4 sets of lat pulldowns 70x10 70x8 70x7 70x6 4 sets of seated low row 55x12 55x12 60x11 60x10 One set of bicep curls which quickly ended in failure.
  3. Here's yesterday's log: 2 cups apple juice A bowl of strawberries 2 bananas 2 scoops of Vega Whole Food 2 tablespoon of Vega EFA oil A probar 1 scoop of activated barley 1 & 1/2 servings of Sunwarrior A serving of nuts A cliff twisted fruit A bowl of oatmeal A cup of raspberries Some pineapple 1/2 a cup of pom juice Not nearly enough obviously. I haven't yet worked out how to eat during a really busy day. Yesterday I had college, the gym, a music lesson, and then a first date all back to back. I ate a Probar after class and was able to make a protein shake after the gym, but had no time to make a full meal. It definitely showed me that I need to have more prepared meals ready to take in the car and such. Here's what I did in the gym (my new plan being to focus a lot more on compound movements): 10 minute stationary bike warm-up Dumbbell flat bench press 15lbs (per hand) x 17 reps 22.5x12 30x12 30x12 35x10 35x6 Overhead barbell press 30 x 10 30 x 8 30 x 7 30 x 6 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 25 lbs (per hand) x 5 reps 20 x 6 20 x 6 20 x5 Tricep pushdowns 25x12 25x14 30x6 (fried at this point)
  4. Well, today was a bit of a fail, but at least I learned what not to do! 1 slice of whole wheat bread 1 cup of Pom juice 1/3rd of a cup of nuts 1 & 1/2 cups of Pom lime 1 bowl of mixed baked veggies & potato Half a small deep dish with veggies A glass of beer 1 cup of apple juice 5 strawberries 1 banana 2 servings of Sunwarrior 1 organic peanut butter and superfood jelly sandwich on whole wheat And I didn't exercise beyond going for a walk because my arms and back were still too sore to do a press, work shoulders or even extend my arms for a tricep exercise! However, the pain and stiffness is finally going away so hopefully I'll be ready to work out again by tomorrow. I've literally never felt this sore for this long before. The doctor warned this might be the case, as I have no reserve muscle to rely on when I break one down through training. I will eat like mad tomorrow.
  5. Dude! Killer photos! They're sure to inspire several extra reps when I hit the gym later today.
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