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  1. Update after falling in and out of working out, back in it now! Need to put the heat on myself to stay motivated since none of my friends work out or anything, so my motivation is to keep updating and not shame myself by slacking off! Got a little extra fat right now, focusing on the bulk. Tried my best to get a decent back photo cause I'm working on my traps a lot right now. I look jaundiced in these, so if nothing else you'll remember to take your vitamins http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v286/seanathan/IMG_1462.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v286/seanathan/IMG_1465.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v286/seanathan/IMG_1467.jpg
  2. BUT WHY WOULD THEY LIE TO ME??? Haha, yeah you guys make a good point. I don't have time to do it that way anyway, it's just a different outlook so I was wondering what others thought. Do you have your routine up somewhere, Tarzan? you look massive! Keep up the good work both of you!
  3. Now, my question is more about the idea behind his trainer's method than what exactly led to his impressive gains. Any thoughts on that folks?
  4. I had a similar reaction! He got pretty big for Warrior too. Traps for days!
  5. So after seeing Tom Hardy's transformation for the film Bronson, and looking into his workout, I wanted to see what everyone here thought about Tom Hardy's workout philosophy, or more accurately, the philosophy of his trainer, Pnut. If you're not familiar with the film, here's what Mr. Hardy looked like before and during it: http://www.empireonline.com/images/features/buffed-up-actors/tom-hardy-bronson.jpg His trainer had him doing mostly body weight exercises at different points in the day, maintaining that if you subject your body to constant stress throughout the day that your body is more likely to adapt to the stress and your growth will be more immediate. Hardy was consuming about 6,000 calories per day, working out 4 or 5 times a day, and claims he did not use any drugs to induce muscular growth (something I'm sure will start an argument, but that's what he says nonetheless). He put on about 42 lbs in about five weeks, granted there is a healthy amount of fat there, but plenty of muscle. He stuck with exercises that the real Charlie Bronson did or would be able to do in prison. So! What do ya think?!
  6. I'm going to do my best to rehab my knees by running/biking and doing light weight workouts soon... it's tough because some days I can barely bend my left leg without it being in pain. It'll be a process but worth it because I'd like to be able to walk when I get old!
  7. That's a mighty fine idea! I'll give that a go and see how it turns out
  8. 45 to an hour depending on the workout is what I said. If I'm doing low rep, high weight lifting, why shouldn't I be able to knock out three sets in about 9 minutes with rest time in between? I don't lounge around when I work out, I lift with intensity to put extra strain on my muscles. I'm sure you realize that those are three SEPARATE routines for three different days?
  9. Also, I agree it does seem like a lot of exercises! But these workouts take me about 45 minutes to an hour, so they're not that bad. With certain routines, in particular the chest, I make sure to hit the muscles from all sides, hence the flat bench, incline, decline, etc. I've always found that doing one muscle and then the opposing muscle gives me the best results
  10. Yeah right now I'm not tackling my legs because I've got long term damage to them after a car accident, so I do isometric stuff to help strengthen my knees back before I start piling extra weight and strain on them. My legs are naturally more muscular than my upper body too so I don't look out of proportion yet. But it's something I do have to start working on.
  11. Here's my routine: Bi's and Tri's DB Curls Kickbacks Incline Curl Two Hand Overhead Triceps Press Concentration Curl Bench Dip 21's Chest and Back Bench Press Pull Ups DB Fly Bent Over Lat Row Incline BP Supine Pullup Incline Fly Decline BP Shoulders and Traps DB Shoulder Press Shrugs Arnold Press Upright Row Military Press Lateral Raise With everything I do three sets of 6-9 reps with heavy weights, and do one workout every other day in rotation.
  12. So I've been making some great gains recently and it's been really proving to be boosting my self esteem and whatnot. However I have always had a really thin torso compared to my legs and it's very straight and not at all a natural V. While my shoulders and arms have helped a great deal because of their size, my chest still seems narrow. I do lat workouts which helps my back but the lats sit back so it doesn't do a great deal from a front view. I suppose outer pec exercises would be helpful, which I do in the form of flys. BUT, I wanted to know if anyone else had some advice. Thanks in advance, and have a good one!
  13. So I'm enjoying the new routine so far, but I've noticed I don't have the same stamina with my workouts. Then again I know a lot of folks here have shorter workouts, so that might be the way to go. I also strained my elbow somehow while doing some construction work around the house, so that might be part of it. In any event, I'm glad I reworked the whole thing, I look forward to seeing the difference between now and a the end of the year.
  14. Thanks Arion, I'll check out the book, and thanks for the advice. I reworked my plan to having two full days off, and one day where I'm just doing cardio and ab work, splitting up the week to allow for more recovery. It's time for all my work to pay off, methinks.
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