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  1. Hi Adam, and welcome! Regards, Niels
  2. Cool, I certainly will do that!
  3. Yes, I've noticed that quite a few people in California are not too happy with the way he does things. I guess the conclusion is that bodybuildes should not enter politics.
  4. Governator Arnold. Yep, that was probably not his smartest move. Fair enough. Unfortunately, I know more than I want to about him; he's our governor
  5. Hmm. A wide waist... I'm afraid I might not be the right person to ask about this. I'm genetically "gifted" with a narrow waist -- (but genetically cursed with being a hardgainer). Nevertheless, up to a certain point cardio will help in this situation, wouldn't you agree? And targeted high rep training of the abdominal obliques would probably also be a good idea. I don't even know what kind of _person_ Arnold is -- I just know that he was a champion bodybuilder. And I'm not really sure I agree with you on your opinion on his forearms, but we can still be friends .
  6. Welcome JW, That's a good introduction! Best, Niels
  7. I _know_ you have biceps If you browse "classic" books on bodybuilding by Arnold and/or Frank Zane, I think you will discover that they mention the importance of the illusion. For instance if your waist is really narrow and your shoulders are wide relative to the waist (but not necessarily wide in absolute measures) you will appear wide. This illusion can be produced(enhanced) by twisting your torso when posing: http://www.geektimes.com/michael/site/archive/2003/10/images/schwarzenegger.jpg ...of course Arnold was wide by any measure, but it's just to illustrate the concept
  8. Welcome escalopines! ~Niels
  9. Welcome Mike! I have always found your website very inspiring. Best regards, Niels
  10. Hi Raven, You are very welcome. I am not a "big" guy, though -- it's all an illusion. I think my lifestyle would have to change radically if i ever wanted to actually get big. Nevertheless, by adding moderate amounts of muscle to exposed areas such as shoulders, chest, underarms, one can relatively quickly create this illusion. For me, this more or less came out of the wash in what was originally an attempt to gain strength (not size). Best regards, Niels
  11. Hi Raven, Yeah, I know. I really should participate in the discussions. It will come, but I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment. This also implies that I don't have a workout routine... only workout _guidelines_. (Actually the last time a had a workout program was 6-7 years ago.) If things were ideal, I would opt for a three-day split.. but in my present situation, I use a simple principle stated by Arnold: Do some kind of training every day. Soo.. since I have a bench and squat rack at home, it tricky NOT to do something. Usually i do something like: Bench press, one-arm rows, squats, incline db press, standing military press, chin-ups ad libitum (ad nauseam). For some reason I do a few sets of concentration curls every day... come rain or come shine. I can't help it. Basically, my diet looks like this: Breakfast: 200 grams oats with water 20 g soy protein isolate Lunch: 100 g rice 125 g red kidney beans 73 g tofu 1/6 cucumber Some artichoke hearts & olives Dinner: 20 g soy protein isolate 150 g Falaffel 100 g brown/white rice mix One avocado Some seaweed Soy sauce + lots of bananas, oranges, carrots, almonds, cashews, figs and oatmeal between the main meals. I also eat a multivitamin supplement. Hm. Think thats it . Thanks for your comment, btw. You display a very nice biceps! -- I just browsed your journal. Take care, Niels
  12. Welcome Adrienne! Congratulations on your decision try the path to veganhood. Regards!
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