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    Welcome drummer boy!
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    Welcome Finbarrio!
  3. Welcome VirgoKitten! I am sure you will achieve this goal. All the best, Niels
  4. exciton


    Welcome Holle! Good to see some scandinavian folks too! Have a good one!
  5. Come to think of it.. yes, you are right. It is a quite universal phenomenon. BTW, you make some mean tunes man! Just checked out your website. In addition to playing all instruments and mixing your tracks, I assume you also perform the mastering yourself? Heh, that seems to be the case with most meat-eaters, not just bodybuilders
  6. Welcome Theomen! From reading Arnolds Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, I've got the impression that competitive bodybuilders are quite susceptible to psychological terror -- even the more subtle, self-imposed forms. I think this partially explains why so few BB'ers give up meat: They may suffer from the delusion that eating in a radically different way than the remaining competitors is automatically a BAD thing, and hence will make them smaller compared to the other guys. You can give them all the empirical facts in the world, that this is not so, and they shall still be reluctant to exclude meat from their diets. Nevertheless, Bill Pearl broke the cycle with his lacto-ovo diet. Have a good one!
  7. Welcome Kylie. Have a good one!
  8. Welcome Saydie, How unfortunate that you have encountered this mindless personal trainer. As legendary (and vegetarian through 35 years) bodybuilder Bill Pearl points out in "Getting Stronger ...."there's nothing magic about eating meat that's going to make you a champion bodybuilder. Anything you can find in a piece of meat, you can find in other foods as well". But as Daywalker said, you really don't need a personal trainer, so no worries Cheers!v
  9. Hi & welcome Mutated, You write that you are concerned about your calcium intake. Like me, you have probably been told since you were a kid, that you need to drink your milk to get calcium. With time, this mantra has been integrated into our minds to the extend where we are no longer aware of the fact that other calcium sources exist. I present to you here a table from the textbook "Nutrition - Second Edition" by P. Insel, R.E. Turner, D. Ross, American Dietic Association, ISBN 0-7637-0765-1. Foods that provide the Calcium Equivalent of 1 cup (8 fl oz) of Milk: Almonds, dry roasted 6 oz beans, pinto 6 1/3 C beans, red 7 C beans, white 2 1/2 C broccoli 2 1/2 C Brussels sprouts 4 C cabbage, chinese 1 C cabbage, green 3 C calcium-fortified juices 5 fl oz cauliflower 4 C kale 1 3/4 C kohlrabi 3 1/2 C mustard greens 1 1/3 C radish 4 1/2 C rutabaga 2 1/4 C sesame seeds, no hulls 12 oz soy milk, unfortified 30 C spinach 7 3/4 C tofu, calcium set 1/2 C turnip greens 1 C watercress 3 1/2 C And remember that calcium is absorbed very easily from supplements. Happy eating Regards, Niels
  10. Hi Robert, No, unfortunately I do not have any veg* friends. As a matter of fact, all throughout my life I have met only very few Danish vegetarians. To be exact, I think the number is 2. None of these guys considered ethics as part of their motivation for being vegetarian -- It was merely a question of disliking the taste of meat. I have, however, recently heard that there should be a vegetarian at my new workplace. I am curious to investigate this situation. Well, I think you are right about Christiania -- some of the people out there definitely are vegetarians. You have probably already heard the story about Christiania (i.e. it's an old hippie place).. so some of the folks out there have integrated some of the eastern philosophy into their lifestyle. Sadly, however, this is a minority, and in general the Danes eat a lot of meat. I am looking forwards to meeting you in 07/08! All the best, Niels
  11. Welcome Erick! Have a good one.
  12. Hehe, yeah -- that is cool. Perhaps we should start a forum for vegans with shaved heads
  13. Hello Ad, and welcome! All the best, Niels
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