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  1. Hi Phoenix, You are welcome . I feel in the same way about a lot of things, btw. The brain works in mysterious ways. All the best, Niels
  2. Robert: Thanks again! Personally, I think one of the nice things about Denmark is its small size -- it gives you the feeling (illusion) that if you work hard enough for a case, then other people will hear you.. One of the bad things about Denmark, is our "pork production".. the production/slaughter of 25000000 pigs per year is absolutely insane. Let me know if you plan to visit Denmark again -- my bench is your bench . Raven: Haha, yeah.. I feel like a real hole sometimes.. some would probably like to add a prefix to that word .. I tend to agree with your observation that the raven seems more intelligent than other birds -- but of course the subject is complex. There is no doubt, however, that these birds are mysterious. Phoenix: Interesting - I must admit I know very little of the north american indigenous cultures. However, I recall from school that Hugin and Munin were the two ravens of Odin the god of war, death and wisdom. Hugin and Munin were the eyes and ears of Odin, and they would fly out and see and hear everything happening in world. Later they would report to Odin, so as to keep him up to date. I guess he uses the internet today, but the old concept might come in handy in the case of Google failure. compassionategirl: Hi, and thanks for the welcome May you all have a great day!
  3. Hi Raven, Hehe.. well _I_ didn't come up with it, actually. I was influenced by a course I had some years ago in semiconductor physics. Here, an "exciton" is a quasiparticle -- an electron and its hole taken as a whole. So I thought : "Damnd, sometimes I feel like a quasiparticle".. hence the nick . Whats the story behind your handle? Inspired from Nordic mythology, perhaps? All the best, Niels
  4. Hi Raven! Interesting smoothies.. I'll try them out. All the best, Niels
  5. First, I would like to thank everyone for the very warm welcome! And again "Hi" to everyone (waves)! There were a few notes along the way, I'll address them here: Robert: I'm glad that you liked Denmark! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I read your article in "Vegetaren" -- The "journal" of the Danish vegetarian society. It's a great article, and these people are very fond of you. Let me know if you wan't me to translate the article to English -- In that case I'll do my best. CrispyQ: I'm glad we agree . The particular formulation btw, i.e. "veganism is the logical conclusion of vegetarianism" is actually not my own. I can't remember where it came _from_, but the truth contained in these words is universal. Offense74: Hej min nabo Evan: Hehe, yeah, it is cold now. -4 degs C, or so.. but the Danish summer _can_ be quite nice . Flanders77: Thanks! Well, I keep my training quite simple. I train for strength, since I am an office guy -- sitting all day in front of a computer. Actually, I've just invested in a squat rack and an adjustable bench. Virtually all my exercises can be performed using this combination -- with the notable exception of chins. So once a week I go to a center to do my chins Daywalker: Well, I train for strength at a "hobby" level. I try to do quite a few compound exercises (squats, millitary press, bench, etc). Occasionally I throw in a couple of isolation movements (just because I love them). In particular, one-arm rows and concentration curls. I enjoy mountainbiking for cardio (although we have no mountains in DK). Have a wonderful day everyone. I am looking forwards to chatting with you.
  6. Hi all, Cool to see the lively activity at this excellent board. I've been around for a while -- today I decided it was time to step out of the shadows and say "hi" to all you great people. I've been vegetarian for 5 -6 years. I feel that veganism is the only logical conclusion of "ethical" vegetarianism, and hence through the last couple of years I have gradually adopted this way of living. All the best, Niels
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