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  1. Nude Cyclist Turns Heads in Portland http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh9m3OfXxWU Damn Hippies!
  2. There was a cooking show on FitTV called Blaine's Low Carb Kitchen. Blaine was a fat motherfucker.
  3. I remember the first time someone mentioned his books and videos to me. At the time Dr. Andrew Weil looked like he weighted 250lbs. I didn't bother following the fat guys advice.
  4. Why not? Is stretching after a workout detrimental to muscles?
  5. Stretching after *not* before a lifting session helped me with soreness when I first started training. I don't stretch after sessions anymore. My body just got used to it after a while. I do not think static stretching before lifting is a good idea. I've read that since static stretching uncontracts muscles and lifting weights contracts muscles, static stretching before a heavy lifting session makes muscles weaker.
  6. Tuesday 9/23 I needed to take it easier (lighter) on the abs than last week. Decline Sit-ups 2x12x50lbs DB Side Bends 2x15x60lbs Standing BB plate twist 2x30x50lbs Evening Heavy Bag Work 3x1-minute RHK 3x1-minute teeps 3x1-minute knee strikes 1x1-minute palm strikes 3x1-minute powerboxing Calories: 2460 Fat: 57g Carbs: 319g Protein: 130g
  7. Monday 9/22 Coc Trainer 2x I forget how many reps. I need to buy Coc #1 Full Squat 1x20x170lbs DL 1x20x170lbs DB Rows 2x10x60lbs DB Bench 1x5x60lbs Forearm work Thor's Hammer 2x10x11lbs DB Reverse Forearm Curls 3x8x10lbs DB Forearms Curls 3x8x26lbs Calories: 2310 Fat: 60g Carbs: 271g Protein: 128g
  8. Looking good IYM. If that's a bad quality pic I would love to see a good quality pic. You don't appear to have much bodyfat. Marcina, your physique looks great in every photo I've seen you post for these contests, especially your upperbody and abs.
  9. I'll be in front of computer early monday afternoon. As a matter of fact I'm there right now.
  10. Wobbly Lifter, do you want a powerbelly? Who wouldn't? Although, I'm not so very sure I'd want to look exactly like Reza, unless my lifts were about on a par with his... Who wouldn't? Me. I have diabetes.
  11. I agree although I don't think it's necessary to go below parallel on dips. Maybe I think that about dips because I'm not flexible enough to go any further than parellel. adamx if you don't feel any shoulder discomfort then keep doing what you're doing. I Full Squat and I've never felt any discomfort with my knees.
  12. Wait, it's a good thing that if someone in your neighborhood reports criminal activity, something horrible could happen to them and their family?? I hope so.
  13. Judo Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii Challenges Fedor Emelianenko http://olympics.fanhouse.com/2008/08/21/judo-gold-medalist-satoshi-ishii-challenges-fedor-emelianenko/
  14. Every Mexican restaurant in my neck of the woods make burritos with white flour tortillas which I won't eat. Bread dominated meals aren't real meals which is why I don't eat at Ethiopian restaurants. If half a meal or sandwich is made up of any form of bread I won't waste my money or time eating it. I don't like hoagie rolls, sliced bread, unsliced loaves of bread, or Enjeri. Did I cover every form of bread Dr. Pink?
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