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  1. How I envy you, veganmomma! I dream about bread. I don't like bread in any form except whole wheat pita. I love whole wheat pita bread, but I stay away from it because if I buy a bag I'll eat the entire bag at once. There's a grocery store in my hood that sells bags of HUGE loaves that are bigger than a plate. That's way too many carbs so I don't buy any.
  2. Is that the world we are living in????? Being concerned about what our neighbours might think about us??? My neighbors would call the cops.
  3. I assumed the bulk bin nutritional yeast at Whole Foods Market contained B-12 until I read the nutritional facts label one day and asked someone who worked at WFM who confirmed it. The same grocery store sells Red Star NY with B-12 in a container. Note: A person can purchase bulk bin NY without B-12 with Food Stamps from WFM but not the Red Star NY with B-12 because the state considers the Red Star container to be a nutritional supplement not food. Low-income vegans get screwed by the government surprise, surprise, surprise.
  4. Thursday 9/18 Decline Sit-ups 2x15x50lbs DB Side Bends 2x15x65lbs each side Standing BB plate twist 2x30x50lbs Heavy Bag work Punchout drill odd # rds Powerboxing even # rds Elbow Strikes Rds 9 & 10 10x1-minute 1-minute rest b/t rds Friday 9/19 Coc Trainer 1x10, 1x5 Knuckle Push-ups 1x15, 1x7 DB Bench Press 3x5x55lbs DB Row 3x5x70lbs Full Squat 1x20x166lbs Forearm work Thor's Hammmer 2x12-15x11lbs Reverse wrist curls 2x8x10lbs Wrist curls 1x6x30lbs 2x8x26lbs I was messing around trying to figure out the weight and rep scheme
  5. I'm surprised at the number of vegans I know who don't realize that not all nutritional yeast contains B-12. I used to work across the street from a Whole Foods Market whose bulk bin NY didn't contain B-12. I had a co-worker who was vegan and when I told her the bulk bin NY at this particular WFM didn't contain B-12 she didn't believe me. READ THE NUTRITIONAL FACTS LABEL!
  6. I wanna chat before the football games start at 1 pm EST. Well actually before the pregame show on Fox at noon. Lets chat!
  7. Soy yogurt. I eat the whole container at one sitting. I think the container is 24 or 32 ounces. A whole pack of sliced peppered tofurky. I don't make sandwiches because I hate bread.
  8. None. I've been a strict vegetarian for almost 4 years, I've never taken a B-12 supplement and my B-12 levels are fine. I consume vitamin fortified soy milk. Nutrition yeast taste like shit IMO.
  9. adamx don't your neighbors mind that you walk around outside in your underwear?
  10. It's to expensive to travel to the west coast for me. I won't be there.
  11. xjohanx is that your grandfather back in the day? http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media/63/89763-004-FA9F477A.jpg
  12. DaN, while I like your logic (for it is very sound and true) I don't think we will get very far if we simply tell everyone that sex is only for procreation and not for pleasure. Only have sex for procreation? Most people ain't listening and it ain't gonna happen. At least not in the US.
  13. Fish oil supplements are an animal product. If you take fish oil supps you are *not* vegan. Flax seed oil is a good source of omega-3.
  14. Yes, I would rather read about peoples vomit. It's a personal preference I guess. I have funnier vomit stories than yours.
  15. I think it's an individual thing, although there are not that many black vegans or strict vegetarians in the US.
  16. Try to find someone to photograph you, you had a pic of you for your avatar before That pic was taken by an aquaintance in early 2007. I never run into that person anymore. HCP was decapitated!
  17. Is there many other things you never tasted ? Excuse me?
  18. I've never eaten dried apricots. BTW, I really don't want to read about anyones farts.
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